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The Single Best Lens For Product Photography

In today’s video we’re gonna talk about my favorite lens when it comes to product photography, we are on set we’re gonna be recording a multitude of different videos to show you guys a little bit more insight before we go into the behind-the-scenes of this upcoming shoot that we’re gonna knock out and show you guys but I wanted to talk about the importance of lens selection


When you’re shooting product photography there are a number different lenses that you can choose from but ultimately what is my favorite of the lenses that I do have and right now that’s gonna be the 100 millimeter

macro lens I am using the canon 2.8 EF macro lens here on my sony a7 mark 1 but ultimately a macro lens is one of the better options when it comes to this shooting this platform and the main reason of doing that is because it’s gonna allow you to have a little bit more flexibility and variability when you’re shooting product photography because on these lenses there’s different ranges that you can have so on this EF lens it has a limit in a full option basically what that’s doing when you hit this toggle switch it’s changing at which point basically at the lens the

distance from from the subject to the lens whereas the lens gonna have its minimum focusing distance so this allows you to really get in tight when it comes to doing macro shots like very having your your subject your product to whatever you’re shooting a watch a piece of jewelry or whatever it may be you get that you can get really tight and you can fill the frame with the entire product which is not something you can do without a macro lens and that’s part of the reason why this is part part of the reason why this is my favorite option when it comes to

shooting product photography cuz you can really get up and you can get those detail shots which may be important for your clients that you’re shooting to get the smaller details to get the intricacies when it comes to stitching and weaver and the details in the logo and whatever the design elements depending on what you’re shooting if it’s a bag or purse shoes whatever it may be but getting some of those fine intricate details so they can they can showcase to the potential customer the the larger details of the item that they would potentially purchase while they’re looking online or print whatever maybe but ultimately a macro lens I shoot the with the hundred millimeter because that’s just what I have but if I had a 135 by by Sona Sony the I think it’s a 1.8 or 2.8 135g master lens if I had that lens that’s what I would be shooting in so they

were using the Canon version but I happen to have the Canon version and that’s kind of the reasoning why it just allows you to get really tight in it allows you to still maintain the same distance that you can get with an 85 but then also I don’t know if you guys are familiar with lens compression but the longer your focal length going typically pass let’s say about 60 70 80 millimetres you start to basically narrow out and have more of a I guess more of a true compression when it comes to distortion on the way that we see an image and it makes it makes the image a little bit more compressed and just more true to what we see granted our eyes are basically 35 millimetres but once you start to go above that it starts to make the the our field of view a little bit more narrow which tends to be more flattering both when it comes to suiting

subjects but also flattering depending on when you’re shooting objects products as well it does depend what you’re shooting but ultimately in most situations using a macro lens will be the preferred choice and definitely my my favorite option let me guys let me know if in a comps down below what is your favorite lens and you know let me let me know kind of you know your mindset on that do you guys prefer using the 50 millimeter do you like the 85 or you guys a 72 to 70 to 200 user maybe twenty four to seven if you like using the 24 to 70 let me know in

the comments down below well this Devon Lenox you’ve been watching photography X your hosts here will catch you guys in the next video if you’re new here please consider subscribing if you haven’t done so already also check out the full behind-the-scenes video of the photoshoot that we’re gonna be doing I will also be showing you guys the retouching process as well if you’re curious thank you for watching today’s video I hope you found the contents of today’s video insightful added value to you if you’re new here please consider subscribing if you haven’t done so already also leave us a like and a comment in the description down below let us know if I overlooked something or and miss something covered in today’s video is Devon Lenox you know where to find us photography px

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