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How To Use Our Free Lightroom Presets – Fashion Series V1

Last Updated on November 1, 2020 by Devaun Lennox

In today’s video I’m gonna give you guys some tips and tricks with using our fashion series Lightroom presets


Alright so here we are Adobe Lightroom cc 2017 I don’t have the news version of Adobe Lightroom I apologize guys had not updated in quite a long time so but here we are in Lightroom we have a photo loaded up this is a photo that I’ve showed you guys some techniques in the past just happen to have it here in Lightroom when I got ready to record this tutorial so I kind of figured I’d show you guys some of the the tips and tricks with actually using the fashion series Volume one Lightroom presets now I just recorded a video on how to import these presets I’ve

also recorded video on I guess a little bit kind of workflow when it comes to color grading stuff like that so the combination of those two videos will provide some insight on what I’m gonna cover and show us today but ultimately I’m just gonna kind of walk you guys through a little bit of the presets how they were made maybe some considerations and a couple of tips so when you guys download the fashion series volume one if you choose to download it if you like some color rating presets you will have them imported and more than likely into your users preset folder here in the develop module of Adobe Lightroom we’re in the develop module and we’re over here in the presets window on this left hand side panel so to apply one of these presets you simply tap to have the adjustment be applied to the image that’s currently selected but

one thing I do want to say is that don’t apply multiple presets over each other it typically gives you results that you’re not going to want and you know as crazy as it sounds this was not something that I really I knew in the beginning I always thought it was just gonna it was just gonna not do that but for some reason it depends how people will create custom presets for Adobe Lightroom but depending how you create the presets it doesn’t always overwrite all the settings so when you’re applying multiple presets one after the other some of the effects in chain images that were previously made that weren’t a part of that specific preset actually stay on the image and overall that changes the effectiveness and the overall color that gets applied from the preset so what you guys have to do is if you’re going to be using these presets is

essentially kind of render your image don’t have any adjustments in Lightroom at all basically what you want to do is import the image into Lightroom hit reset so it’s completely blank canvas there’s nothing going on in the tone curves there’s nothing going on in the basics panel all of this stuff is at zero none of these sliders have moved at all there’s no adjustments and then start applying the presets if you don’t like the way it looks do command or control Z and then undo it to go back to the default state and then apply the next preset so I didn’t know that

honestly I did not know that I was applying Lightroom presets just kind of going chronologic Dealer down the list and I was like why am I not getting the colors that the presets have shown in the examples that’s why you need to apply them from a basically a standard or baseline a zero no adjustments so do that first and foremost next if you’re just if you’re looking okay I’m gonna kind of go through these and see these are all black and white down here I don’t want any black and white yeah we’ll say maybe yes let’s do this one okay so you’re just like okay well I like the colors of this one now what you have to do to ultimately change or adjust it to your needs after applying the preset you just click command Z if you don’t like that one but once you find one that you do like from here the main things that I as far as tips and things of that nature

that I want you guys to focus on is is really gonna be messin with the presence down here ultimately and then some of the HSL things down here and then all is well as may be turning on and off the split toning okay now the main reasons I want you guys to focus on that and why that’s important because that’s ultimately going to allow you to adjust these presets to your skin tones of the mall that you have in the photo and this like I said these presets were originally made for a certain type of photo if you’re not applying them to that same type of like beauty there’s not a lot of other colors besides just the the model itself very simple makeup things of that nature if you’re applying it to something that has a lot more color it doesn’t work as effectively so you have to make some some finer adjustments so with that I want you guys to focus

on vibrance like for me I personally I thought like for this particular image 15 was too high that’s why I would go down to zero and I actually want I’m going to do a maybe an A and B so that we can see some of the adjustments that I’ll make so I’ll reduce some of the vibrance that’s just standard image this is what the color grading yes okay it’s a little bit more warm so I’ll reduce the vibrance I think the saturation is a little bit too high too so I kind of desaturate alright and we can go over here and see the before and after so yes and outside of that I would also

play around the HSL as well mostly saturation if you want more saturation back in the models skin you can go ahead and do that and then also here as well but I wanted to be more desaturate ‘add so that right there is would be the main thing to change from the preset outside of that also maybe disabling slit tone split tone is what gives you that color cast so you can change it to whatever color that you want play around with that as well and then just decrease the saturation yeah because that that split tone I applied was to add a certain color cast to the

image that originally was used to create these presets so play around with that as well so don’t leave that that is super important so those would be kind of the tips when it comes to I guess kind of tailoring these particular presets this preset pack to your specific image is outside of that it’s pretty just pretty much plug and play play around with the settings here in Lightroom when it comes to the basics panel the tone curve just a little bit of adjustments on there made you may not need to play around with that but mostly just the HSL the split toning and that

bottom section right here of presence the highlight shadows for the most part should be good on all of your images but yes play around with that if you guys think that it’s it needs a little bit of adjustments I didn’t do anything else with transforms and effects and all this other stuff so yes those are the areas that you guys should adjust remember to hit command Z when you apply the presets so that you can undo and go back to a clean slate so it doesn’t have some weird adjustments that are basically carrying over but yes those would be my tips on using the

Lightroom presets fashion series volume one check them out like I said in the other video showing you guys how to install these you know I am the one sending you guys these emails so I won’t be spamming you long story short please for love god I won’t be spamming you guys so if you guys want them by all means free download let me know hollow out your brother right here so my name is Devon Linux photography px if you’re new here my friends please consider subscribing check out some of the other videos that we have down in in our video library here

on the Photography X YouTube channel if you’re also new here and you like this kind of content hit us up with a thumbs up leave a comment if you if you have any other kind of tips or what are your kind of questions or your thoughts on on this did you know that you had to do command Z did you have to did you know that he should restart or reset before applying a preset I didn’t know that so I hope that added some value and some insight on that front but we will see you in the next video I hope this was helpful my friends until next time Devon lanes here signing out

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