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The Secret Technique To Make Seamless Paper Last

Last Updated on November 1, 2020 by Devaun Lennox

In today’s video I’m going to show you one secret technique on how to save backdrop papers or seamless papers from getting ruined on shoots

 Alright so here we are I have some shoes in my hand that we’re gonna be what I’m having I’m gonna have the model put these on and she’s gonna be walking around and doing some stuff so I’m gonna show you guys the technique and the technique is actually gonna be to use clear tape and then put some clear tape on the bottom so if we pan over here we’re gonna I’m gonna hop into this box real quick and grab some tape and show you guys what I’m

talking about here so this kind of tape is what I’m talking about it’s a little bit it’s a little bit messed up right now so I apologize for the mess but essentially what you’re gonna do is that you’re gonna use some clear tape you’re going to let me let me drop down one of these so you guys can see what I’m talking about here I didn’t bring any scissors for the shoot that was my mistake but nonetheless it will work the same exact way so we’re gonna do is gonna use some clear tape and you’re gonna actually get a piece of tape cut it off and then what we’re gonna

do is she has scissors oh nice okay we have some scissors we’re saving lives okay great okay so we’re gonna do is actually just gonna put the tape I usually to put two pieces all the way down because you either think about it like where that where the model like stands like when she’s doing this she’s gonna do stuff like this so I put the tape that all the way on this surface right here basically to where this design is I put two tape pieces of tape and then I cut around the edges using a pair of scissors just like so cut around the edges and the main reason why I

do that and I don’t just leave the tape like this is because if you leave the tape like this depending on what lens you’re using you might actually be able to see the reflections that are caused by the tape so best practices I’ve learned just over over time is actually cutting cutting the edges of the tape it doesn’t need to be perfect because you can actually fix this in Photoshop but these scissors are actually fantastic so we’re gonna get a seamless kind of edge like even like that is totally fine but that is a secret right there do not forget the keel right here as well

do not forget that this will absolutely ruin your seamless for backdrops 100% another technique that you guys can do you can use baby wipes on these and then dry them off on the towel if you’d like that is another tip and technique but ultimately I use tape because I’ve found that it’s I mean they’re equally the same price so I can’t say it’s more cost effective it’s not necessarily more cost effective but it’s easier as far as cleanup it’s not as grimy because you’re not wiping off shoes which is great I’m just putting on the second piece of tape here and it’s it’s just

not as grimy and it’s it’s cleaner it’s more seamless yeah the only difference is that well you know you’re gonna have the edges here on the on the tape when you’re cutting sometimes it’s not perfect unless you use exacto knife so with that you may have to do a little bit of editing if you want to avoid that and just use the baby wipes and then actually just drive the shoe but I hope that video is helpful night my friends it is a tip that not a lot of people talk about there are some blog posts online talking about how to actually do this technique in a couple of other

similar techniques on how to save your your seamless paper backgrounds but ultimately this is by by by no means like this is the surefire way sure true way to actually make sure you’re preserving your backdrops because these things are expensive they are $80 this one’s only 16 but some of the larger size ones are $80 per roll and if you’re shooting three four or five models a week this is a whole roll in one week so you don’t want that unnecessary expense so I hope this video has added some value to you guys I’ll leave me a like and a comment down in the

description below if you have any questions or you kind of think I’m missing something maybe there’s another technique that I don’t know about let me know in the comments down below we’ll catch you in the next video see you guys next time peace out my friends

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