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Changing Background Color Photoshop

In today’s video I’m gonna show you guys in one simple tool how to change the color of backdrop in Adobe Photoshop


Alright so photos loaded up in a vote Adobe Photoshop and let’s hit it so this is the photo that we’re gonna be working on today I will show you guys the before and after before and after before after before and after for and after okay so I guess caveat I am using a Wacom tablet I didn’t mention that in the last video but I am using a Wacom tablet so you’ll see me gesturing and doing things on the Wacom tablet instead of just using my computer’s trackpad I will be doing a video on how to set this up properly I’m

not going to be doing any complicated functions that was suffice to say it’s just gonna be a stylus and a trackpad at this point for this video but in today’s video we’re gonna be I’m gonna be showing you guys how to do this by using the selection or the the magic wand tool and then the combination of a a pixel fill layer a color layer set to the blend mode of color so let’s kind of get started so first things first what we’re gonna do is you’re gonna load in your photo you’re gonna go over here to the selection

tool and you’re gonna go right here to the magic wand tool shortcut key as W if you want to use the shortcut key you’re gonna just tap on the background now with the magic wand tool by default it it only selects one area so if you want to select multiple areas and select the entire background because it usually doesn’t select the whole background what you’re gonna do is hold down the shift key and then tap around until you get these marquees although all the way around your subject so it’s still missing this area right here it’s still missing underneath your shoes so we’ll do that and it’s still missing that area right there now we’ve got the marquee all the way around her her body and her clothing so next thing we’re gonna do we’re going to go down here to this little

icon and we’re going to insert a solid color layer all right so that’s gonna get us here and it doesn’t really matter what color you choose for the beginning for the most part to make backgrounds realistic or at least the way that I shoot them this kind of like luma like this this luminosity all the way up here where it’s like maximum brightness doesn’t really work it doesn’t look realistic so I usually stay first and foremost I’m on web colors just to make it easier for me to select a color but outside of that I usually stay in this middle run down here or lower so that the background looks a little more realistic usually around here is good so let’s just say we’re gonna pick this kind of weird greenish color the next thing that we’re gonna do to make this look more

realistic and not that you look like you just photoshopped this cuz that’s exactly what it looks like we’re gonna go and change the blend mode from normal and we’re gonna scroll all the way down to the bottom here and hit color and then now that’s gonna give us a more much more realistic and pleasing version of the color that we just we selected so you’re you’re probably like okay Devon but I don’t like this particular color how do I choose this you know how do I change this color basically what you’re gonna do is you can tap right here on this little box and then you have free reign to change the colored or whatever actually like that blue color so boom we’re gonna do the blue color okay so now you’re thinking I was like okay dude I kind of like that color that was
cool that’s pretty easy that’s great man so the next thing that we’re gonna do is if you kind of zoom in you’ll notice that all these areas around the hair always always have a hard time getting selected by Photoshop there has to be a better way to do that so

essentially what you’re gonna do to fix that or any other areas that you’re seeing the colors having this weird fringing kind of pattern by by just the way that we selected with the magic wand tool you’re gonna go right here to your mask you’re gonna press B to start your brush and then you’re going to essentially make sure it’s set to white right here make sure that’s set to white and not black so make sure it’s set to white and you’re going to paint around the areas that are to have that word fringe color so

we’re just gonna kind of do this doesn’t need to be perfect more than likely this is going on Instagram so no one’s ever gonna notice that there’s like the hair is a little bit discolored or anything like that what you guys will notice so kind of just get in there and just say hair up a little bit and then if you make a mistake just hit the X key and then just paint black and you can fix that with ease and you’ll do that it will fix this area right here that will come over on this side the same thing it’s before fix these areas over here and we’ll just fix all of that right there all right now it’s like still having some issues up here so we’ll go back and we’ll fix that up a little bit doesn’t need to be perfect more than likely no one’s ever gonna see it at that

right like that resolution prefer going to be viewing it basically here so they’re not gonna really see that same thing down here with the shoes kind of just quickly fix that up same two laces will just kind of hit that real quick be perfect and then same thing in between the legs and the hand okay okay and there you go that’s that is it so in a couple of minutes you went from the original blue that I shot this photo on and you went to purple no problem and now you can change it just by tapping right here and

going over to a green or whatever color that you’d like – that’s kind of cool – no I don’t think that is that kind of a back to school kind of vibe just cool and then you can change the opacity and how it blends as well to get a middle tone so if you want to

mix the blue or the original backdrop color with something in-between instead of having it be a hundred percent that new color you can just change the opacity and there you go you know you have a custom color that isn’t actually available from the backdrop manufacturer savage Universal so yes that’s that is how you do that my friends I hope this video was in cyfle for you and added some more value to your your Arsenal your quiver when it comes to editing photos in Photoshop and getting the results that you guys walk my goal here is just show you guys all the techniques that I’ve learned and then allow you to have the flexibility and freedom to choose whichever ones that you think work your specific workflow this is kind of the way that I do this personally I’m not

saying that this is gonna be a technique that you guys use but this is actually how I do it personally granted the selections there’s some techniques on how to get better selections which I’ll showcase but suffice to say this is what I actually need to change backdrops if I just want to just be lazy and just change it Kasane seamless paper is kind of expensive so I understand that but you know if you’re new here please consider subscribing if you found this if you like this content kind of content and you found

this value there’s a lot of value in this video and you found it valuable for for your needs hit us up with a like and a comment down in the description below let me know if you know I’m missing something here or you know you have any comments or concerns or questions or something you like to kind of throw out or your experiences with this technique and then as always we’re catching the next video peace out

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