Full Frame vs Crop Sensor – Which is Best?


In digital photography, there are two main categories of cameras, determined based on sensor size: full-frame and crop sensors. And if you’ve ever picked up a camera, you’ve likely heard these terms thrown around before. These terms are usually the starting point of the conversation and part of the puzzle in investigating a new camera. … Read more

What is Shutter Speed?


If you’re ready to explore photography outside of the Auto and Program modes, you’ll quickly learn there are three essential settings in any great image. Those settings are shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. Together, they combine to create what we call the Exposure Triangle. And achieving the right balance between these three settings is a … Read more

Tamron 28–75mm F/2.8 Di III RXD Review


Introduction The 24-70mm focal length is a long-standing go-to lens, and the jack of all trades range in a photographer’s arsenal. With this focal length alone, photographers can shoot anything from wide-angle landscapes to medium telephoto portraits or macro photography. And for that reason, it’s often the first go-to lens for the level of versatility … Read more

Bay Photo Product Unboxing


In today’s video we have a very special unboxing we were able to get some some free samples which we’re gonna be doing kind of a deconstruction is a part of this video in an ongoing series but today we’re actually going to be doing an unboxing I’m so excited right now and unboxing up … Read more

Tamron 35mm SP Di USD f/1.4 Lens Review


Introduction In a market packed with already excellent first-party offerings, Tamron accepts the challenge to produce a lens that rivals the first-party competition. And they’ve simultaneously declared the ambitious goal of creating their greatest lens and their pinnacle in lens performance. And thus borns the Tamron SP 35mm F/1.4 Di USD (Model F045). This lens … Read more

Photo Deconstruction – One Light Fashion Photography


in today’s video I will show you a one light full-body fashion shoot. We will breakdown the full lighting setup, step-by-step, and also covers some major do’s and don’ts. Full body portraits aren’t very difficult, even when shooting at home. Alright so here we are on my computer in Adobe Photoshop but I actually shot … Read more

Interview with Miguel Quiles – What to Expect From WPPI


Hello my friends, in today’s video we had the pleasure to get an exclusive interview with Sony Artisan Miguel Quiles while at WPPI and ask him how first time guest can get the most out of the event. We also cover several secret insights on how to maximize the event for more seasoned shooters.