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Exclusive Model Interview – Christine Ko

Last Updated on November 1, 2020 by Devaun Lennox

In today’s video we’re gonna have an exclusive interview with our model for today’s shoot all right so here we are this is Christine Ko she’s the model for our geisha inspired look and you guys can check out the behind the scenes if you want to kind of see how we did today’s shoot and things of that nature but since she’s on set I wanted to ask her and she’s all kind of glammed up and she’s looking you know like absolutely also which is great ask her a little bit of questions


As far as like you know when it comes to photographers reaching out to models what should we do you know absolutely so so Christine the first question I wanted to ask what do you think or well actually know what do you look for when you reach out to any photographer like for example like Keshia over here like she sent you my profile but what were you kind of looking at like when you when you first saw my profile or what do you look at when you’re looking for a new photographer if you want to work with someone new you’re say you’re new to that yes or

whatever that may be I usually I look at the photographer’s whole portfolio so I kind of try to see if they match my style as well because I feel like it should definitely be a mutually beneficial trade or a relationship that’s going on between the photographer and the model besides that I’m open to creative looks and things that are kind of out of the ordinary I feel like Las Vegas has a very similar standard style in terms of just like sexy and glam and so I definitely like to find in photographers who like to think outside the box okay yeah I love that yeah because yeah

just like you’re saying I’m um I think like Las Vegas is just it’s a very boudoir and like just like you’re saying sexy like cocktail waitress kind of vibe right and it’s hard to find people that are breaking that mold because it’s so much easier and people can get so much more I guess like from a social media standpoint they can get more like an audience you know they can get they can get more following and stuff like that it’s harder to do things that aren’t that and it’s because it’s so much it’s so much more niche right but that’s that’s gonna be the one of the I

guess for me the biggest difference maker you know is that are you doing something that’s unique to you I think that’s important as well it’s like a lot of photographers and that’s something that we stress here is like you know you have to ultimately find like what like what’s your vision what like how do you see the world because that’s what photography really is it’s like your perspective on the world I can shoot the same thing as someone over over here but since I’m not them I don’t actually create the same thing in the end right and I totally agree I feel like

one of the things that I value is authenticity so to be true and authentic to your own self so whatever style you want to portray make sure that’s brought me your heart yeah from your own my creative space yeah I love that okay so do you like when photographers haven’t moon in concept boards or do you prefer improv like how do you feel about that oh I totally love it when photographers have moon and concept words because I’ve had so many instances where I come to the shoot and what they had in mine and what I had in mind were totally different things okay but at the same time too I kind of placed my trust in the photographer because I feel that as a model I my mind is not as creative as a photographer so what they might see through the camera just something yeah they might be like oh pose like this or like that and you

know it feels awkward or I feel in my head oh I might look kind of crazy but when you actually see it on camera it looks magnificent yeah in that sense I kind of do place actually a lot of trust within the photographer okay and so but you’d still prefer them to have a little border or you just like okay I’m just gonna it’s always nice to you know set down enough like a solid foundation yeah you know that’s great but I know some photographers they don’t work that way that’s true yeah don’t work that way that’s your it’s it’s nice to kind of work with both photographers yeah because you know not all photographers are the same but I would definitely say I do prefer somebody who does provide a mood board okay yeah so do you think it’s important to meet with a photographer prior to shooting with them or would you rather you know whether it

would it be for coffee or whatever just to you know kind of gauge that person’s personality I know you and I didn’t meet because obviously already you already know someone here so there’s already a little bit of trust established there but do you think that’s important for when you’re reaching out to a new photographer they reach out to you to do a collab or it may be it’s paid or whatever do you think it’s important to be prior you know what that’s a great question because I personally have not really done that in my experience I I probably don’t have the

best opinion on that okay I honestly I feel like in this industry a lot of people they’re like you know I don’t really have time or everything has just done through social media or through messaging I think just as long as you get a positive vibe from the photographer and I have just gone along with that I like to think I have a good you know sense of what a person is gonna be like okay I have not experienced anything strange or too weird when meeting with photographers just like right away without meeting prior yeah but I definitely wouldn’t mind if a photographer did ask to meet up in person prior to the shoot I feel like that kind of shows a little bit more of professionalism yeah the professionalism yeah that’s kind of yeah a lot of people they that’s like probably the biggest thing I’ve heard is like people have to be professional you know and

reaching out to people or you know doing the shoot and not being getting weird but yeah well I mean like as long as the photographer if the communication is good you know send you the mood board they send you the time they want this this and this yeah you than it already shows you that there see they’re serious yeah yeah there’s no funny business going on right yeah that’s true okay I love that that’s awesome so if a photographer reaches out to you how should that initial first message sound it’s sometimes it’s a little bit different if people are agency represented because they would reach out to an agency for example but if they’re reaching out to you personally like what should we kind of say should we be like hey we discover your profile X Y & Z maybe I know X Y & Z I love your work things of that nature and then go into like

here’s alright that idea you know when should we kind of mention like if it’s gonna be free or paid how do you kind of feel about that like what do you think like that first message just sound like or like what should we kind of what are the key I guess points we should kind of mention that first message I feel like most of the time it is a appreciation like oh I really like your work I really love your style I don’t like your look and then going on from there most of the time photographers like to ask you know would you like to set up a shoot I think of course within the first or second if you like first few messages I think that’s when the conversation between like is it gonna be a trade is it gonna be paid shouldn’t be kind of established because a lot of times to some people they might come across later on and be like oh well actually I was you know the

rate is like this or you know oh yeah – yeah that’s true yeah so I always like to make sure that it’s up front or if there are any terms and conditions like oh you are only getting ten images yeah you’re only getting two fully edited images but you’ll get the rest of the raw and just that kind of conversation is always nice to have as well okay yeah I like that yeah that’s good so if a photographer is new what do you think would help them in reaching out to models for the first time just like cuz we all start at zero right you know like we all start like just shooting well maybe not everyone I mean I started shooting like flowers and landscapes and all that stuff because I didn’t have any mom right you know you have to get over that initial hump like what do you think would kind of assist someone in reaching out to a model for the first time like say you know

maybe they were like shooting some of their friends or whatever and they’re just like okay now I’m like ready to like each other someone that actually has a little bit more experience so I can start to learn with someone that is more a little bit further ahead on their journey like what do you think would kind of help someone in that situation well like I said before I a lot of times the photographer’s that I like to work with I look at their portfolio and so in the case where it’s a photographer that’s brand-new maybe their skills aren’t as polished but I think in that case you know I’m willing to work with all different photographers and also top their build their portfolios you know so just as long as you’re upfront say you know like hey I’m new to this but I would really love to work with you if you know you can just give me the chance yeah and just be

honestly be straightforward and very honest and I think people can sense that sincerity yeah if and they can also sense that passion and if somebody has that like raw passion just do better I think that there are people out there that will want to help you too so I just think to be honest and straightforward okay yeah I love that yeah that’s awesome and then as a model where do you think are good places for photographers to reach local models would you just say Instagram would you say like is there like maybe a event or something I mean I just I didn’t instameets like one instant it was a huge thing out here so I have not like updated my model mayhem and like I know but there are actually quite a few photographers that still like use model mayhem any messages from them so I’m not sure kind of surprised I’m not really much of a

social media person but I’ve noticed that that is kind of how photographers are still funny again so finding models and so because of that it’s allowed me to realize that I really kind of like yep my social media skills but I think because we live in kind of like the digital age right now that it’s probably the best way for photographers to kind of interact and meet new models okay yeah I agree yeah model mayhem I just made one like two weeks ago so yeah I’m on there yes I need to update my profile which is something I needed you okay what are some of your pet peeves or turn offs when working with a new photographer puppies probably it’s not like a red flag anything like that well obviously like the biggest ones for females or even males in the industry is just like creepiness I know don’t be weird don’t like one time I had this photographer we were shooting and it was like glam and I was in lingerie but for the way that I like to do lingerie or like sexy is kind of more commercial okay okay so like kind of like yeah you know like not nothing too sexy but he just kept asking me questions like Oh like why don’t you want to be

in Maxim we’re like why don’t you want to be like in Playboy and I’m just like it’s a different vibe trying to achieve right now yeah and so he would constantly like ask those questions and I was getting to the point where I was getting really uncomfortable and I’d be like okay Lee I’m sorry but I have other things to do and I can’t be wasting my time being around this kind of energy yeah and so just don’t be weird and another thing would be kind of wasting time like being on one look for like hours and hours or not really communicating your thoughts like sometimes if a photographer wants one thing but then it’s in the models head yeah that’s always true and then that photographers like no no can you do it like this can you do it like that which like I said before I feel like move towards kind of come in handy yeah yeah and clearly

eclairs yeah so just don’t take too long in your shoots and don’t be weird and creepy and respect the model okay I love that that’s also yeah that’s that’s fantastic yeah no one’s talked about like Neil shooting like too long on the same pose it’s nothing like that and and just like in the same look yeah that’s that’s awesome that’s a really good insight yeah you can’t just think it’s just time that’s like super quick but you want to make sure you’re getting what you want yeah I would like efficiency actually if you’re doing trade you know cuz I always like to think like time is money well ya know like the time that you’re shooting or like you know say the model is not understanding your concept and yes dragging the shoot on yeah like that model is not understanding your concept you could have used that hour to be filming videos for YouTube or

whatever you know so I just always feel like time is money and the more efficient you are okay I’m sandwich that’s great so I hope you guys got some value from this and we’ll be having more exclusive interviews but yeah that was awesome I appreciate you like you know taking the time to answer the silver questions and pick up in a little bit I hope that you guys are starting to see some of the commonalities and things of that nature especially when it comes to reach out to models it’s not as daunting as it may seem you have to start somewhere so definitely to

start shooting something but yeah you have to shoot starts you know you have to start somewhere but know that there’s people that are going to be helpful during that process and not to say it’s a numbers game but just have a little bit of reassurance knowing that it’s possible because I didn’t start that way you know I just look here whatever right should we time to read people when they just happen to say yes but at the same time you know it’s I hope that you guys are starting get some value from these interviews things of that nature and if you’re new here please consider subscribing if you haven’t so haven’t yet we’d love to have you as part of community it is some little like and a comment down the description down below let us know if there’s kind of any questions that you’d like me to follow up and ask her or you know maybe she said something you didn’t quite understand you want some clarification let me know in the comments we can start that discussion down below and this is De Palma Linux photography X stay locked in we’ll catch you next video peace out

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