Top Ten Best Photo Printers


As photographers, our work deserves the best visual representation possible and exist in the world as more than just a catchy social media post.

What ultimately separates our work is the way it compels and grabs our attention. And what better way to showcase your work than to display it in a large format in a beautiful frame to mystify your friends and family.

In today’s post, we will cover a list of the top ten most affordable printers to get you started with confidence. And the options that will display your work, in the quality and resolution it deserves.



10 – HP Envy 5055 – All-in-One Photo Printer


HP’s Envy 5055 is much more humble than the competition as an all-in-one. However, it delivers quality that easily rivals its counterparts. When used with high-capacity ink cartridges, it provides incredibly competitive running costs along with support for the A4 size, 8 X 10, and envelopes. For connectivity, it offers a USB port and built-in Wi-Fi. And it is optimally configured for those who prefer to print from a smartphone. Printing is arguably the easiest in its class using HP’s well-designed Sprocket app, which includes a diverse selection of sources, including social media platforms.

The app also provides an editing function, allowing you to adjust the photo before printing. Not to mention the printer includes a 20-page tray, so you can also print multiple images in batch at a time. Overall, while it’s smaller than the competition, it makes a more portable option for those looking for high resolution water-resistant and smudge-proof images. And with its sleek, understated design, it will easily blend into any décor in the home.



9 – Epson XP-970


Epson’s XP-970 is a sleek and smooth 3-in-1 wide-format inkjet printer. It uses a six-ink cartridge system that delivers excellent color accuracy and astounding vibrancy. This configuration provides smooth gradations and pleasing skin tones. And it’s 4.3′ touchscreen makes navigating the interface easy. It prints in the A3 size, for large and wide-format prints that pop. It also enjoys the ability to print on specialty papers, as well as CDs and DVDs.

For connectivity, it’s designed with convenience in mind with its PC-free interface and built-in Wi-Fi for printing from smartphones and tablets. Overall, the XP-970 is simple but elegant. And there’s much to love about this small, lightweight, and affordable option in Epson’s lineup.



8 – Epson Expression Photo XP-8600


Epson’s XP-8600 is a small-in-one printer by Epson that’s ideal for printing professional-quality photos at home. It uses a six-ink system that provides smooth gradations and exceptional skin tone rendition. It supports borderless prints up to 8″ x10″. It’s also feature-rich. Users can take advantage of its 4.3″ touchscreen for intuitive operation and navigation, as well as printing on specialty papers or direct to CD or DVD. For connectivity, Epson’s equipped the printer with USB, SD, Ethernet, and built-in Wi-Fi, for direct printing from a smartphone or tablet.

And it offers the Epson Creative Print app to create custom collages without hassle. Overall, the XP-8600 is a sleek, compact and convenient printer that’s ideal for on the go user. And the ideal choice for creative homes with constant projects.



7 – Epson XP-7100


Epson’s XP-7100 is a small all-in-one printer that’s ideal for creative families. It uses a 5-color ink system for vivid borderless photos up to 8 x 10″, as well as DVDs and specialty papers. This setup makes it quite versatile and capable of providing sharp text for eye-catching documents. And while it’s quite compact in size, it remains feature-rich with its hefty 4.3′ touchscreen for easy navigation and in-printer editing. For connectivity, it provides a built-in SD slot, for convenient file transfer directly from a camera, as well as USB, Ethernet, and built-in Wi-Fi.

It even offers a 30-page auto document feeder and fast printing speeds, which make it an excellent choice for high-volume printing or to quickly cherish family memories. With Epson’s Creative Print app, you can also create custom cards, collages, and print directly from social media. Overall, the XP-7100 is a printer that tackles more than just printing photos yet still delivers high-quality results across the board. And its stackable design and versatility will be sure to fit both your space and your needs.



6 – Epson EcoTank ET-7750


Epson’s EcoTank ET-7750 is quite a unique option that stands separate from the competition. And it’s Epson’s flagship wide multi-format printer engineered for outstanding print quality. It uses Epson’s refined EcoTank system, which dramatically reduces the ongoing ink costs compared to its rivals. Epson even includes ink in the box, which is rated for two years of use or up to 14,000 pages in black or 9,000 color.

Epson’s generosity makes it one of very few to offer ink included with the purchase. Its tanks are also directly on the front face of the machine, making it easy to see how much remains rather than relying on sensors alone – a nice touch. It uses a five-color and one photo-specific black system which guarantees superb quality and extraordinary depth. And it supports images up to 11″ x 17″.

The printer even features dual trays as well and a printable CD/DVD tray to compliment. And for connectivity, it supports USB, SD, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Google’s Cloud Print, and Apple’s AirPrint. It’s a rather large printer, however. But, its size allows it to deliver a robust feature set and produce high-speeds, making it ideal for creating bulk work. And, overall, it’s one of the very few printers that promise real long-term savings and guarantees a return that pays for itself with time. And it’s a printer that offers users the freedom of printing anything they want in color, without fear.



5 – Canon Pixma TS9120 (TS9150/TS9160)


Canon’s TS9150 is their flagship Pixma printer and looks as premium as you’d expect with its generous 5-inch touchscreen. It achieves photo lab quality thanks to a six-color ink system, now with Photo Blue ink. These combine to beautifully render warm skin tones, making the printer particularly strong at portrait work. The new Photo Blue ink also helps the printer reduce graininess and provides better color tones over the predecessor. It supports the 8 “x10” size. For connectivity, it offers USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as a memory card slot. Canon’s even installed their Creative Filters for in-printer editing and adjustments, when used with an SD card. Overall, the TS9150 is a simple, functionalist design that delivers a premium appearance and modern appeal.



4 – Canon IP8720


Canon’s IP8720 is a borderless inkjet printer that supports enormous print sizes. It’s a good looking option that is incredibly functional, with its sleek low-profile matt black design. But, it’s brand-new and backed with Canon’s outstanding quality. It uses Canon’s six-ink cartridge system, which produces gorgeous and vivid color reproduction, with staggering fine details. This system also includes a grey ink, which makes it particularly suitable for reproducing detailed black and whites in photo lab quality.

It supports the 13″ x 19″ size, surprising considering its small footprint. For connectivity, it provides a USB port, built-in Wi-Fi for printing from mobile devices through Canon’s Print App, Google’s Cloud Print, and Apple’s AirPrint. While not the absolute strongest contender in this class, it represents a healthy compromise between quality, price, and ease of use. Plus only weighing 18 lbs, it’s a lightweight option that fits virtually anywhere in your home and one that’ll free your imagination.



3 – Epson HD XP-15000


Epson’s XP-15000 is a wide-format inkjet printer and the ideal choice for those who want their prints to match their creative vision. It uses a 6-ink system with all-new Gray and Red inks to provide an even wider color gamut. The extra red ink improves color accuracy dramatically for colored prints, with smoother gradations. Additionally, the added gray enhances the tone rendering of black-and-white images. It supports the 13″ x 19″ size and offers a 50-sheet specialty tray for added versatility.

And it even enjoys the convenience of auto two-sided document printing. For connectivity, it provides USB, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi for seamless transfers. Compared to its predecessor, it’s also 30% smaller, making it surprisingly little considering its performance. Nevertheless, it remains capable and ready to take your photo printing game to the next level. And, overall, the XP-15000 is a quick all-rounder that’s a workhouse for both general and high-end printing needs. And it quickly achieves colorful high-quality images in great detail that’ll perfectly match your vision.



2 – Epson Surecolor P400


Epson’s Surecolor P400 delivers results that are hard to tell apart from a dedicated photo lab. It’s a printer aimed to expand your creative potential. It uses an eight-color ink set, which includes both photo black and matte to provide a full spectrum gamut for vibrant colors. These HG2 pigment inks are also highly water, fade, and smudge resistant. The printer also auto-selects between the black inks, to seamlessly shift between photo black and matte channels to deliver superior archival prints across a variety of papers. The reds and oranges are deep, producing exact skin tone accuracy with a gloss rivaling pro-level labs.

And these colors come ready to tackle prints up to 13″ x 19″ or panoramas up to 129″ long, even on canvas. Unlike the competition, it also supports advanced features such as cut-sheet, fine art, and roll paper, providing superior versatility. For connectivity, it includes a CD/DVD tray, USB, Ethernet, and built-in Wi-Fi. Overall, the P400 is a high performing economical printer that creates brilliant high-resolution prints that are perfect for photographers or DIY artists looking for lab-quality, without the lab.



1 – Canon Pixma Pro-100


Canon’s Pixma Pro-100 is the best all-rounded printer available to date. It includes grey and light grey cartridges as well as the standard six inks found in conventional printers. This unusual addition makes the printer exceptionally well suited for printing black & white photographs. While it’s complete ChromaLife 8-ink dye system provides unrivaled color accuracy and a broad color gamut for ultra-vivid prints with superb realism.

This printer also obtains the OIG System, which analyzes each area and chooses the best ink mixture for maximum accuracy. It supports the 13″ x 19″ size, plus two paper trays, making it quite versatile. Build quality and connectivity are also excellent. It supports USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, PictBridge, and AirPrint.

Overall, it provides enormous flexibility and creates a seamless printing workflow, be it wired or wireless. And despite its compact size, it makes a strong all-rounder, especially for those wishing to step up to a large format printer. It provides both the functionality and tech you need to make your prints look as good the lab, minus the lab.