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Bay Photo Product Unboxing

Last Updated on November 1, 2020 by Devaun Lennox

In today’s video we have a very special unboxing we were able to get some some free samples which we’re gonna be doing kind of a deconstruction is a part of this video in an ongoing series but today we’re actually going to be doing an unboxing I’m so excited right now and unboxing up a couple of prints


They’re gonna be acrylic print and I’m gonna walk you guys through a little bit of that and then we’ll be doing some follow up videos as well so without further ado let’s I’m gonna walk you guys through the process of what you get when you order some prints through a photo so here we are this is what you expect to see okay mm-hmm fragile as they should be fragile and sexy so let’s get started with the unboxing of these photos there are some samples in here as well but my walk you guys through that process a

little bit but I just want to do a little bit of an unboxing here so you can have a little bit of an understanding and expectation when you guys get your own prints so here we are and let’s do that and oh my god oh these are gonna be beautiful I’m already excited well I was I’ve been excited all day but okay so it’s some interesting packaging here just to have some some more protection and then there’s gonna be a couple of different layers of cardboard for each print and then each print is actually encased into

a cardboard and foam container so I will go through them separately but let’s let’s move this off I will put this down on the floor for time being so we can just kind of evaluate the the first print here so these are going to be sixteen by twenty prints this is how it’s going to be enclosing the package these are laying face down in this configuration there’s foam on top to protect the the prints from any damage during transportation Bay photo is their lab is located in California so here to shipping the Las Vegas

is very kind of convenient very very quick process I mean this was like a day it was very quick so if you’re located on the west coast just know that they are located in California so you can get shipping pretty quickly but this is what to expect from a shipping standpoint and then all we have to do is just take off the enclosing tape on on the sides of the edges here [Music] and that just slides off and then there’s gonna be a lot of glare so I apologize it’s just how we are lighting this YouTube channel or

this YouTube video right now for this particular unboxing so I apologize there will be some glare as I show you guys print like I had mentioned originally there are three different versions of this district print in the 16 by 20 size they all have different levels of glare which we will do in another video showcasing the differences as well as also putting them on a wall so you guys can see what they actually do I don’t know which one this is particularly I will have to look through the print product description mailer that’s in here to see which one this is they do there are going to be in different configurations and there are also different surfaces so I have no idea what this which this one is off the top of my head but this is a 16 by 20 print it may be matte it

may be sheer it may be one of the layers but 16 by 20 like I said there may be a lot of glare and I apologize for that and all of these prints are going to have the the easy legacy mounting holder right here we will be doing another video showcasing the different mounting options and then potentially mounting them on the wall or something of that that nature so you guys can see how you can mount these Bay photo has a lot of different mounting options when it comes to museum mounts or frames or depends what kind of I guess what kind of ultimate material you’re going to be printing on whether it can be bamboo or acrylic or glass or things of that nature now from what I can tell this looks like it’s the matte this is the matte finish we’re not really getting too

much light and flare this is actually beautiful so this is my kind of unboxing now there are two other prints in here I don’t know if you guys want me to unbox the whole thing but since we’re here if you guys want to continue tuning in and watching the other unboxings so you can see the different surfaces will will continue doing that right now but this is kind of the so far the first unboxing what you guys can expect when you get your own print from beta from a photo comm definitely the packaging is incredible

making sure your prints will stay intact there won’t be any damages obviously if you guys did have a damaged during package or transportation that would be reimbursed and you can just reach out to their customer support to get that taken care of but ultimately
the packaging is good to make sure the prints stay in pristine condition so when they’re delivered to you they don’t get damaged especially if this is a glass or some kind of other surface that could easily get damaged during transportation but overall this is

what you will see this in the back right here we will again be doing a video on this to showcase how you can actually mount this and then putting these up up on our wall here on our photography px home studio setting so you guys can see what they look like on a wall configuration as well but let s move to print number two it’s gonna be the exact same process that we just went through with print number one but I do want to showcase the different the different surfaces while we’re here we will do a full more in depth

video on this particularly because it’s definitely something I want to talk about and talk to through you guys with the differences between the surfaces because when you have a light you know centered light like this that’s big and it’s it’s gonna cause a lot of glare and reflections so ultimately when you are putting this on a wall next to a window the surfaces are gonna make a difference based on where the the prints are gonna be showcased in your home or in your office or your studio wherever you guys are

getting these prints and ultimately putting them up so the surfaces that you will be getting and putting them in certain lighting conditions it does make a difference so I will be doing a full video on that specifically because I want to make sure we we cover that in depth but let’s go back to the unboxing here up the number number two the second type in here of three [Music] all right so this is gonna be print number two another sixteen by twenty this one may be the sheer maybe I have to look at the project listing but this is pretty number two and then I’ll put it in some different configurations so you guys can kind of see that as well so that’s Prince number two these are edited these as a part of a series if you guys want me to do and the editing on these I

will do an editing video if you want to see that and this is print number three so let’s do this one [Music] right and this is print number three sixteen by twenty so far first impressions great size did have to crop them a little bit but this is number three uh no this is not super reflective either hmm yeah so one of these is a share one of these is a mat and I think the other one is a share mat is the actual naming for these different prints but that right there I don’t know if you guys can let me actually put them this way you should be able to see them here but this right here is going to be the complete set before we install them now as we probably will do that here on this wall and replace the prints that are currently on the wall in that wall or we may put them

somewhere else but these were edited as a set using capture 1 Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and now we also have a monitor from viewsonic as well to basically edit more color calibrated and bigger display I can actually see multiple images instead of just using my macbook screen but these are these are the whole set I don’t remember what the exact order will be but this is ultimately the set of images there are some samples in here as well but I’m going to do a separate video explaining the samples explaining the

different mounting options explaining the different surfaces and then potentially do another video as well talking about how to maybe some best practices on mounting these and getting them into a level situation what kind of screws should you use what are the best practices with with those kind of screws that you do use coarse screws are great for these prints by the way but I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video I hope you enjoyed this unofficial or official unboxing of Sunday photo prints and what you guys can

expect when you get your own prints through BAE photo I do want to say it long term I will be ordering some prints for you guys we will do an official giveaway here at some point just stay tuned to our channel to see when we’re gonna be doing that giveaway I will buy you guys a print of your own work ideally maybe a sixteen by twenty and then you guys let me know once we actually do the official giveaway what kind of surface you would like what kind of backing for mounting options you would like and I will purchase you guys one and ship it to you free of charge so I will do that for you guys whenever we do that official giveaway obviously circumstances and things that we’re working on here photo px that are different we just have a bunch of projects and things

are getting slowed down for that and by that so as soon as we get that giveaway taking taken care of and get that started I will do another video so that you guys can get your own free prints

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