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How To Smooth Skin in Affinity Photo with One Simple Step – Gaussian Blur

Last Updated on November 1, 2020 by Devaun Lennox

In today’s video I’m gonna show you guys in one simple tool how to basically smooth really we’ve done a couple of videos on this in the past regarding different tools that you can use an affinity photo Photoshop and Lightroom but in today we’re gonna showcase how to do literally blurring an affinity photo using Gaussian blur

So one simple step should take us maybe two or three minutes to kind of just knock this out and you’ll be able to get the results that we’re showcasing on the screen right now so this is just one simple step one simple technique my only goal here is just to showcase you to you guys what are the techniques that are available so that you can have an educated choice and freedom to choose with what technique best suits your particular workflow this is not

technique I use personally Obama show you guys how to do it’s very dirty it’s a filthy technique but nonetheless it does work great depending on what your needs are so I already had the photo loaded up here in affinity photo I am using the latest version infinity photo I am on my iPad ten point five inch from 2018 using the Apple pencil right here so photos already loaded up I just recorded a video on how to import if so this is a tiff file you can watch that video if you want to learn more on how to actually import high resolution images into affinity photo for

greater resolution and greater export abilities but long story short the photo was already imported I’m going to just kind of zoom in to showcase what we’re gonna be able to do here so and not even I mean not even five minutes we went from that to this now this isn’t perfect I didn’t I was kind of just doing it really quick I did kind of hit some edges and stuff like that but literally it not even five and not at five minutes is really pushing it it didn’t take five minutes even gets that point so what we’re gonna do is I’m just gonna just kind of minimize those what you’re

going to do first and foremost is load the image in then you’re gonna go over here or three dots hit duplicate layer I’m gonna go over here to the filters panel scroll on down to Gaussian blur and apply somewhere in the neighborhood of between five to fifteen pixels the amount of blur that you apply using it utilizing this radius setting right here is going to be determined and based on how much blur that you want how much you want the skin to be smooth for me personally I just did 10.9 I thought that was a pretty good in-between but you’re welcome to kind of

play around with this definitely have to be something that you experiment with only experience can kind of tell you what the best settings are gonna be based based on how how many blemishes are in the skin to begin with so once you’ve selected the amount of radius that you want to use what you’re gonna do is go to the add symbol enter and then create new mask at empty mask layer so that’s gonna create a blank layer underneath with a mask these by default should be set to normal opacity which is good and you’re gonna go down to the mask layer open

up your paintbrush go over here make sure gray sliders is selected by default it does color wheel but you want to just make it exactly white so if you want to make it exactly white use the gray sliders and you can transition between white and black simply by just just transitioning right there on the fader table so make sure it’s selected to white we’re on the masked layer and we’re gonna just kind of zoom in make our brush size we’re gonna make our brush size let’s say just slightly I don’t want to say slightly larger than the air you’re working on because I

sound really accurate but you want to make sure the brush size isn’t too large we’re one stroke is basically going to put you in a situation where you’re blurring the entire the entire area to include all the areas that should be should be still sharp for example that eyebrow should the eyes the nose the lips the hairline all that stuff should not have any blur applied to it so if you’re applying blur in those areas it’s going to look fake immediately so you want to make sure your brush size is not that big where you’re applying it that large of an area so we’re just gonna

basically go back here and go into the history panel and just undo that so I’m gonna set the brush size to about 30 pixels give or take and we’re gonna kind of zoom in a little bit and we’re gonna start applying the effect on the billar layer or Omni mask layer rather sorry is what it actually is I’m leaving the settings that you see down here opacity and hardness I’m leaving all those those at the default settings not gonna change any of those things those settings and we’re just gonna basically apply the effect the only thing is with this tool for whatever reason

and I will do a follow-up video on how to get better results with this particular technique again this is not technique that I use I’m just showing casing what you guys what is possible but I will do a full retouch with this technique so you guys can actually see what it’s truly capable of yes but it does have some kind of weirdness with its colors as you can see up here it’s kind of like has this radiation in terms of like lightness to darkness it’s just kind of weird I’m sure there’s a way to fix that I will do a little bit of digging and do a fault video for you guys on how to fix

that I’m sure it’s definitely something it could be fixed I don’t know if that’s an affinity photo specific thing or not I will do some more research and get back to you guys on that one okay so we’ve applied the effects on the math layer so all we’re gonna do is go up here and then we’re just going to change the opacity to soften her skin basically 50% is kind of where you want to go and now we can do it before and after comparison of what we just did here and I mean shoot two minutes I mean I’ve been talking pretty heavily so but yeah roughly about two minutes

so it’s the after I’m gonna zoom in a little bit more she gets seen a little better before after before after the effects become the most in total noticeable when you’re zoomed out because you can see how much softer her skin just looks granted I didn’t apply the effect fully as you can see there’s kind of some funkiness going on over here that just didn’t really work and again that’s just a mistake on my own but nonetheless that’s kind of just what’s possible with this particular tool there are more nuances to using this that I will explain in a future video because

there’s just a lot more layers to using the Gaussian blur but this is just a really really really really basic and easy technique if you just want to get something just kind of smooth out really quick you don’t want to use patch tool you don’t want to use alien brush you don’t use the Spot Healing Brush you don’t want to use any of those tools and really like get in there then you just want a quick solution this in another technique I’ll show you guys in a future video are gonna be the easiest ways to do that granted like I said there’s some kind of funkiness which I will do

a follow-up video to this one explaining how to troubleshoot and diagnose some of those the funkiness I just want to showcase to you guys what’s possible in this video though with just using the Gaussian blur just through a filter so that’s really what’s possible guys it’s it’s super straightforward it’s not super complicated obviously just making sure that you’re not you’re not applying blur to the eyes because when you look out from there it’s game over so do not do that for the love of god don’t apply it to the eyebrows do not apply to the nose like the actual

the the nostrils themselves don’t apply to lips do not apply to edges of hair strictly on the skin alone this is this feature and this this technique also works really well when it comes to over here and applying blur on these areas as well same exact strategy it’s probably even best on bodies than it is on faces to be quite honest with you this is a very easy way to kind of just get the skin in this area just looking that much better yeah but you’d have to apply more opacity in those areas but super super super super easy technique but as all my friends that kind of

wraps up today’s video no need to kind of ramble on and continue going you guys have seen what’s possible here so we’ll kind of leave it at that but you know as always leave a comment in the description and that subscribe button man hit that subscribe button and absolutely while you’re down there actually if the Bell button as well so you can actually be notified when we post possible future videos which we will and you’ll be notified what they are and you’ll get a notification sent right to your phone that’d be awesome so you can stay up to date with the latest

content that we’re releasing but outside that if you have any comments questions you want to see a certain video knocked out that we have the ability to showcase on our Channel by all means reach out to us leave us a comment shoot us a message on social media and then outside of that until the next video guys peace out my friend

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