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A Quick and Dirty Guide to Extending Backgrounds

Last Updated on November 1, 2020 by Devaun Lennox

In today’s video I’m going to show you guys in one simple tool how to extend backdrops in affinity photo

Alright so here we are the photo that we’re going to be working on today and the photo is loaded up into affinity photo so I’m using the latest version of affinity photo using the iPad pro ten point five inch 2018 Apple pencil and the photo is loaded up here I’m going to show you guys that before and after of what we’re going to be doing before and after before and after you’ll notice that there’s a slight shift in the position of the model I just had to reroute the

photo a little bit but that’s what we’re gonna be doing okay so what you need to do is load up your photo into affinity photo what you’re gonna do is go into the selections window it’s lexingto sona we’re gonna be using the rectangular marquee selection tool essentially what we’re going to be doing is we’re going to be selecting all of the area of the backdrop that we want and then we’re going to be using the selection brush to move and resize that backdrop so basically that’s going to look like this alright so marquee go from the bottom to top give me one

second I’m gonna reload the image affinity photo for some reason whatever it sometimes doesn’t show you the marquee selection so we’re just gonna kind of scratch that and we’re just gonna do this okay so now you guys can see the marquee we’re gonna go into our move tool we’re gonna use these little handles right here to extend the backdrop mm-hmm and then we’re gonna do the same exact thing for the opposite side marquee selection tool opposite side over here we’re going to drag up that was kind of a drag and then we’re gonna go over to top

well I didn’t see that it to be kind of careful that you you don’t do the selection and actually touch your model because if you do it’s going to resize and this is easier said than done it’s kind of hard to know exactly where you’re going to select okay move tool oh my god we’re going to expand that the move tool is also really a little bit sensitive I suppose to your selections okay we’re gonna do that so that was the first step so we’re gonna just use the move tool this is the same exact thing when you’re when if you want to also fix this top layer up here same exact

principle we’re just gonna use the let’s deselect that use the rectangular selection yeah that’s fine and then move tool and we’re going to go up again and outside of the frame and then now use your hand tool and deselect that okay boom there you go so one thing you guys may or may not notice from this for your perspective I’m viewing this video let me zoom in you’ll see that we get these kind of weird lines here if the selection it just it automatically does this doesn’t matter how good the selection is when you’re using the rectangular marquee tool you’ll

always have these weird lines right here as it basically tries to transition between the pixels so how you fix this you go back over into the photo persona and you just use the inpainting tool you set the width to roughly 25 ish pixels and then you just do that and then you do that across the entire line and you just go all the way up I just normally set it to something larger just so it’s easy just because I want to do it quick but essentially that’s all you do and that’s how you get rid of that line right there but I do want to put that on the radar when you’re doing this

particular technique you will always get that line 100% it always will do that but suffice to say that is how you extend backdrops an affinity photo the final result will look like this where I just kind of cleaned up the lines I cleaned up the lines and I fixed up the backdrop just a little bit but yeah that kind of yeah that’s that’s all I wanted to put on your radar another another technique in your quiver make sure that you guys well equipped to tackle all the situations when it comes to Edie being this is applicable to both studio photography and outside if you just want

to extend something this is one way to do that depending on what you’re shooting a great technique to do that so I just want to put that that tool in your quiver belt so you can have one more arrow to you know slay those those photo editing and so you’re not a little bit let you’re a little bit less overwhelmed but as always if you liked today’s video hit us up with a like and a comment down below if you have any particular questions that we have the ability to answer I’ll leave that in a comment we’ll make sure we get a video specifically tailored to your needs if you haven’t subscribed already please consider subscribing so you can stay locked in to our channel again I’m Devon Lenox and your hopes at the target of P X and we’ll see you in the next one peace out my friends 

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