What is a NEF File?


Every file extension has a different property. But, ultimately, each extension lets us know its file type, the information it contains, and what software can support it. The Nikon Electronic Format, or NEF, is one of the numerous unique file extensions on digital cameras. But it’s been the standard option for most of Nikon’s DSLR … Read more

Photo Deconstruction – One Light Fashion Photography


in today’s video I will show you a one light full-body fashion shoot. We will breakdown the full lighting setup, step-by-step, and also covers some major do’s and don’ts. Full body portraits aren’t very difficult, even when shooting at home. Alright so here we are on my computer in Adobe Photoshop but I actually shot … Read more

The Single Best Lens For Product Photography


In today’s video we’re gonna talk about my favorite lens when it comes to product photography, we are on set we’re gonna be recording a multitude of different videos to show you guys a little bit more insight before we go into the behind-the-scenes of this upcoming shoot that we’re gonna knock out and show … Read more

My Full Photo Retouching Workflow – Start to Finish


Hello my friends, in today’s series of videos I’m going to show you my entire photo editing/retouching workflow from start to finish. My workflow consists in captureone, adobe, lightroom, photoshop and affinityphoto . In today’s video, we’re going to go through each of these applications, bit by bit, as I show you how I use … Read more