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Interview with Jeff Carpenter – Tips For Attending Your First WPPI Expo

Last Updated on November 1, 2020 by Devaun Lennox

Hello my friends, today we have the amazing honor to do a quick interview with Jeff Carpenter from Ready Light Media here at WPPI 2020 . We discussed his tops tips when it comes to how to get the most out of WPPI if this is your first time attending the event. Or, for seasoned shooters, how you can you maximize the event.


So we have a kind of exclusive interview here with Jeff from reading ready light media we’re here on on location at WPPI the conference 2020 Expo and I was able to get Jeff here and I wanted to ask him just pick his brain really really quickly on if you’re a first-time user coming here to WPPI in Las Vegas what are the best practices what should you do what should you expect and yeah I’d like him to take it off and kind of pick his brain and find out his mindset on on what wouldn’t he think stuff would the best

practice for you guys yeah so I mean any conference like this it’s a really great opportunity for you to connect and meet with other creatives other brands anything I mean there’s so much resources in this you know one specific location all these brands you’ll call on Instagram all these you know people influencers whatever that you that you follow and it’s a great place to meet and connect with people and also it’s a you know it’s it’s just there’s a ton of education involved as well so it’s not just a here’s a

bunch of cool new gear they they provide all these really amazing educational tracks as well so it’s just a great resource it depends on what your who you are and what your intent is if you’re a photographer that just wants to learn more about lighting or anything like that go to the platform classes photo walks master classes anything like that if you’re influenced or something like that you want to get in in touch with some brands this is a great place to you know get face-to-face with these companies yeah

you know and also get your hands on some really cool new gear you know that might not be released yet yeah you know like the the new Fuji like xt4 you know I can’t wait to this is a great place to like meet new people and it’s kind of like your you know if you come back in every year you’re gonna see kind of your like can’t friends you know it’s a it’s just kind of fun you get to meet these people at these conferences and you actually become you develop for the meaningful relationships as well super cool so could I

met you your last year that’s awesome so I hope you guys got some insight from that I hope that Jeff was both was able to give you guys some some valley as well I would absolutely agree with the same exact thing to say he just said it depends what you guys are coming in here for as you know as someone that’s creating a brand is influencers we’re coming here to connect with with companies we’re we’re absolutely giving out business cards we’re looking for marketing directors just because we want to start building

those relationships we want to start that conversation with them so that’s kind of our goal you know when I came here last year to WPPI I was a photographer you know I was just I was looking at Lindsay Adler and like you know and and all these other big names like Joel grinds and I was watching Nicky nose cuz I wanted like the the secret to the lighting you know I wanted that that’s why I was coming so now that I’m moving on to a different stage it doesn’t really make any sense not necessarily for me to look at

that but for me to connect with the speakers now now that I’m a content creator as well and that we’re doing YouTube and that were we’re building a brand there’s more commonality so now it’s time for me to start building those relationships but I hope that you guys got some value out of this video

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