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Creating a Photoshoot Brochure in Photoshop

Last Updated on November 1, 2020 by Devaun Lennox

In today’s video I’m gonna walk you guys through creating a shoot brochure so you can give more information to the models and other creative team members that you’re shooting with a little bit more insight a little bit more information prior to your shoot


Alright so let me kind of walk you guys through what I mean by creating a shoot brochure because a lot of people this is not something I hear a lot of people talking about it’s kind of a niche seemingly a niche kind of thing that maybe myself I’m the only person that does I’m not sure but ultimately on screen you guys will see what I’m talking about here so the shoe brochure is basically a PDF that I’ve created using vote Adobe Photoshop but it’s something I’ve created so that I can send someone the image or the PDF file with instructions on what to bring how to

prepare for the shoe what is the location of the shoe and maybe an image of what we’re all tamanna end up attempting to create like kind of what’s the mood the central unifying image that we’re trying to create for the shoe so on screen you’ll you’ll see kind of the overlay of what that looks like it says Devon Linux colored contours the name of my project the brand that I had created a long time ago which is what what all the green and the colored primary coloreds I guess background papers and the whole thing that created but ultimately what’s important here is what to bring how to prepare where’s the location and instructions on what to do with you arrive to location now this this brochure specifically was for more shooting in a home studio situation where I used to live back in the day and this is something I was sending just so

people knew where I was located where to go to then find my apartment so then I can meet them in the parking lot and we can I can coordinate how to get to the studio from there but that’s what it kind of looks like let’s say I should go into Adobe Photoshop so I can show you guys what this this project file compiled of so and this is gonna be as a caveat as well this is gonna be something I’m gonna give you guys as a free download you’re welcome to change all the text as you see fit but use this as a reference so that you guys can send these this this PDF or

this image however you want to export it you can send this to your creative team or your models that you’re shooting it works the same whether you’re doing an on-location shoot or you’re doing a at home studio or physical studio shoot whether you’re renting one or you’re just shooting at home it works exactly the same the location is just whatever the location how you want them to prepare and what you want them to bring so right here you’ll see all of the text it’s organized into basically the project name or whatever the title so your that would just be your name location and then all the headings are over here how to prepare what to bring stuff like that so you can you can change those as you see fit and then these right here going to be the text boxes which are going to be customizable that you can just double tap so ultimately

all you guys have to really do is just tap one of the things press T and then you can customize and change the information just by writing to customize it however you you guys see fit so that that right there this is just more layout stuff this is just a headline aramid image and this is a background color if you want to change that but now it’s that’s that’s how that was created let me explain why this was important and why I ultimately created something like this for me personally I was shooting upwards when I first started so I started in roughly 2017 doing

photography but after the first six months or so I got to a point where I was shooting twenty people a month and I was constantly having to send out the same details over and over as far as like the basic things to bring this is kind of when I was going through the process of figuring out who was gonna be on my creative team and starting to build that creative team that I had more consistent people I was working with that already knew where I in how to prepare and things of that nature so it’s constantly sending people the same mass text messages if you will so I decided to kind of go ahead and oh so Atlas gonna just create something a document I can just send to someone that gives them all the insight and all the information that they need so I don’t have to hand Jam and text and copy and paste and use it a notes app to basically create a template that I was sending to people through Instagram just as a message I rather have them have them have a visual kind of guide so that’s why I created a super sure but it actually ended up being something now I found that was valuable and up until this point I’ve only

seen a handful of people ever do something like this out of all the youtubers that I’ve watched and all the photographer’s that I have seen so far not a lot of people are doing this but it adds a lot of value because on one single unified document you’re gonna see or the model or your team whoever you’re working with for the shoot you’re gonna see the location how to prepare and what to bring and ultimately in an image that is an example of what is possible or what you guys are trying to do as the headline ideal image that you guys want to create for the shoe

and that kind of stuff is important because people need that information especially if you’re working with a model and it’s the first time that you and that person are working together do they need to how do they need to prepare for hair and makeup what do they need to bring should they bring them a multitude of different items should it just be one and set look you know that kind of information is important and I will just kind of zoom in here so you guys can see a little bit more specifically on what I how I organized this how to prepare would just be okay

do you want them to have makeup already done do you want them to have their hair done a certain way do you want them to have their nails in a certain way as far as men what kind of grooming would you prefer do you want them to be clean shaved we should prefer them to have facial hair that they normally they normally wear as far as what to bring okay accessories watches hat sunglasses types of shoes types of pants types of skirts bottoms tops etc explaining all that information in a very concise way so they can look at this document and they can

basically see an overview what they need and they can use this as a reference that is exactly why I created this but that kind of explains why I created this kind of the workflow aspect let me also talk about when do I send this out so after confirming a shoe after confirming a little bit of details whether it’s gonna be on location or studio at that point as we start the coordinate coordinate okay like what’s the the mood board and the vision it’s at that point then I create this PDF and then as a final the final details this is why I send at that point so we finalize the

details but hey this is our mood board the cert concept and then this is just like a final reminder and a 1-1 page reference that they can use for our entire conversation up until that point because we’re talking about this stuff like in our messages we’re talking about the stuff we’re coordinating these details but I send this as like you know something make a couple days prior to shoot or a week of before the shoe to let them know okay these are the final details you don’t have to look at 30 40 50 60 messages and a group chat to remember what the details and what you need to bring for the shoot are so that’s when I send this and then outside of that I’ll show you guys how to export it real quick if you want to export as a PDF you’re going to go into file export you’ve got two options you can export it as a JPEG or a P a PNG file so you can

send them the the picture of it or you can do export as and you can export it as a PDF by coming over here or actually no it’s not there I think it’s save as it as a matter of fact yeah you can you can save it here go to it and going to save as and then you can save it as a PDF PDF is one of these options in here I don’t know where it is somewhere in here Angie yeah but there’s a way to export it as a PDF yeah there’s a way to export as a PDF in Photoshop I don’t remember exactly how I did that it’s one of the save as or export preferences but you can export as a

PDF if you guys would like to export it it’s a PV PDF but or alternatively you can make it into a tiff that’d be cool as well be a high-res version of the file but I will be uploading this to our website and I will be putting a link for this download in the description down below you guys are welcome to use this however you see fit I hope that adds value and that was beneficial for you guys get a little bit insight on this particular process let me know if you guys have any questions on this specifically in the comments down below thank you for watching today’s video I

hope you found the contents of today’s video insightful and added value to you if you’re new here please consider subscribing if you haven’t done so already also leave us a like and a comment in the description down below let us know if I overlooked something or I miss something covered in today’s video it’s Devon Lenox you know where to find us photography px

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