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Forget Everything You Know About Model Agencies – Exclusive Interview With Signed Top Model

Last Updated on November 1, 2020 by Devaun Lennox

In today’s video I’m going to take you behind the scenes for an exclusive interview with a model that we’ll be working with


Alright so this is our model for today shoot that we’re recording the behind the scenes as we speak her name is Micah and we’ve worked together a couple times now so this is not a foreign kind of experience but we want to do something a little bit different today and I wanted to kind of pick her brain to get a little bit of insight for myself but also for you guys on what is what’s like the models experience when it comes to working with someone new and things of that nature so the first thing that I wanted to ask what do you look for when you’re reaching if

you’re if you’re reaching out to a new photographer you’re it’s like okay I’m going at California or wherever for the next weekend and I want to do a shoot like I want to see some photographers in that area if you’re gonna reach out to them what what do you kind of look out for um I think for a model it’s kind of different because when it’s makeup hair you kind of develop your portfolio and everything kind of you get one style but with modeling you want to show your diverse so I don’t think that I ever really look for like one specific style I think one thing that is

really important for a model especially if you’re doing test shoots is seeing it from an editing perspective because sometimes here makeup photography can all be great and then it comes down to the editing and you get the photos back and you’re like but I think it’s just good in situations like that especially if it is a test shoot to just have an open conversation and say like hey like I don’t like this can you redo a different edit for me or something like that especially just because everyone’s kind of trading their own time but other than that I don’t really know

that I have something specific that I look for and maybe it’s good I personally haven’t reached out that many times or because my agency kind of pre approves people for me yea but yeah I think that’s definitely one thing is just kind of looking at the editing and make sure the final edit I think also i its unless it’s beauty shots like I always want to have a stylist on board because there’s been times where I style my own shoot and I’m not that style so I’d much rather have a stylist and then once you have a whole team I feel like the project just comes yeah it really

comes together yeah that’s so true oh I love that yeah definitely with some models they may be agency represented so with that the agency kind of looks at their book to see where are gaps in in their portfolio so essentially what happens is that when you reach out to that model they then tell the agency and notify them and then agency makes a decision whether that it makes sense yes or no based on what she needs in a portfolio so that’s yeah and I love that yeah absolutely it’s just it’s helping them fill those gaps so if they’re gonna if they’re gonna do

basically a free or collaborative shoot it but it benefits them and it actually helps them but they are looking at the final product not necessarily the steps to achieve that but the final product so for you do you like when photographers have moved in concept boards or do you think it’s better to improv a little bit or how do you feel about that I like a lot of directions so I always really like to have a mood in the concept board I like when people are very vocal on-site it just makes it easier for me it makes me feel more comfortable so say like if there’s reference photos

and it’s like hey maybe we can do a pose like this your hands like this this is the look we’re going for like I feel like it definitely mentally prepares you before you get there so you know what you’re getting into yeah and then once you’re there yeah it always helps having people talk to you especially the photographer because then it kind of builds a better relationship too because you’re like okay yes sometimes you just meet these people you know yeah different it’s weird and you have all these cameras and lights on you and it takes a minute to kind of warm up

but then I think talking and having that open concept it makes it a lot easier yeah I love that yeah that’s awesome do you think it’s important to meet with the photographer prior to shooting if you have choice over that say you’re reaching out to someone that you want to work with or whatever it’s not really agency represented but do you think it’s important to meet with them before to kind of like feel out their vibe or do you would rather just kind of do a little bit on set and just like make it happen or like what’s kind of your um perspective on that I mean in this

day in social media I think it’s a little bit easier to feel someone’s vibe out without necessarily meeting them in person yeah especially if sometimes you meet people through mutual friends or makeup artists hair people it’s usually better like if I know somebody and they introduced me to somebody else I don’t think it’s necessary to go meet up with them but you know number one is always these safes I feel weird about a situation you know like don’t go like I always let people know where you’re going bring a friend if you definitely don’t feel comfortable yeah

but I mean like I just it worked out yeah so if a photographer reaches out to you how should that initial first message sound should they I mean for the verdict that I’ve heard so far is like everyone kind of reaches out and it’s like okay this is why I reached out to you like this is why I what like your work that’s what I saw this is kind of my idea like do you feel the same way about that or yeah I definitely think if someone’s gonna reach out to model no matter how long you’ve been shooting you should in no matter how experienced a model is the number one thing

is just be extremely professional and like really watch like the verbage you use because I’ve had people who just messaged me like hey do you do free shoots and I’m like okay no I’ll do stuff for a trade but then I go to their Instagram and they don’t really have anything yet and so it’s like I get everybody has to start somewhere but if you really want to make this a career then you should start treating it as a career rate from the get-go so just definitely always watch how you presenting yourself because at the end of the day that first message that’s your first

impression you know and you can’t change that again that’s so true yeah absolutely if a photographer is new what do you think would help them when reaching out to models for the first time you know Instagram zero followers zero photos just Brandi we have nothing going on I don’t know how things are like everywhere you know here in Vegas it’s a little bit smaller in the modeling industry I think it’s better for photographers to maybe reach out to agencies you know because agencies they sign new people all the time and these people they have never shot

before in their life you know never been behind a camera in the agency kind of just wants to get them comfortable yeah and it makes it better too because if you’re just starting out and you can build a relationship with an agency and then they actually are like okay yeah you can shoot some of our new girls and then it’s kind of like a learning experience for new models and new photographers so I think it would definitely be better to just go through agencies a lot of the time Wow okay that’s actually really awesome I didn’t do it that way that would be really

helpful actually that’d have been awesome yeah that’s you but didn’t start that way I think you guys are originally okay as a model where do you think are good places for photographers to find local talent or local models would you just say an agency I’d say yeah an agency and then Instagram I’m such a big deal now so okay fair enough yeah I feel that what are some of your pet peeves or turn offs with working with a new photographer I don’t really probably like like I said I like directions so when someone’s not really saying anything it makes me feel a little bit

uncomfortable especially because a lot of times you do first meet them and I don’t I’m maybe not so good at reading people so the photographer’s just silent and you’re just like okay so do you like it I don’t know how does it look you know because I’m not behind the camera so I can’t see how it looks even though that’s true you know it might be working it might actually not yeah so if someone’s really quiet that’s just kind of a turn-off for me but not everybody’s like that I mean some other people probably like to work in silence so I think it’s just about feeling

out the mood and figuring out what people are gonna like and how they’re gonna respond to what you’re doing yeah I love that yeah some people the verdict I’ve gotten so far is also don’t be creepy which is definitely awesome but yeah those are only one questions I have for you’d like that was awesome that painless right yeah they had some really great insight yeah I didn’t really think about like as a new photographer reaching out to an agency I feel like you know like if you’re starting out it wouldn’t make any sense because you don’t have a portfolio but it’s

different hearing that perspective for someone that’s already with an agency and just like hey well we we have new people all the time like there’s we always test new photographers like we totally get that you’re starting out like work with us it’s gonna be so much easier right because like yeah it’s a great learning experience yeah that’s awesome I never heard that before this that’s really that’s also because though but I hope that that added some value you guys I hope that you got a little bit of insight and some information here every obviously too every

model every makeup artist every year selves will have a different perspective but you can kind of use that to best tailor your kind of actions and your kind of mindset for your specific area that you guys live so you know definitely stay locked into our channel and consider subscribing if you haven’t already leave us a like and a comment and description down below let us know if that if you missed if we missed anything or anything that you want me to ask and I’ll follow up with that and until next time my friends peace out we’ll catch you next time

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