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Beautify Photoshop Retouching Panel Review

In today’s video we’re gonna be doing a first look in the first impressions at beautify a Photoshop retouching panel


Alright so here we are in Adobe Photoshop the image on screen is gonna be the image that I’m gonna show you guys just kind of briefly what this panel beautify can actually do before we get to that point though I do want to kind of go over to their website so you guys know what this panel is and where to find these guys so beautify is basically a photo it’s a Photoshop actions panel that you kind of you purchased and you load into Photoshop and it functions as basically a step-by-step workflow for you to do certain

retouching tasks beautified panel is the name of the company we reached out to them just because we were really I mean we loved what what they’re the results that their panel worked kind of capable what we saw kind of a an ad on Instagram was like whoa that looks pretty cool like I’d love to check that out so I did I reached out to them and they were generous enough to kind of hook hook us up which is awesome I appreciate that guys hook us up to give us an opportunity to really just kind of do a review and

possibly do a series on our channel kind of walking walking you guys through how to use this panel and walking you how to use this this this actions this workflow and so far you know my first impression is absolutely awesome and it has saved me some serious time and I mean literally using a mouse right now you guys do not see a Wacom tablet this is a mouse and I’m gonna show you guys how to do this retouching that I just did right there just with the mouse so I’ll just kind of scroll down the website a little bit

so you guys have an idea of some of the results that this is capable of I didn’t shoot any of these things or anything like that but this is totally doable granted you know this is a first look first impression so I don’t fully know how to use this panel I’ve literally just been experimenting for the last couple of hours to essentially figure out okay what do certain things do because it’s very comprehensive but I will scroll through the website so you guys can see know it is they are Italian so the website is an

Italian typically Safari will automatically translate the webpage or sub or Google Chrome will translate the webpage so you can actually see the text in your home language in my case would be English but this kind of walks you through some of the the panels you got a skin and eyes you’ve got some blur and you’ve got some color adjustments and you can also do Sun flares things of that nature you kind of see some of the before and afters here I’ll scroll through those really quickly the results that they’re showing

right here is totally doable 100% this is totally doable it’s it’s pretty it’s pretty comprehensive and I will show you guys what it’s able to do the makeup section works as as described right there as well okay so that is their website so let’s go back over into Adobe Photoshop and I’ll show you guys the before and after the image that you saw originally was the after this right here is the before so I wanted to see essentially in ten minutes how far I could get using this application with the literally literally

the limited knowledge that I have when it comes to this application how it works where does some of the black best pass practices and essentially just literally just putting on random things just trying them and seeing how far I can get in ten miss ten minutes and I’ll kind of zoom in a little bit so you guys can you you can see and what what it’s actually capable of but this is what it’s actually capable of in ten minutes and I did all this with the mouse just at lunch just using some of the adjustments that are

available so I am gonna just group all this stuff because I actually do like the way this edited I’m gonna leave it as is but I will open up the panel right now so you guys can see what I’m talking about here so this is beautify right this is the panel how it loads it’s pretty comprehensive so yes we will be kind of going I mean I’m not gonna Sara Lee do a full walkthrough right now I will be doing a whole series on how to use this plugin as I learn and as I reach out to them to see if they have any workflow and

tutorials and like how are some of the people that they’ve partnered with and stuff like that how they’ve used it because I’m not 100% sure how to use every single one of these things but essentially what I did so this is what it looks like we have the different sections I went over here in a B retouch which is I guess a different version of the retouching that they have it this is more like a simplified version and the retouching is more like frequency separation it’s it’s just more it’s more in depth I

suppose you can see how much just how much variation there is this in this plugin it’s pretty it’s very comprehensive so essentially one over two a and B and it’s like okay light let’s just see what we can do so first things first plastic skin essentially what plastics in does from what I’ve seen it basically is you’re blurring kind of you’re blurring kind of layer to fix uneven I guess when it comes to textures in the skin it’s basically just fixing that all of the the sex subsections in here they basically open up

mask so they have some kind of layer underneath which is then has an effect and then basically what you’re doing you’re painting on the group using the paintbrush so pressing our be tool opens up our paintbrush and then we literally just paint on so with this I’m literally just using a mouse I don’t even there’s a really no need for me to use the Wacom tablet because it doesn’t need to be super accurate and I’m just just painting in the areas that I want it to smooth in and I will show you guys that before and

after hair shortly but you can just kind of hear me clicking away and then just hold them down space and using the the spacebar key which is going to be our hand tool and then just kind of paint in all the areas that I want to soften up basic me yeah I just remove soften up some of this structure I’ll kind of walk you guys through how I did this retouch real quick using beautify it may just be a little bit too long someone they try to keep this minute this video to about ten minutes or so I don’t want to walk you

guys through every little thing it just be a little bit too long with a video but this just again there’s our first impressions so essentially essentially what I’m doing I’m just painting on the mask and that’s what it’s doing and then if you think it’s if you think it’s too much what you do drop the opacity of the mask or off the layer itself below it so you can drop the opacity down here or here depending on how it’s the mask is set up we’ll do whether you needed you need to drop it up here or down here every

single action that this this application has is a little bit different than the way it’s set up so you have to kind of play around with one of those two things but essentially you just drop the opacity down and so you get to a point that you think it’s like not too classic year to over retouch it looks authentic from there I went into a white skin essentially what white skin is doing from what I can tell it’s it’s kind of a desaturation layer so it kind of just desaturates the skin or actually no sorry not not

that one that actually is the red remover this is kind of functioning similar to dodging burn it’s kind of like just doing dodging really is kind of what it does so it’s gonna it’s really gonna accentuate the highlights it’s not technically burning because they have a whole subsection of doing that but that’s essentially what it does it’s gonna be your tool to kind of fix shadows again I’m doing with this one it’s the mouse so I’m gonna just kind of go super ham and then drop it down all right so I’m gonna

actually turn off my AC my AC just turned on so give me one second apologize about that guys let me we’re gonna crop the video real quick let me actually turn off the AC I’m gonna keep it recording give me one second let me turn off the heat real quick I didn’t realize this along my back damn dude naughty okay so let me let me pick up on on the thoughts that I was suppose that before holy hell it turned back on jesus christ dude come on burl did not go to off oh that’s wrong button okay I see yeah okay got you

ding all the way down Christ man film on a SD card and the freaking recorder yell okay so cut where I said oh I might hit my AC went on and all that stuff just cut out all that stuff Victor and I’m just gonna kind of just go back to where I was so basically right now I I know I’m kind of going a little bit ham with this because I’m using the mouse and I’m not being very subtle with the changes that I’m making but what I’m gonna essentially do is just kind of drop down the the opacity on this layer right here just

like I was telling you guys before so I’m just gonna drop that down essentially what I’m doing though is is that I’m doing dodging burning I’m fixing uneven I guess I’m leaving light I’m fixing a bad light but I’m also like increasing exposure as well this is something I really really like this is like some pretty good stuff right here this works really really well this is not the normal way that would do this but like it’s super like this particular technique right here just really works for the ball so and then

if you think it’s too much you just go down here drop the opacity down to I don’t know like thirty percent or so now my computer is gonna go ham so you guys will start hearing fans this is gonna be a lot of processing power to film this video as well as run this particular application there’s a lot of layers so you guys will start to hear some fan noise here in the next 30 seconds letting you know as a caveat from there I went over to red remover essentially what red remover is doing and again I’m gonna do full

tutorials on this I’m just kind of showing you guys just a little bit just like three or four steps just what I did to get to that that’s that a and B I guess that – after that you guys saw red remover is basically adding greens to the photo to neutralize red skin tones that’s how you end up getting that kind of like super matte like high-end beauty retouch kind of look they’re they’re just removing a lot of the red skin tones so it just looks like really pale but it’s the colors are very the colors that are

they’re very intentional that’s what basically red removers is doing it’s removing all the Reds by adding greens a green hue instead which new neutralizes the red again just the opacity if you guys think it’s too much you can if I go all the way to 100% you can see all of the green where my cursor is that’s where it’s adding it’s adding that hue that hue saturation layer of green to remove the Reds drop that down to about 20% and then as as promised my computer’s fans are going ham so yes here we are ham and

cheese I want to show you guys before and after though so and and again I’m using it the mouse I don’t normally use the mouse to do this this is insane dude this is crazy I like don’t even need to do anything I could smell like five minutes and get like a you know a high-end beauty render retouch like that’s pretty awesome leave that dude come on seriously dude dude come on bro come on dude like seriously get this thing come on in like get out of here you know how long it take me to do this Photoshop manually dude

I would need to make my own actions do this and I actually don’t know how to I don’t know how to make some of these things to be honest with you I could I can replicate some of them but yeah dude it’s it’s pretty awesome so you know I want to say definitely kudos to the developers of this it’s a well well-thought-out application it’s very very comprehensive you can add bokeh if you’d like to basically the background again I’m gonna do a full tutorial on this I don’t know it doesn’t really make sense to show you

guys some of this stuff right now but but yeah you can add bokeh to blur out the background which is that’s what it did and then you just paint on the areas sorry paint black on the areas that you don’t want the bokeh to happen which is pretty awesome so you can like add artificial bokeh or background defocusing to an image to blur out the background or skin yeah it’s pretty it’s pretty advanced there’s some really really great functionality in this this application so again that’s just the before and after again

using the just the adjustable Mouse that I have right here so I just want to say you know absolutely kudos we will be doing a full course maybe not sorry in that course but a series here on YouTube I don’t know if you’ll get to the point where we’re doing a course on this but we will be doing a series here on YouTube on how to use beautify it’s an amazing application it’s definitely going to just change my workflow especially in Photoshop because it reduces a lot of things I would otherwise go over the affinity

photo because I want that speed I want that performance I want that I want to be that tactile feel of seeing it on my iPad because I don’t have the Wacom like the big LCD with the touch I don’t have one of those those things are like three or four thousand dollars they’re very expensive so the iPad has to kind of suffice because I don’t have that kind of money but this is this is gonna be something that changed my workflow because it removes a lot of things that I would otherwise be doing an affinity photo and

quite honestly I’m getting way better results in in a fraction of the time which is ultimately our goal here we should definitely be trying to speed up our workflow so definitely check this tool out we will be leaving a link in the description below where you guys can check it out and things of that nature if you’d like and yeah check it out man it’s it’s fantastic give it a swing like I said we will be doing a series and stuff like that so you’ll see plenty more on this to come but check it out absolutely whenever

you find tools like this our our goal is 100% to share with you guys because anything that makes your life or my life easier is definitely a value added because retouching and editing photos is not my favorite thing nor is it the favorite thing for a lot of photographers especially if added fashion and beauty photographers we don’t really like retouching skin it’s just it’s just it just takes a long time and it’s really irritating sometimes but so yeah this is makes my life easier so I hope this added some value

to you guys I hope you found this video useful if you new here please consider subscribing if you haven’t already we’d love to have you as a part of the family my friend my name is Devon Lennox your host that photo px’ leave us a comment in the description below if you think I’m missing anything you have any questions for me as far as the application what would you like to see me do in a series a more in-depth take a look at this and like that let me know in description down below actually if you want me to reach out to beautify on your behalf of things like nature ask specific questions let me know in the comments as well Devon lens here photographer px we’ll catch you in the next video my friend peace out

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