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Interview with Lindsay Adler – How to Get The Most Out Of WPPI

Last Updated on November 1, 2020 by Devaun Lennox

In today’s video we have an exclusive behind-the-scenes quick interview with Lindsay Adler absolutely amazing portrait fashion beauty photographer


So we wanted to get this opportunity to really quickly ask her here at WPPI the 2020 Expo what can a new photographer or a seasoned photographer or someone that’s maybe a brand YouTube content creator what can they expect if they’re coming to WPPI 2021 for the first time here’s the thing if you haven’t been to an event like this before you better go in know and what you’re looking for because you’re so much right so there’s on the showroom floor there’s constantly presentations going on there are tons of master classes and platforms so I think

there’s two things I recommend a know what it is your goals are to try to learn yeah take a couple of classes that you would never thought you take because you never know never know but I think those classes can be really good because you don’t know what you don’t know and like you might be surprised and then the last part is look for your favorite maybe they’re educators or influencers like see if they’re there they usually posted schedules online because there’s a lot of content out there that honestly is repeat right a million people are teaching lighting

that’s true but a lot of times it’s who the teacher is that’s how you learn yeah so if you find an educator that you really enjoy their teaching style then go watch them and there’s nothing better than being in person because at least for me when I watch stuff online yeah it’s great cuz it’s on your own time but then like you know you’re distracted you’re checking something else you’re doing so here you’re paying attention you’re learning and you can ask questions because there’s educators there so yeah I definitely agree with that yeah we know when I came into

WPPI 2019 as a you know photographer right I got totally overwhelmed yeah oh my god I got completely overwhelmed but now you know coming in 2020 I already know what to expect right and now we’re a brand as well now it’s about building relationships with yourself and all the other great speakers that are hearing things about nature as well as building relationships because now now you already have that foundation now I can I know where you guys are located I kind of know what the hectic is gonna be like I know starts it like you know build those

friendships it becomes like almost like like almost like a photographer spring break or something you just kind of come and just get excited and just come to Vegas and notice hanging out I have a good time and just yeah and I love that about it I mean it’s never because we’re locals but ultimately you know we’re not really going too far away it’s not as exciting because we’re not going to you know like Photokina or something somewhere else where it’s gonna be in a different location but ultimately yeah I love that about it just know exactly what you want so

that’s our quick behind the scenes exclusive interview with lindsay adler her information will be in the description down below I hope that you guys got some value out of this video I definitely expect to see all you guys here 2021 we will be here she will be here as well as a keynote speaker so come in come and say hi well we’ll definitely love to shake your hand and say hi so I’ll see you guys next year


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