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Tips For Getting Started With iPad Photo Editing

Last Updated on November 1, 2020 by Devaun Lennox

Today we are gonna talk about editing on iPad some kind of the pros and cons and what you what you need to know when it comes to editing on iPad personally that is possible also just let you know it is possible personally I do that through a program called affinity photo which is kind of a translated version of Photoshop that’s been optimized for iPad you could also use Photoshop and Lightroom on iOS devices as well but I choose to use affinity photo because it has more it has more tools it has layers it has blending modes as all the stuff that you can actually see normally in Photoshop


Sometimes it may be named in a different way but the functionality is still there so what you’re gonna need to know when it comes to editing on ipad so this is kind of what it looks like here this is the photo I do have a tutorial on how I edited this image we did this photo shoot a couple weeks ago with my creative team so this is our model here Sierra hair and makeup was by a beautiful friend of mine and I love her very much she’s awesome but so this is what the program looks like you can go to our other youtube tutorial and it shows you an in-depth not necessarily in-depth

but how to use one of the tools as far as basic skin editing so really the benefit in and what you need to know when it comes to editing on ipad so the benefit is that that it’s more portable you can this is just an ipad i mean you can just it’s not in this case right now but you can literally just bring this anywhere it’s very thin it’s lights an iPad pro the portability is way better than me editing with a macbook and that’s what I use personally I do not have a desktop setup I don’t have a rig I don’t have a color calibrated monitor that stuff that’s gonna be purchased at a later date

but for the time being I just edit on a MacBook if I want to use Photoshop but for the most part I choose not to do that because I have all the same functionality here and color color is important to my work specifically but I’m willing to compromise a little bit of color the color accuracy that you lose by editing on ipad by getting the flexibility and then being able to edit just Starbucks or Panera

or you know on the drive when you’re waiting for whatever you know it’s just it’s a lot more convenient but what do you need to actually be able to edit with with an iPad you’re gonna need an iPad pro so that’s what I just showed you guys right there and you’re gonna need an Apple pencil they did release a newer version of the iPad pro this year which has updated features bigger screen a whole bunch of other stuff you don’t necessarily need that version I have the iPad pro form from last year and this is just the 12 inch for the 10.1 inch the smaller version of the iPad pro

I don’t have the bigger one it was too big for my my usage but you will need an iPad pro and you do need an Apple pencil the only reason why you need those things I believe this software program works with all iPad but at the same time without having the Apple pencil and the capacitive and the touch functions and the pressure-sensitive nature that this this pen actually offers you won’t have the ability of doing brushstrokes and then editing directly with with the stylus which is a huge benefit you could use this app without having the stylus

but it’s a it’s a massive benefit that the stylus so absolutely encourage you guys if you if you don’t have a stylus pick one up if you have an iPad pro know that these Apple pencils only work with iPad pro so you will need an iPad pro for these pens to actually work you could also just use a normal stylus that you can get from Amazon that just has the little the new little nib that that registers touch inputs that will work as well but it’s not gonna have the pressure-sensitive ability especially when it comes to affinity photo from there you guys will need to download and purchase the fan easy photo affinity photo is it’s a one-time purchase it’s not subscription-based

so once you download the app you get lifetime updates definitely for what you’re purchasing and what you’re getting it’s fantastic it’s a great deal you’re literally basically getting Photoshop on demand it’s awesome the biggest things I guess as caveats when it comes to editing on iPad you’re not gonna have the ability to see all the color space so that means you’re gonna be editing in a smaller color space which is going to be srgb when you shoot a raw photo you have ability to shoot that raw photo in profile or Adobe RGB which are wider gamuts of color spaces but on iPad it doesn’t have the ability to even replicate Doby RGB or pro photo or any of that stuff

it does literally srgb it’s a very small color space what why that’s important though is that this it basically means when it comes to color accuracy on editing on iPad you’re not gonna have the color accuracy it’s not it’s not gonna be the most accurate color so if color is really important to your work and your printing and stuff like that do not edit on iPad if colors important to you if you’re just posting online and you’re just going to do some basic prints for yourself or maybe some clients and the colors not super important then absolutely editing on ipad

will be fine because you can see all the you can see all the detail biggest tips when it comes to actually setting up the iPad so that you can actually even edit on it you’re gonna have to export the image as a JPEG you could do tips the tips are really hard to import into photo in my experience you kind of have to go through like Google Drive and then download it to the cloud and it’s just it’s kind of a hassle it’s not super easy so it’s just usually better to just export as a high-res jegg and then basically use airdrop or Google Drive or some kind of Bluetooth file

streaming there’s a lot of applications I can do that to transfer that the Edit the image unedited unedited image from the computer directly to the iPad and then you could import that into photos but that’s kind of the caveat definitely something an improvement that I wish the manufacturer would definitely make is being able to just import Tiff’s and work directly with Tiff’s so that you have the greatest resolution you do kind of have to go through the whole JPEG process like I talked about it is possible to kind of maybe use a USB stick with iPad I haven’t

tried that yet so it is possible to connect usb to the to the iPad which may possibly help in the importing of tips but I don’t have any experience doing that so I’ve kind of had a little bit of a hassle being over work on Tiff’s I know it is possible to do that in affinity photo but it’s it’s very much a hassle but why do I really love this program though outside of all of that and the nitpicking this stuff actually be able to finally get the photo like in the iOS apps ecosystem and after app space is that the the flexibility is great man it just being able to just pick up exactly

where you left off and you don’t have to carry around a big laptop or you don’t think bring around your desktop you can literally just have an iPad in your pencil and you can just put the pencil in your in your pocket in and just whip out the iPad whenever and you could just just get right to get right to work man that flexibility is huge because when you have a laptop and you have like a Wacom tablet like I I showed in the basic Photoshop editing YouTube a video that we recorded before it’s a lot it’s a lot of cables it’s a lot of equipment the equipment’s also a

little bit more expensive I mean iPad iPad pro is like the more expensive version of iPad but the same time it’s a lot cheaper than getting a MacBook in a Wacom tablet and then also working on on the software aspects of both of those and in getting Photoshop it’s just a lot more expensive there’s a lot more overhead and as far as getting started in that so definitely a cheaper alternative it does have pros and cons may do another video on explaining how to actually set it up so that you can get the best results out of it and maybe explain a little bit more in depth

what some of those pros and cons are with using it but that’s the basics of what you guys will need to at least get started I know I didn’t really talk about that in the YouTube the YouTube tutorial when I was just using the software to edit one of one of our images but this is kind of what I would I prefer myself if I need super color accurate photos then I will use Photoshop if I don’t need that and I’m just editing for online I absolutely will always use a finish photo

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