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How to Remove the Headache from Copying Masks in Affinity Photo

Last Updated on November 1, 2020 by Devaun Lennox

In today’s video I’m going to show you guys how to copy bass from one layer to another layer in affinity photo this is something I had to kind of do a little bit to get a bit of digging in research to figure out which is which was a little bit unfortunate but I’m gonna show you guys in a YouTube tutorial on how to actually do it

so you’ll have to go through the forums to figure this out so we’re loaded up here in affinity photo latest version I’m on the iPad pro from 2010 images already loaded in and here we are so just for example in tutorials sakes I just made basically an adjustment layer just to change the the I guess the luminosity or the exposure of the background but I’m going to show you guys how to selectively apply maps from

one layer to another so you can basically copy and paste the mask so you don’t have to redo the whole mask thank God right praise Jesus alright so we’re gonna do is we’re gonna just make a blank adjustment layer this is just for example sakes it doesn’t matter what this is but I’m gonna cue up to show you guys how to do this so let me throw on a color pants right and we’ll do highlights and we’ll make the background more red let’s just make the background more red basically what we’re gonna do okay so we have a

color balance blank layer right here what you’re gonna do is go down into the layer that you’ve already made the mask go down and then you’re going to grab the mask and you’re basically gonna drag it up hold on drag the mask to that next layer whoops that was our wrong way drag it right there whoo the only thing is you’re gonna have to duplicate the mask though so if you if you’re gonna you’re gonna lose that mask from another other selection that I just did that unfortunately you kind of have to do this with your

finger because the Apple pencil doesn’t allow you to click it and drag and hold it doesn’t really work well I don’t know why but maybe that’s just me user error I’m not sure but for whatever reason I’ve never really had a good experience as we’re doing it that way but that’s literally all you do kill them you know I feel like that’s kind of intuitive but I can’t tell you how many research that I did and how much I struggled with finding out how to do this like honestly I spent so much time trying to figure out how

to do that so I just tried that one day and it worked fantastically boom there you go so now you can see that that that color layer was applied only to the background which you can see the mask here is blacked out on where our subject is and it’s only applying it to the background so and you can see that boom we just adjust the layer the background which actually doesn’t that actually like that that was looks pretty good maybe I should do that for the final image okay there you go so that’s it guys that kind of

wraps up today’s tutorial nice and quick nice and easy and nice little handy tip for you guys because I didn’t know how to do that so if you struggle with that my friend well there you go we just solved your issue as always if you like this video and you found it valuable leave a thumbs up leave a comment or question or concern in the video description below if you have a certain video that you’d like to see or a question that you’d like us to answer and make a video around that absolutely we’re totally open to

doing that we have a couple of those locked in and queued up and ready to be recorded as a matter of fact as always you know if you want to reach out to us hit us up in the comments below shoot us an email reach out to us on social media you guys know where to find us if you haven’t subscribed already consider subscribing we’d really appreciate that and so you can actually stay locked in on when we’re publishing new content on our channel you’ve got some amazing content coming up and as always my friends peace out

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