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Exclusive Interview With Make-up Artist – Jenny Egidio

Last Updated on November 1, 2020 by Devaun Lennox

In today’s video we’re gonna go behind the scenes for an exclusive interview with a top makeup artist here in town


Alright so here we are with Jenny hello how are you and she’s she doesn’t makeup artist in today’s shoot that we’re doing it we’re doing a full body monochromatic kind of I don’t know space it’s kind of like a space buttons kind of I don’t know it’s kind of interesting yeah and she’s the makeup artist that were we’re working with today and says she’s here she she was humble enough to sit down for an interview so we can kind of pick her brain on on as photographers how how to approach my makeup artists and create and collaborate with them and then yeah

just start working in that and that arena because a lot of people don’t have experience with that I didn’t have experience with that for a long time so I just kind of lucked out and just messing with some people and things of that nature but one of the first things I wanted to ask you is what do you look for when you’re working within you or you’re reaching out to work with a new photographer like you know since this is the first time you and I are working together like what were you kind of looking at like I mean maybe my I don’t know if you looked at my Instagram or web sites like that I’m not really sure but what kind of stuff were you kind of looking at when you were when you’re originally looking at my profile like that I was definitely looking at your page I thought you’re extremely talented I liked your vision and also it helps a lot when the

model is about you yeah that’s true yeah the model feels comfortable and I feel pretty comfortable as well too yeah but if I’m doing it personally I definitely want to make sure that they’re the real deal you know you want to make sure that there you can look at their page and they have work something that they’ve got going and if they don’t have anything like that I might ask can I see your webpage can I see maybe some work that you’ve done if they don’t have anything up like that because I know a lot in photographers it’s hard to get a lot of stuff out of first yes so be forgiving when it comes to that as a makeup artist yeah okay so you guys are mostly looking at like um like our I guess like our creative vision so this man yeah look at your style see you know if it’s also this like something challenging let go that’s something unique yeah

yeah that’s also thing I didn’t think about that okay do you do you like when photographers have mood or concept boards or do you think it’s better improv and this is both for people that you’ve already worked with but also someone that’s new what do you how do you kind of feel with this because there’s always like kind of an awkward situation where you’re meeting someone the first time nobody like sure so in that situation what deep prefer do you prefer blue boards and concepts or boards are such a big help yes at least it gives me like I know what to

bring yeah I always bring my entire arsenal and it helps to know what the look you know I make sure I help those colors and it helps with the feel you know even if it’s a lot of different looks I can really get a mood of a feel and that can put me in a place where okay I want to get the photographer’s head director yeah changing the rules you know when it calls for it and adding something last minute like sometimes that’s where the magic happens yeah that’s true yeah yeah I love that yeah because there’s there’s that like balance that you need when it comes to improv in structure you don’t want to be too structured where it comes like rigid yeah but you need a little bit of like playful breathing room so it’s reports on the box and outline you yeah exactly I agree on that do you think it’s important to meet with a photographer prior to shooting

not necessarily I think I mean when you message me you were a professional and I unfortunately was very busy but I was like yeah I’m on board just sign me up yeah I could have had a little bit more communication so that was a mistake on my part but I saw your page and Alexis vouch for you and I was like yeah let’s do it I’m always on board to meet new people and for sure okay awesome well that’s that’s great yeah do I mean I guess with that like outside of like us us kind of working together do you think it’s important to meet up with I can’t if you can yeah yeah absolutely okay some people are just like dude like I know I don’t need people like I’ll just meet you day of like we’ll work together but if I’ve heard of the photographer it might not be absolutely necessary okay yeah I see what you’re saying yeah that’s that’s this good point yeah

yeah if there’s really good dialogue like over text and email whatever sometimes I can make it perfectly sufficient but if it’s a really complicated shoot to me in person would be a great idea mm yeah okay yeah it’s a did really discuss the details and there’s a lot of layers and it’s like 15 outfits remember mmm that’s a good point yeah if a photographer reaches out to you how should that initial person I’ve just kind of sounded like what should be saying if we have like I can tell you what nuts okay yeah that’s good to know that’s awesome yeah though great I’ve had people just say hey inquiring about this look and I’m like well it’s the detail like what how many models and they’re like they’ll don’t won’t give me they won’t give me any details upfront I’ll just be like hey one sentence to sentence and that tells me absolutely nothing about you Kevin

trying to get something for free or something shifty you know what I mean yeah and they’re just pushing and pushing without giving me enough details like if someone like you did you send me a whole message saying what you had in mind essentially what the project was and you immediately added me to the group so you’ll see everything in the past all of your boards yeah so that was great awesome okay well that’s that’s good yeah you don’t want to say yeah yeah I suppose that’s true yeah it’s rough it’s better to get the information out earlier than later is kind of what I’ve realized yeah you don’t want it to be like day off for yours like case or we [Music] yeah exactly okay that makes sense Oh photographers new what do you think would help them when reaching out to a makeup artist for the first time I would say something that would

that helps me a lot is seeing what their mo is you know like what’s their goal when I was talking to you today you said that you wanted to do more full body shots and I you showed me your work you were doing more portraits so in that respect we could have spent a lot more time on the makeup with very detailed business it was full body yeah you’re nothing to see that stuff yeah that’s really you know changing my my approach to it yeah you know so when you come with very detailed vision that helps me immensely yeah and I can really focus in and cut my work time so what it oh I see you’re saying yeah that’s a good point yeah yeah okay yeah so new photographers would just be like hey like whatever you want to do exactly so I don’t waste time yeah exactly mm-hmm that’s good I like that so as a makeup artist actually well yet as a

makeup artist where do you think are good places for photographers to find other artists to collaborate with oh good unexpected one itself Phil mixers actually film mixers yeah okay because you wouldn’t expect a lot of makeup artists and hair people to go there so they go there and they have all the photographers and directors at their hand at their ready to talk and then okay I mean I have my service here here’s my card here’s my page and they remember you because you’re the only makeup or hair person that showed up at that filming Photography

makes it oh yeah kind of going outside the box might help – hmm yeah or maybe even with that maybe auditions – to a certain extent yeah that’s a great idea that might expedite places to find models and stuff like that as well I didn’t think about that but yeah there’s definitely auditions here in town all the time for movies yeah castings and things of that nature it’s on the way as people are waiting outside like it what’s up down mm-hm let’s get in there right yeah than thing about that that’s actually really interesting place I’ve seen plenty of them downtown and it’s yeah they’re they’re always doing auditions downtown for various roles and dancers and all this stuff is a great place to have yeah but if you’re getting good with an actor or a model yeah they know a lot of people yeah yeah that’s pretty that’s pretty money right there’s a

money sandwich so I guess one of the last questions I have what are some of your pet peeves or turn offs with working with a new photographer some oh that’s pretty good and it was your first time I’m very like alright it’s his first time it’s all good yeah but I also I also make it a point to communicate a lot on set like here I’m here for you I’m your teammate yeah um you know I’m not just gonna do makeup for you to being you know an adjustment with a pain or tape or something like I’m your button yeah I’m your your second-in-command yeah I think that kind of puts photographers at ease and they don’t feel like they have to fully you know think all the things by themselves at once yeah that’s a second hand praying for them yeah Photography is definitely more of like a director type of thing than it is just taking photos so yeah I didn’t know

that when I first started I thought it was just like you know I just got a camera he’s just like show up it just takes photos really that’s it yes like communication yeah yeah it’s the whole direction it’s the editing of the photos the delivery there’s a marketing aspect to it to build a brand and build your your specific style and all that stuff there’s a lot of different sub layers of being a photographer that most people like we never really talked about it yeah yeah yeah but there’s a lot of different layers like no one just people just assume that you just take a photo and then that’s it you know but it’s there’s so many layers of communication happen through that reaching out to people maybe you know coffee – I’m not necessarily interview people but to make sure they’re the right person for that particular job and they have the right vision and I

guess connecting that actually on set and then designing and the fist is the specific looks working through the kinks of the model it’s like that to make sure they compose and they they’re comfortable right that’s a whole another thing – this hold of the topic yeah and those are all the layers that then add up to the photo but then what you do after the photo is still important as well so it’s a lot of stuff man and I didn’t really realize that when I first started that it was gonna be quite as much work was so many steps yeah so if any time you can get a makeup artist or hairstyles wherever it may be be your your teammate to help I guess what some of that burden that you will feel on set as you’re making decisions and you’re thinking about all this stuff definitely you take advantage of that because it definitely makes your life a lot easier to

appreciate yeah absolutely okay so that was pretty good I don’t think I missed anything I was some pretty pretty solid stuff yeah they think about the filip mixtures that’s a pretty nice thing but there’s a lot of great in every city there’s a lot of great auditions like that’s a journey please find me through there I’m going to start my career do you guys know any makeup artists yeah and I have three apprentices right now that I’m kind of helping shadow yeah and they’ve all found me through the mixers with knowing an actor that invited them for fun ya know so it’s it’s

a little secret yeah it’s a secret yeah wow that’s awesome well I hope you guys have got some value from from what Jenny had to offer here and that was smells awesome definitely some insight that I definitely don’t know for sure I need to work on some things here but definitely consider subscribing if you’re new here and this is your first time tuning in we’d love to have you as part of the family and join the team definitely leave a like and a comment down below let me know if you have any specific questions that you want me to ask her that we kind of miss

here we only asked a handful of questions here but absolutely if you want me to reach out to her and get something specifically answer to help you absolutely let me know and leave it on the comment down below this Devon Linux your host here at photography X we’ll see in the next video peace out my friends

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