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Adobe Photoshop iPad Review – Is It Good Enough To Edit A Beauty Campaign?

In today’s video I’m gonna do my first impressions and first look at Adobe Photoshop for iOS


Alright so this on screen is gonna be the image that I’m going to load into Adobe Photoshop that was just recently released and actually it went launched in live here on Apple iOS devices earlier this or earlier last week rather so I wanted to do my first impressions in my first look of Adobe Photoshop on iPad and I just wanted to kind of take a look at the program I haven’t opened the program all I did was download it set it up initially when it comes to just installing it and just making sure that it was operational so this is gonna be the first ever guys really the first

impressions of using adobe photoshop on ipad some of you guys that have already tuned into photo PX you will have known and seen that i’ve edited with photoshop on desktop on mac OS x and i’ve also edited using the ipad pro here which is the this is the last generation from 2018 but i’ve edited a lot using affinity photo which is basically that companies before of adobe photoshop with their own twist different algorithms things that i nature but adobe themselves has fully released Adobe Photoshop for iOS fully ported over it seems to support all the the

natural options and things of that nature that I’ve seen so far so we’re gonna just kind of test that out right now so I’m gonna load the photo up straight from the beginning so you’re gonna see me just kind of open up the application and we’re just gonna you’re gonna see the good Bad’s in the Uglies as I figure out how to use this application over the next 15 minutes and my and my thoughts again you’re coming you’re you’re tuning in from someone that has use affinity photo for almost two years now and edited hundreds of images on Adobe I mean a dhobi

Photoshop for Mac OS X but then also taking that knowledge over to iPad and then editing almost exclusively using an affinity photo doing retouching dodge and burn color grading luminosity mask background replacements merges all that kind of stuff I’ve done all that stuff in an affinity photo and it works very well so we’re gonna kind of see how a basic retouch kind of would work here on Iowa’s right now so obviously we we get to new page we have to basically set up our document sizes I’m gonna just use print and I’m gonna just set it to an a4 yeah I think

that should be fine I or maybe 8 by 10 um-hmm yeah I’ll do I’ll do a portrait 5 by 7 actually so we’re gonna set our document sizes that makes sense ok so how do we import an image so maybe here quick export so we have our export settings up here where it’s just letting me know that I’m working offline I’m not connected to Creative Cloud so like I said it’s the first impressions kind of looking at the user interface I’m actually gonna skip that and I’m going to go over to here to import and open and then go into camera roll yes allow so that it knows what we’re

looking for and select our image that’s just gonna make more sense so looking at the panels so we got our layers tabs over here we can see our layer properties this kind of just shows us the layers that we have we can turn them on and off just like we would in Adobe Photoshop for Mac OS X or Windows and we can change our blend modes and opacities down here makes sense cool I like the the icons that we have here we have the same ones different exclusion divide hue HSL that’s all there overlay through hard mix those are all there and then we’ve got our

lighten or lighten colors or dodges and then our darkens same same things in develop dissolve so they’ve ported over all the blend modes that’s great apparently can add clipping adjustment layers which I’m assuming is just kind of like a blend you just add an adjustment layer then it has some kind of mask but I would like to figure out how I can use the Healing Brush let’s see how the healing brush works here so I’m assuming this is a healing brush right here we have the Spot Healing Brush settings we can set it to sample all layers which is if we had a layer on

top of this it would it would that layer as well I don’t know what this is I’m assuming that’s breast size which is okay that’s interesting we don’t have a lot of tools we got the paint bucket tool here got an eraser we got a normal paintbrush we have some selection tools but we only have the healing brush is that is that so and we have a clone stamp hmm okay that’s gonna be kind of interesting we don’t from what I can tell we don’t have the Spot Healing Brush here which is interesting to say the least well here’s one to do how do I undo ok that’s up here great so how

do i duplicate away here man okay sweep so you go down here duplicate layer can I lock a layer no let’s see if that’s an option Locklear okay so all of that functionality is there okay great we’re doing good so far I’m going to be just doing this without the Apple pencil right now I’m just gonna kind of just do this by touch I would like to see how how well this works was just touched so okay we’re using basically the Spot Healing Brush right now nothing revolutionary there see how it works when it comes to that okay it wasn’t expecting great results and yes that

makes sense so we’re gonna set that to maybe five oh it doesn’t support rotation of the image oh that’s that’s really unfortunate okay Wow okay an affinity photo if I if I basically I grab and rotate it actually rotates the entire canvas I think you could do that in Photoshop I’m not sure but if you can’t do that that’s an immediately kind of red flag for me because I do like to rotate that’s obviously the only funky results this wouldn’t be the ideal way to fix this issue but I’m just kind of curious to see how the algorithm works but yeah like I was saying with the rotation I

do like to rotate the canvas as I’m working with the Apple pencil and I’m I’m getting rid of certain things well suffice to say we’re just gonna kind of I know it’s not gonna be great it’s not perfect but we’re just can kind of just leave it as is producing nice okay her skins already great so we’re not really gonna be doing a hardcore retouch here in fact I’m actually gonna show you guys in a later video some new tips and tools have discovered to make your retouching life a lot easier when it comes to doing this process I have no idea what happened there the device

has a no free space dang man ok well ok let me fix that real quick and we’ll cut the video right here I’m actually gonna grab my Apple pencil since we’re here and then we’ll we’ll come back up let me free up some space real quick on my iPad and then we’ll we’ll be right back ok alright so we are back sorry for that a little bit unfortunate running out of space incident but in the meantime I actually grabbed my Apple pencil and I thought about it and I just wanted to see how this application works with the previous generation iPad pros with the older version the iPad

pencil as well so let’s hop back in to where we left off and I was just basically playing around with the Spot Healing Brush just kind of seeing how the algorithm is working things of that nature here how easy it is to change brush sizes when now I’m using the Apple pencil it’s pretty smooth and fluid I still don’t like the fact that I can’t rotate the canvas that’s kind of irritating to me I hope that’s something that I’ll be able to figure out how to do because that is just really gonna that’s really gonna irritate me beyond belief I’m definitely used to that functionality as

far as algorithm wise doing this kind of basic motion here works really well and the brush is also very pressure sensitive which is absolutely awesome that’s pretty great actually that’s super sick you can like you can do calligraphy with the this version of Photoshop that’s pretty good the sensitivity on affinity photos quite it’s not quite to that level so I’m assuming you may be able to get it to that level if you’re doing some constant customizations and the brush panels you may be able to get it to that point but by default it’s not set up that way so this is pretty cool

I like that so far it’s it’s pretty snappy and responsive its quick I don’t have any issues with the way that it’s ported over in terms of performance and speed I would like to see how the selections are gonna work do we have the smart selection we have like a lasso is it have like a selections mode how do we this adds a new layer okay I mean honestly I’m you can add layer mask that way okay that’s good what is this filters and adjustments Gaussian blur that’s it they don’t have all the filters guys ooh so you can’t do unfortunately that means if you man you

could do yeah you can kind of do traditional frequency separation here but it’s you’re gonna have to alter your technique a little bit unfortunately they don’t have all the filters here this is the only filters that they currently have I don’t know if this is because I’m not currently synced to Adobe’s Creative Cloud I’m not sure I am working offline right now just because I don’t want any interruptions with the with our YouTube video that we’re recording right now but that’s kind of a huge issue right there we’re definitely missing some of the filters that we would be used

to especially other an affinity photo and I do want to compare this this application you know as launch I don’t know what’s gonna come in future updates and things of that nature but compare that to where affinity photo is right now I don’t know where they started when they first initially initially launched the application and I think that was back in 2017 2016 ish was a number of years ago so they’ve obviously had a lot more surface off more improvements and they’ve released more additions to the program which they have done but I don’t know if that’ll be

the case here with Photoshop but you know as of right now they are missing some of the key filters we can only do a handful of filters here I like the fact that we can you know do blend if or not blender flares but basically this tells it to mask the layer below it it’s kind of like a clipping mask to a certain extent you can do traditional layer mask and you can see the mask which is great that’s awesome you can also hide that great you can show in high layers you can change the blend modes awesome you can add new layers I’m assuming you can probably add fills

clipping mask okay all that stuff is good you can merge all the all the core functionality is there but we’re I’m kind of having issues here is that okay adjustment layer you can you can do your adjustment layers HSL color balance things in that nature that’s great but if we’re going to be missing some of the filters and all the different blurs and not only that we’re missing some of the selections as well the selections that we have are a little bit limited here okay we have kind of a smart selection lasso ish okay let me go down to the actual layer and see if we can still

make that work with what it has how do I delete layers okay I’m not gonna worry about that right now I figured that out later so it has that okay let me unlock this and we’ll hopefully figure out how to deselect and I don’t know how to deselect guys and MacAvoy again first impressions so I’m kind of learning how to do some of this stuff it does look like we have praise Jesus ace smart selections brush which is right here we have the lasso tool polygonal or I mean the spherical one and then rectangular selection tools which are good we have some pretty good

brush settings right here which is great we have some customization for our eraser tool as well we can do flood fill or maybe not fluff but it’s just a regular fill tool and then we can also do a gradient which is great we only have clone stamp and the Spot Healing tool not super great we’re missing we’re missing the we’re missing the standard healing brush we’re missing the patch tool we’re missing a bunch of tools that would otherwise be main Photoshop so that we’ll definitely need some additions right there and I don’t know how to deselect yeah I do not

know how to deselect oh there it is I didn’t see that awesome okay so gives me help let me unlock this layer and try one last thing before I give you guys my closing thoughts here on Adobe Photoshop for iPad 2019 they finally released it oh my gosh okay so how do I not have it do that I want to get rid of an area is it that okay I think it’s this okay so giving me hope selection is okay so far we’ll do down here and we see if I can change this backdrop okay so we would add a new layer basically we can do adjustment layer and we can do maybe HSL let’s see how

that works it’s a saturation um but it’s not doing it’s on the mask hmm colorize it okay I don’t know how it’s doing that but yeah I’d have to figure out that specific technique but yeah let me kind of give you guys my closing thoughts as I’m kind of using this and if first impressions things Ania sure so far awesome very good it like I said before it is missing some core functionality I would say the benefit over using a Photoshop for iOS as opposed to using an affinity photo which is far more developed you get a person you have more selections in terms of the

selection persona the the merging the complexity of the photo merges and things of that nature that can do all of the retouching tools are already there every single tools there the patch tool Healing Brush Spot Healing Brush and painting tool all that stuff is already there and I would say considering what is available there I would probably still sway users to really consider that as a more viable option if you’re going to edit on iPad pro and the reason why I’m gonna say that is because you purchase affinity photo one time that is a one-time purchase of I

think it’s still 1999 in it last one I bought it was $14.99 I think the price is one up so now it’s twenty dollars but considering what you’re getting lifetime updates for twenty dollars you have an application forever as opposed to getting Creative Cloud which I used to have I don’t longer I don’t know long I don’t have it any longer just because I use an older version of Photoshop which is just a standalone version I don’t use the CC the cc version of Photoshop anymore but with that I you know I just use a standard older version of Photoshop I don’t get the updates and

things of that nature because that it has tools that I don’t need in those versions but at the same time it’s it’s ten dollars a month right if you’re getting one application that you’re spending twenty dollars that has all the tools that you guys will ultimately need to deliver fantastic edited images print those images from iPad which I’m assuming Photoshop can do I may actually do a video on printing directly from iOS just editing the photo photo strictly here just to show you guys what it’s capable of but ultimately you know for ten dollars a month you get you do get

the Creative Cloud the benefits of having a portfolio website and having everything sync and being able shoot tethered all that stuff is great from a workflow standpoint but ultimately if you don’t need those features and you’re looking for more of I guess an all-inclusive suite I would honestly say affinity photo would be better at launch you know this again this is the first impressions kind of kind of what Photoshop has released as of today’s date you know one week out from from their official launch date and so far I think the performance is great like I said it’s

just missing some core functionality that may be added in later updates I’m not sure but with that you slept and consider the price point so it’s ten dollars a month you get you know Lightroom and Photoshop and yeah you get those those applications and you get the also the mobile version of it as well but if any photo is twenty dollars one-time on both computer and on iOS it translates very well yes you can’t do the remote shooting tethering option because you don’t have Creative Cloud so you can’t do that you don’t have a functionality you don’t have the

syncing ability either but you know honestly is someone that’s used affinity photo for the last two years I’m seeing functionality here that you know it’s just not good enough for me to switch from an affinity photo to Adobe Photoshop that’s me personally you know maybe there’s gonna be changes here over the next year to 18 months maybe as this program you know they get more feedback from users and things of that nature that would get it to that level it’s totally possible absolutely I totally agree that that would probably happen but until that happens

I’m seeing with a new photo so well I hope this in video this video was a little bit insightful as as you guys do know or if you’re new here things of that nature please consider watching the videos that I’ve done on affinity photos so far so you can see some of the I guess some of the workflow things that you can do in the application before purchasing it if you haven’t already or if you’re if you’re on the fence again consider the price point of you spending a subscription-based vs. a one-time payment if you’re ok with this subscription it comes with perks but if you

don’t need the perks and the benefits of that subscription may not make sense for your specific needs you know you have to also filter that decision based on what you guys need I don’t need that stuff but you guys may need that stuff so just putting that out as a caveat so I hope this video was insightful I hope I added some value I just kind of work you’re working through and showing you a little bit of dobie Photoshop here just kind of taking an image through and just kind of working through the kinks and just my thoughts you know by all means I would love

to have a discussion with you guys in the description below let me know kind of how you feel about Dobey Photoshop so far have you tested on your iPad how do you think it translates so far from Adobe Photoshop for the standalone actual computer applications and the computer platforms let me know in the comments down below if you’re new here please consider subscribing we’d love to have you as a part of the team I’m Devon Lenox your host at photography X we’ve got some awesome content coming up soon stay locked in and we’ll catch you in the next video peace out my friends

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