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Tired of Models Flaking on You? Here’s How to Stop it From Ever Happening Again

Last Updated on November 1, 2020 by Devaun Lennox

Hello my friends so today in this video we’re gonna talk about how to reduce models flaking on you yes it happens to every single one of us that’s probably it happened to me hundreds of times at this point over the last two years and in today’s video we’re going to dive dive deep into some of the strategies that you can actually kind of utilize and some of the signs that you can you can kind of see

A need a little little poop test that you could throw at someone to be able to see whether they’re not gonna actually show up to the shoe and where they’re gonna fall through on the commitment or they’re gonna flake now there’s different kind of signs that you can look for so the biggest thing to look for when it comes to whether someone’s gonna flake male or female one of the biggest tips I can give you guys okay if you guys are sending messages in the

beginning they’re super excited there’s like oh my god I can’t wait to show you know they’re excited to shoot you guys that’s good that’s a good sign and say you reach out to them or they reach out to you and they’re very responsive they’re hitting you back up within you know an hour two hours and it’s consistent responses to your messages and you can sense that using a lot of explanation points and mogees and that they’re excited you know you can sense that through the message like okay this person is excited to work with me they value my work they

value me and what I can contribute to them as an artist and like as you get closer and closer towards the shoot date the the likelihood of them responding or that good I suppose the speed of how how fast they respond to you starts to slowly like basically increase and then the amount of red messages that they send you back relative the messages that you’re sending them starts to decrease and and they just take longer to message you back and they just take longer to message you back and the messages don’t have as many explanation points or

emojis and things of that nature that’s usually a sign that there’s some logistical or financial or whatever there’s some kind of circumstance happening in this person’s life which is going to basically increase the likelihood that they’re gonna flake on you that day for me what I look for is that I look for that eagerness all throughout the photo shoot all throughout the the interaction phase before we actually day off for the shoe so that eagerness remains throughout and to include the the actual day that we have a shoot scheduled then that’s a good sign it means

they’re more than likely gonna actually fall through but at the moment I start to see them not really responding as fast the messages and there’s there’s not that eager ‘no surround the messages then at that point I start to get skeptical which you should also start to get skeptical and not to say that you should open up your calendar but be prepared you know have something else booked in your calendar that you’re going to be doing that you can still make productive usage of the time that you have for the shoe but that’s one of the biggest things to look for

is how responsive is this person is there a sense of eagerness when they’re when you guys are messaging back and forth or emailing back your forth is there is there an eagerness are you sensing that that eagerness is starting to dissipate and it’s starting to wane little by little most likely they’re gonna flake that’s just the truth so another thing that happens that you can you can kind of sense when someone’s going to flake is you know when you’re going through the messaging the messaging conversation in the beginning that they’re not really excited to work

with you and when you give them your rates or your packages and your fees and whatever that whatever you guys have around that that they that they’re trying to lowball you if someone is at a point where they’re not going to really offer exactly what you’re asking for it means they don’t value your work and if you do end the booking and you don’t have a deposit the likelihood of them flaking is also going to be greater because they’re not really valued what their ultimate ly gonna be paying you to give them so that’s another sign to look for if you’re looking at

whether someone’s gonna flake on you or not that’s number two right there so just just just really analyze okay is this person okay I gave them my rates you know I gave him kind of a contract does this person are they setting with that are they trying to lowball me am I willing to kind of negotiate with that after I know she ate it are they still low balling me if you set something up the likelihood of them flaking is gonna be great because they don’t value you as a photographer that’s the truth number three when it comes to flaking is that if someone says maybe I

can see possibly I’ll get back to you and you follow up with them and and you guys still set something up the likelihood of them flaking is very high because of that anyone say maybe possibly get back to you let me check my schedule things of that nature that means that more than likely they don’t want to say no for whatever reason they don’t want to say no and they can’t say no in that moment so they would rather just kind of just fade away off into the distance so if you’re getting those kind of messages when you’re like okay a so what does what’s your

schedule like you know I got this day in this day there’s like ah you know maybe I’ll get back to you we’ll kind of see and you follow up with them and they kind of give you that same response that’s not gonna happen if you if you set that up and you book that into your calendar then more than likely they’re not going to be there man that’s another thing so I guess I get the next thing I feel really you know that was number three I can kind of give you guys some advice how to avoid some of these situations so that you don’t get flaked on nearly as much as I’ve

gone flaked on habit deposit you know fifty percent whatever you’re currently charging if you’re doing collaborative shoots you know it when it comes to scheduling out that time have something else that you can possibly be doing in that time block already scheduled but put it on the back burner because the biggest thing that always frustrated me is like okay I blocked out this time Saturday even you know 11:00 to 2:00 to 5:00 water it is and I made a commitment to myself to not do anything else during that time but here we are the models that show up that

day and then I’m just like what do I do for the next three hours I I wasn’t planning on on being available right now I don’t I don’t know what’s do with the rest of my day have something as a back burner that was like okay if the model flakes I can do x y&z have that you know make sure you have something like that because that’ll make your life a lot easier so they do he or she does flake you got something you can do I didn’t do that for a long time so you know those hours are just kind of spent lean with me doing random stuff man and it could have been way more

productive because I made that commitment I blocked off my calendar and I blocked off my my mental my mental processes as far as like okay this is what I’m going to be doing with this time this is the commitment that I have today this is kind of the mindset I need to be in to do that so have something as a contingency for that standpoint another thing that you can do you know strategy number two outside of having something that you could do during that time and have that as backup number two is gonna be messaged the model like multiple multiple

times to confirm especially day off like oh my god messes them the day off in that morning if you have a morning shooter and afternoon shoot message them a cop a couple hours prior to the shoe like hey man I’m excited to work with you I’ll see you here in a couple of hours I’m just kind of getting set up right now and doing some things shoot me a message when you’re on your way that right there if they do not respond to that message they’re gonna flake so if you’re in a situation we’re just like hey you know shoot me a message when you’re on your way and

they don’t shoot you a message you may as well open up your calendar my friend I have literally never seen a situation where I feel like hey shoot me a message from your Omni away and they don’t respond and they’re just magically there I’ve never seen that I’ve never seen that ever so that’s usually son you know just send him a message prior to the shoot a couple hours before B hey I’m getting set up you know I’m excited to work with you you were gonna get some awesome results today whatever you’re you know whatever verbage you want to use it

doesn’t really matter but send them some kind of you know filter kind of like a little poop test message and and see what their responses if they don’t have a response I am I’m gonna be honest my friend they were more than likely gonna flake maybe your circumstances may be different than mine I don’t know but I’ve never seen that happening where where they didn’t message and they were just magically there that’s never happened so I guess the only the other like number three kind of advice I can give you guys to really avoid flaking is to make sure

that you are you’re messaging people that you’re you’re truly excited about working with and you’re not just doing it from a money standpoint or whatever just because you know this client still in one hundred and fifty two hundred three five hundred dollars at you make sure that the clients that you’re you’re actually shooting or something that you want to shoot it’s a it’s a project that you actually care about and then from from that standpoint just you know making sure that they feel the same way about that stuff that they’re actually excited the excitement is so

important because if people are excited to work on a project in their you know they’re telling their friends about it the likelihood of them flaking is usually pretty low so just kind of filter out for that or the other people are really excited about the project that we’re gonna do not only from just working together but what’s what’s the actual vision what’s the project and look for those kind of signs that talked about before but yeah that’s those would be kind of the the couple of tips and some of the signs to look out for when it comes to avoid flaking hey you know

I’ve been there man I’ve been flake probably I don’t even know I don’t know three times a weekend for two years almost so that’s a lot of numbers I don’t know what the numbers are on that but you know three times twelve months times four times two years there’s a lot of people that I flaked right and it happens to everyone it happens at every single level you know things happen in people’s lives man so you can’t be mad about that just you just have to deposit just filter out for those messages look for the signs as you go through the experiences you’ll kind

of see your personal steins based on your market but those are the kind of the signs that I’ve seen and that’s just kind of what happens consistently consistently if I start to see that stuff I’m gone man I’m already got something scheduled not to say that I won’t be available if they magically show up I will be but the likelihood is just always low so that kind of wraps up today’s video man as always guys you know what’s do hit that sub subscribe button so hit that subscribe button you know while you’re down there hit that like button as well you should definitely

do that it’s a great button to hit and then as far as you know reaching out to us leave a comment man if you have any specific questions if you have any gripes with this and you know by all means share your experiences with some of the the funny stories that you guys have when models are flaking on you if you have a specific video that you’d like to see us do we absolutely record a video just for you if we have the skill set to do that outside of that you know stay tuned to our channel so we’re really really great content coming up soon but outside of that my guess Pisa

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