Third-Party Camera Batteries? – Are they safe, and Can I Use them?


There’s nothing worse than turning on your camera, only to realize it’s dead. And even the most expensive cameras are useless without a charged battery. Unfortunately, camera manufacturers use that fact to their advantage and charge outrageous prices for their batteries. Take Nikon’s EN-EL18c, which is currently a whopping $179! No, thank you. Those kinds … Read more

Nikon Lens Abbreviations – What Do They Mean?


Nikon’s been in business since 1948 when they initially released the Nikon I, their first compact 35mm rangefinder. And since this time, they’ve gone to release well over 400 lenses. But despite them sticking with the F-Mount for almost 60 years, things haven’t remained the same. Instead, they’ve made plenty of tweaks and added a … Read more

Canon Lens Abbreviations – What Do They Mean?


Canon’s been in business for over 60 years now, releasing well over 100 lenses. And for better or worse, things haven’t remained stagnant. Instead, they’ve changed their naming conventions many times over the company’s life. Sadly that means they’ve amassed quite an enormous list of lens abbreviations and acronyms used to describe their features or … Read more

What is a PNG File?


Today’s digital world has plenty of file formats, all with different file extension names to let you know the file’s contents. The PNG, or Portable Network Graphic, is one such file. And while it’s fairly standard online, it’s not surprising if you’re still unaware of it. With that, in this post, we’ll define the file … Read more

What Is a Telephoto Lens?


Have you ever wondered how photographers get such detailed up-close shots of wildlife or athletes on the field? Maybe they sneak in carefully when subjects aren’t noticing, risking getting attacked or trampled? Well, of course not. They use a unique specialty tool known as the telephoto lens. Telephoto lenses are a niche but widely popular … Read more

Which Eye Is Your Dominant Eye?


Most of us know that we have a dominant hand for most tasks, especially writing or throwing. But did you know that you also have a dominant eye? And, strangely, your dominant eye may or may not be the one you’re using right now to look in your camera’s viewfinder. But, it turns out our … Read more

What is a Teleconverter?


Closing the distance between you and your subject is often a challenge in photography. And even the highest-end telephoto lenses only get you so close. But, sometimes that’s still just too far away, and physically moving in closer is dangerous or too impractical. In comes the teleconverter. Teleconverters help close the distance by providing more … Read more

What Is a Raw File?


Photography is full of terminology and technical jargon. But the term “RAW” is easily the most common around and something you’ll regularly see online or hear directly from other photographers. Yet, it continues to be a concept that confuses many beginning photographers and one they end up approaching cautiously. So, what exactly are RAW files? … Read more

DNG vs RAW – What’s The Difference?


Photographers often ask about the best file format, which usually starts the RAW and JPEG debate. Yet, there’s another question that you may have recently stumbled upon. And that question is, what exactly is the difference between DNG and RAW files? Is there even a difference? Well, yes. And there are quite a few differences, … Read more



Today, practically every device with a camera offers both the RAW and JPEG file format. And it’s often the first choice you make when setting up a new camera for the first time. So it’s not surprising that “What’s the difference between shooting RAW and JPEG?” is a common question most photographers ask. But, the … Read more