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Create A Poster Mockup in Adobe Photoshop

Last Updated on November 1, 2020 by Devaun Lennox

In today’s video I’m gonna show you guys how to make your own poster mock-up in Adobe Photoshop


Alright so on screen here we are this is the image that I took and I’m gonna show you guys how to recreate this in Adobe Photoshop so that you could actually basically replace the main image here in this poster with whatever image that you want so that you can basically know which image to print out and have an example so I do want to say as a preface right here is the original image this is the actual image that I took and let me open that up and you can see the original image so this is the exact same scenery and I will actually show you guys the image

in real life so this is the image over here this is the image that I took so as kind of an introductory so you guys understand why I created this video why did I make this this this poster mock-up PSD file ultimately I shoot for print right so I have a lot of my work maybe not as much as I’d like but I do have a lot of my work printed at home and eventually there’ll be galleries and they’ll be distributed and there’ll be sales and Etsy or whatever we choose to do on that front but ultimately I shoot for print and the reason why I made this this mock-up and I converted it over into this is because before I actually spend money in printing one of these these these portraits or whatever it is and maybe a landscape or whatever before I print one of these things I want to see what it looks like in a real frame so I there’s there’s if you search on the internet you

can find a billion poster mock-up PSD file some people make them from real actual scenes like I did some people make them just through Adobe Photoshop with without any scenery they just make it from scratch but I wanted to see what it looks like in a real frame that I actually have access to purchase here locally not just some imaginary a frame that anyone could get that I may not have access to because it’s not looking a local shop or I don’t know where to find the specific size and stuff like that so this is ultimately why I made this one and why I use something like this because it allows me to see before I print this out what is it gonna look like in the actual frames that I do use for the time being until I get different frames so that’s a little bit of I guess the the why and the introduction in the kind of a theory but let’s hop it over into Adobe Photoshop and I will show you guys how to recreate this I also want to say if you want me to show you guys how I lit this and how I set this up please leave a comment in the description down below let me know and we will coordinate to get that filmed and I’ll recreate this to the best of my abilities by showing you guys lighting setup etc so let’s hop over into Adobe Photoshop and we will we will get this get the started here alright so here we are in Adobe Photoshop alright so I want to also say that this project file will be downloadable it will be in the

description down below I hope it helps you guys out and I will walk you guys through how I recreated it and I also walk you guys how through how to use it so I guess let’s let’s talk about how I how I actually created this first and then I’ll show you guys how to use it if you want to skip the section timestamps are in the description down below you can just go to the section one I actually start talking about how to actually use this project file if you don’t actually want to know how to create it yourself with the frames that you guys have you may not have this frame if

you are curious this frame is from Michael’s it’s a 13 by 19 inch I don’t remember I think it’s something art something art frame there’s a there’s a brand that Michaels has it’s one of their their artists their artist frames but it’s 13 by 19 frame they’re brought about maybe 25 30 dollars each they Michael’s has plenty of sales sometimes they go down to 15 20 bucks something like that so I just buy them in bulk when whenever they they do sales which is like once a month or whatever but if you’re curious that’s the size and that’s where I get them from so you can

get them at Michael’s if you have a Michael store in your area let me break down how I how I actually created this so first things first is me shooting this this is original image so what I didn’t like about the way that I lit this was that it’s a little bit dark and moody from a white balance standpoint the white balance was kind of messed up so in capture one I did some adjustments to basically fix the white balance because it was kind of orange and so I did that and here when I actually imported it over into Adobe Photoshop I then further did some adjustments so if i zoom in you guys will notice that the frame isn’t actually it’s not actually like white it’s got kind of like this warmish reddish yellowish hue to it so in here the first thing you guys will notice if you if once you’re looking at the PSD bright scene copy well this is basically just an HSL

adjustment for me to actually reduce the saturation right here and then also with this this image right here this one doesn’t have glass on it so over here the image was actually falling out and I did what I could to basically get this as straight in the frame it’s possible but this doesn’t have a glass on it because if I if I shot this with a glass it’d be reflective and based on the way that I was lighting this it wasn’t possible for me to shoot it with the glass in there so unfortunately it doesn’t have that kind of glass element in there but that means this section right here that the picture is actually falling out so this is also attempting in my best ability to fix that over here is then the next adjustment to increase the exposure of the entire scene which I just did with two things so I did a brightness and saturation adjustment which is here I just increased

the brightness in saturation contrast or sorry brightness and contrast and then I also reduce the saturation of the frame in here by just doing a selection decrease in saturation and I brought up the exposure using the exposure slider so first things first that’s what I did in this project file but how can you guys reach this first things first you have to shoot this again if you guys want me to show you how to shoot this let me know in the comments below and I will do a video on how to shoot this but you have to shoot the frame ideally shoot it in a way light it in a way so that you’re not getting reflections from the light that you’re using whether it be a softbox or an umbrella or an octa box or whatever you’re using but make sure that you’re not getting reflections on the actual poster itself so that when you actually you you basically replace the

image that it’s gonna be as true to even lighting as possible so that you can really look at it and get an even and a good representation of what it will look like in a frame with glass if there’s reflections and there’s glare and then there’s shadows on this side and and it’s dark and moody it’s not going to be a good representation of what it will look like in the frame so make sure that the light is centered it’s a soft light and that it’s evenly lit it’s the best you’re building from there I would say for the most part reduce the saturation and change the cue of the background here so that it’s true white you don’t have to increase the exposure depends how you light it but I would say fix that and then the most important part is going to be making a smart object so this is also gonna be part 2 on how do you use this product file that I’m gonna

give to you guys if you wanted to download or how do you create this so you can just replace the images and you can actually have a fully working PSD poster mock-up so you have to do this through a smart object and here you guys will see the smart object that I’ve created and then some basically effects that I have on it a gradient overlay just to add a little bit of gradient to it you don’t need to have that you can turn that off if you’d like but I just added that for more realism but essentially what you do to create this smart object you’re going to go into the rectangular marquee tool you’re gonna do your best to essentially marquee out the selection of the internal frame where you actually put your artwork what you’re gonna do from there you’re going to create a it could just be a solid thing could you be a solid color could be white it

doesn’t really matter what it is to be honest we could be white and that where you’re gonna do here is you’re going to click on the right over here and then you’re gonna do convert to smart object so what is this this is gonna allow you to do is for you to open this as a separate project file in Adobe Photoshop in the same Adobe Photoshop window that you have open but as a separate tab so when I open this up it’s gonna say after editing the contents basically save it so that it remembers that you made changes this is the separate tab that opens this is a totally different workspace and essentially what you’re going to do here is that I actually have to come out of fullscreen let me come out of full screen you’re going to do file place embed or you’re going to drag and drop an image let’s see if I have any other images I shouldn’t have one let’s see yeah I can do I’ll just do this one for example and just place and then what you’re gonna do is resize and crop the images accordingly so that it fits in your frame now obviously this is not a retouch image or anything like that so this is not really the best example but

essentially you’re gonna just crop it and resize it to the way that you want and then you’re gonna hit X here and make sure you hit save and then there you go now you have the replacement of whatever image that you want that’s the basic fundamentals of how you use this project file and then also how you create a project file like this for yourself if you want to use other posters that are not the Michaels posters that I’m using you’re more than welcome to use your own posters or frames if you want but this is me walking you guys through a real example of how to do this and why I did it so that you guys understand kind of the thinking on why I even created something like this I don’t know a lot of other photographers that are doing this there’s plenty of these resources online I don’t know if anyone else has shown this particular tutorial so

it’s kind of nice I understand that and so maybe a lot of you guys may not watch this tutorial but if you do and you found it valuable I hope that added value to you and absolutely will help you out when you’re printing your your photos and you’re seeing in the crop and you can make more calculated judgments on what it will look like in the frame that you actually prefer the best but ultimately that’s all you do you literally just save it I will delete this one but yeah I just opened it up and you place your image on here even on the text it just says place your design

here which I just put there for you guys so you remember just make sure you save it and that’s it and you’re welcome to how to adjustments onto the smart objects like gradients it’s like that to make it look more realistic if you like but that’s that’s how you make this project file again if you want me to show you how to like this let me know in the comments down below I’ll show you guys and I will also be like I said before giving that project file I would be giving you two versions of the project file one without the bright scenery so something sort of like this that looks more in Lineman with what the lighting originally was at and then I’ll also be giving another project file which which has the more brighter exposure adjustments which is going to be looking more like this thank you for watching today’s video I hope you found the contents of

today’s video insightful and added value to you if you’re new here please consider subscribing if you haven’t done so already also leave us a like and a comment in the description down below let us know if I overlooked some or and miss something covered up in today’s video is Devon Lenox you know where to find us

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