What Is a PSD File


In today’s digital world, we’re all inundated with file extensions, many of which require specialized software to open. And without the necessary software, you can’t open or preview their contents. The .PSD, or Photoshop Document File, is surely one of them. And it’s no surprise if you came across one recently and your computer didn’t … Read more

Creating a Photoshoot Brochure in Photoshop


In today’s video I’m gonna walk you guys through creating a shoot brochure so you can give more information to the models and other creative team members that you’re shooting with a little bit more insight a little bit more information prior to your shoot

Beautify Photoshop Retouching Panel Review


In today’s video we’re gonna be doing a first look in the first impressions at beautify a Photoshop retouching panel Makeup Panel Overview Adding Grain Uneven Backdrops Clean Backdrops How to Install Beautify on Mac OSX How To Use Beautify Panel – Frequency Separation