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Extend Backgrounds In Photoshop – One Simply Tool

Last Updated on November 1, 2020 by Devaun Lennox

In today’s video we’re gonna show you guys how to extend a backdrop in Adobe Photoshop



Alright so here we are in Adobe Photoshop photos already loaded up this is gonna be the photo that we’re working on today so let’s let me come back into full screen go over to tab let me show you guys the before and after so you can see what we’re working on here today so this is the original image and that’s how we extended it original extension original extension okay so let’s delete that so I can show you guys how we’re gonna end up doing that and Dobey Photoshop so first things close once once you have your photo loaded up you’re gonna duplicate the

background layer so you have a copy of your actual image so right click on here duplicate layer we’re gonna just leave it as a default name that’s cool the next thing what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go over here to your selection tools and you’re gonna select the rectangular marquee tool so what we’re gonna be doing is we’re gonna be selecting from the bottom of the frame all the way to the top of the frame using the rectangular marquee tool and then we’re gonna use the direct selection tool to basically drag it over to make it bigger essentially what

this this technique is doing it’s it’s dragging and it’s elongated the pixels that you’re selecting using the rectangular marquee tool and that has well we’ll talk about some tips of what that does but suffice to say that’s what we’re doing so I’m gonna go down from the bottom of the frame and you’re just gonna see me go to the top of the frame and we’re gonna go up here and you’re gonna get as close to the edge of the backdrop as possible so you get a as wide of a selection as possible what you’re gonna do next is gonna we’re gonna do command or ctrl T

to open up our transform window and we’re gonna drag the middle of the prong this prong here and we’re gonna drag that out to the edge of the frame and hit enter the next thing you’re gonna do is D D select your marquee so that’s command or control D and that’s going undo the selection so that’s what we that’s how that’s the technique that’s literally all we’re doing here to do the extension I’ll show you guys the next one too and then we’ll talk about some tips and tricks and things to keep in keep in mind when you’re doing this technique because it does

have some trade-offs unfortunately there’s definitely some trade-offs it’s not all kisses and rainbows here we’re doing this technique there’s definitely some things you have to fix as you’re working with this technique but suffice it to say that is how we do that in one simple tool so same thing that we’re gonna be doing on this side we’re going to drag from the bottom of the frame I’m gonna drag from down here and then try not to hit the models the subjects feed or their shoes or their hair or whatever because it’s also gonna grab those pixels and elongate

them as well command T and then we’re gonna drag boom and then hit enter and you can just tap on the outside of the image to deselect or a do command D or ctrl D let me zoom out for you guys a little bit here so we can see get a better Eagles eye view of what we’re doing so before and after for and after okay so I’m gonna I’m gonna walk you guys through some of the tips that you’re gonna need to look into when you’re doing this so first and foremost when we do that extension we’re long gating the pixels is literally what we’re doing I’m using the

transform tool so with that you’ll kind of notice that the these areas over here let me actually open up another layer and I’ll use the brush tool so I can you guys can follow along with what I’m doing here you notice that these areas over here this entire area got like really stretched out if we kind of zoom in unfortunately with the background textures it depends on the resolution of the image but a lot of the time you get these like kind of weird streaking x’ so compare that right over there to the backdrop over here you’ll notice that the texture is just night it’s not has

this kind of like fine noise grain but as we go over on this side it just gets a lot longer it may be a little bit hard to see on this blue but essentially it gets long and stretched out depending on the backdrop that you’re extending that’s sometimes more obvious than not the biggest thing that I’m noticing first and foremost ears that are the wrinkles the wrinkles get stretched out this is not a tutorial on how to necessarily fix uneven backdrops or anything like that I will be doing a video right after this one on how to do that in Adobe Photoshop but suffice to say you will

need to fix all of this stuff here and there’s techniques on how to fix that but that’s something to look look at when you’re doing this extension another thing that sometimes happens when you’re doing the extension is that a Photoshop is pretty good with making sure when you do the extension it blends it accordingly but sometimes you can see kind of a line as I’m zooming out you can kind of see there’s a line right here in terms of the the difference of luminosity there’s kind of a gradation in terms of lightness that you can see a harsh line where it’s like right

over here and it’s dark over on this side that’s something you’re also going to need to watch out and fix when you’re using this technique as well outside of that it’s pretty much seamless it works pretty well you don’t really need to watch out for anything else those are gonna be the big things that you need to watch out for when you’re using using this technique so I will give you some tips on making sure if you’re gonna shoot on smaller or Savage seamless background paper say for example the 5 foot roll in southern 7 or 9 or 12 foot roll making sure that the

model has a lot of space negative space around them remember and the main reason you want to do that is because if you’re gonna use this technique to then you know extend the background to get a full background in your image you want to make sure that it’s easier for you to do that in post-production than not if the model is like their their their elbows or their hands or their legs are coming off the background into into the actual environment so say for example right if i duplicate this and i come right here use the brush tool and we’ll make it a little bit

smaller so say for example the model was actually over here you know they had a little shoes on little shoes here and she’s doing the whole leg thing with the arms and and then the head was here but say say you know i say all of this this entire part of the model was out on the backdrop or was was out the backdrop you’d have to use a selection tool to then basically paint the whole backdrop over there you would not be able to use this tool so the key thing is if you’re gonna use this technique make sure the model is inside of the backdrop so make sure

the model is roughly in this area right here and that there is a lot of negative space on each side on this side and there’s a lot of negative space on this side so that when you do the extension you can just grab this area right here and extend it all the way over to here and then you can grab this area right here and then same thing extend it all the way over here and it doesn’t even touch your model or your subject that is the thing that I had to learn the hard way so I would love to make sure that as a tip for you guys so you guys don’t make that same mistake

using these smaller backdrops is definitely a huge advantage because they are way cheaper this is like $30 per roll fantastic they’re super cheap compared to some of the bigger ones which are 70 to $100 per roll so this is what I was shooting on for a very long time so and this is kind of how I ended up figuring out how this is one technique but this is how I was extending backdrops and in Photoshop so that kind of wraps up today’s video and things of that nature I hope that added some value to the up you guys and and I hope that that was a technique that

maybe you didn’t really hear about and stuff like that but it’s an easy technique to extend backdrops and it don’t be Photoshop super easy one simple tool takes 30 seconds per side super super easy so I hope that added some value to you guys if you’re new here please consider subscribing if you haven’t done so already leave us a like in a comment in description let us know if you know I missed anything or you have any specific questions and I’d love to answer those in the comments down below outside of that you know it keep it locked in on our channel we got some great content coming soon this is Devon Lenox both but the photography px’ and we’ll see you next time peace out

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