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Best Free Online tool to use for Client Galleries – Pixieset

Last Updated on November 1, 2020 by Devaun Lennox

In today’s video we’re gonna talk about the best online client photo gallery that’s also free to use so that you guys can make online galleries for your clients or for people that you’re collaborating with that they can actually use built-in liking functions you get notified when those when they’re those likes are actually sent in or clicked on it makes custom albums forward for those purposes and you can share these and you can also make sure when these these galleries are sent that they don’t have the ability to download the high-resolution images

So the application or the website that we’re going to be using is called pixie set so right here on my computer you’ll see the homepage of pixie set this application is free to use there are some paid versions of this application or website or platform I choose and I have been using this this platform now for almost a year and a half and I’ve only ever used the free version I’ve never upgraded because I don’t have enough images on here for it to take up that

much space for me to actually upgrade so you know make your account on here I’ll kind of scroll down so you can kind of see some of the design templates and things of that nature yeah 24 hours some of that stuff but let me login so I can kind of walk you guys through the actual interface here as we kind of get logged in so as soon as you log in make your account with pixie set you’re immediately greeted to the collections tab so the collections tab is where if you hit new collection here you have the ability to name your collection and the date that it was

shot for basically archival purposes so that you can organize these by shoot date or month if you’re doing certain seasons say your wedding photographer and hey you know I need to go find images for my client from last April well you can do it that way you can also do tags if you want totally optional you can also in the in the Advanced Settings here have the option to do auto expiration so for me personally anytime I send out a gallery I always set this to one week after the date that I actually send them the link which I’ll show you how to do right now for the

photo that we’re creating all right here you have the option to do homepage visibility I will show you how that actually relates this puts it on pixie sets they’re their version of your web page if you wanted to you could use this as your portfolio they give you a free domain name and things of that nature and you could use this as your online gallery and portfolio which you can link to your Instagram or to your website things of that nature so people can see more of your images that aren’t necessarily just showcasing your actual website portfolio or just on your

Instagram totally optional if you want to use that I personally use this for the images that I want people to see if they lock they search my name on on Google they can find my website so we’re gonna hit create right here and this is gonna create our gallery so to add images you just had hit add photos and then you can drag your photos into this gallery and uploads them for the sake of purposes to avoid it taking a long time I’m going to avoid actually uploading any images but that’s how you actually you actually add images here to be the collection that we’ve

created down here in this tab you can actually add custom sets sets are going to be if you want to organize photos that you’re uploading in two separate color sub sub collections so for example say your wedding photographer I don’t shoot weddings but say your wedding photographer and you’re just like okay hey the ceremony these are all the images from the ceremony okay hade so this is the viral party this is the wedding the wedding itself this is the after reception where they’re dancing these are all the ring photos these are the photos of the

gowns you can make subs sets is what they’re called or sub collections in your overall entire gallery to organize and to present those images to your clients which they can actually see on the website when you send them to gallery so we can just be like sub collection and you can hit save and you can basically add photos to the sub collections right here by default it just gives you a sub collection or a set that’s just called highlights but you have the free roam of creating as many of these sub collections that you want so really sort head over here into the

Settings panel this this website part reason why I like this website has amazing customization as far as typography as far as the way that you layout images whether it be a horizontal or vertical you can change the color schemes you can change the thumbnail size the grid spacing there’s a lot of customization I would definitely encourage you guys to take a look at this specific section I’m not going to go through all of the customization just for time sakes purposes but there’s a lot of customization not only that they’re also when you kind of go into here you

can create a custom I guess header image that’s going to be showcased as soon as your your client opens up the gallery they’re gonna see this and then they’re gonna see an open button you can also customize there’s different themes as you can see down here there’s video covers there’s a lot of customization options with this even though it’s free you only have to upgrade if you want more source space if you’re if you’re archiving photos for you know six twelve months and you’re there four or five six eight hundred images and you’re shooting

weddings for me personally I don’t archive that many photos so I never had a reason to upgrade to greater storage space but you can see a lot of the customization right there from there there is right here in the this network icon you’ll be able to see whenever your client not only downloads or favorites activity Yoseob you you’ll also get an email as soon as your client registers by their email to actually open the gallery which is huge you’ll be like okay my client actually received the images I like I can see when they downloaded images you can see every single

image they downloaded the image names are all there and you can see that stuff and you also get that sent directly to your email as soon as that all that stuff happens but in here you can see the activity and you’d be like oh this person download this image on this day down here you have a preview which is gonna open up the actual gallery so I’m gonna go back to the home page just so I could show you what the gallery looks like once you open it so let’s take a look at doesn’t really matter we can take a look at this one right here and this opened up right so

this is a photo shoot that I did back in January 20:19 so earlier this year these are the images once you hit a preview right there it goes into this I didn’t scale this because it’s not important that I scale this image but if you scroll down this is what the gallery looks like there’s a little download button right here which allows your client to download the image up here this download button downloads the entire gallery right over here you can see the actual name of the collection and then there would be sub collections in here if I made sub collections but this is

kinda how it displays on the computer the images you can see the gallery this is totally customizable based on how big you want the images at how small you want them this is kind of what it looks like as a default template I use the same default template but there’s a lot of customization and then just a back to top button so let’s kind of go back over here and we’re gonna go back to the main page so you can see here I have a couple of galleries just from things that shot over last year that I still have on this platform so this website does also have a

Lightroom plugin which you could actually install into Lightroom and then based on how you do collections in Lightroom it automatically uploads them to a Associated collection in pixie set by default I personally don’t use that so I don’t really have a lot of experience with using this specific feature because I’ve never used it personally but it does exist I’m not sure if this is paid forward this is part of the free version but just don’t know that this is possible that if he wanted to directly upload images and collections from Lightroom you can actually do it through

pixie set as well so we’re gonna go over to like I said this this this platform also gives you a base of it free website it’s just gonna be your your brand account dot pixie set calm so you can change that that’s completely customizable you can change that to whatever and then I will show you guys an example of what it actually looks like when someone’s searching your account then and they want to see your portfolio images or whatever same kind of thing but this is the full this is now the full page right so they still have the ability here when they go and they

search your your you know Devon Linux photography pixie set whatever to download into and to like images these are some of the images that took summer last year give or take and that’s what it looks like so they give you a free gallery these are password-protected you can change the password if you want you can leave it on password-protected totally customizable on that side and then it you also have the ability to link directly to your Instagram page from your pixie set home page which is absolutely awesome so just hear some of my work whatever

you guys can go on my scream trip that’s I thought if you’d like to but that right there I mean just that’s that’s full customization that this website offers for literally free it is huge when I figured out that this was available and I saw someone doing a video on this themselves I was like blown away this is literally free they do limit you on how many images based on storage space yes but as long as you stay below that sort of space you can happen you can have this platform literally to have this kind of ability to just send an email to your client letting them know hey

this collection is available and they can download it right from there you don’t have to do anything it’s super super easy let me actually show you how that kind of looks as well let me open up like whatever let’s open up this one right so if you want to actually email this to a client obviously you can go over here we can see what the images looks like just some hand stuff right some product related things so we’re gonna go over not to view my bad guys hit share and then you can type in your your clients email right here it can be multiple clients you just use a

little little colon that says right there and you can send this to 10-15-20 climbing clients you can add a message that you want or a template and you can literally send them this is literal if the email looks like and they hit view photos right here and boom it goes right to your page and you can just send them full galleries that way it’s literally amazing I’ve been using like I said I’ve been using only this platform not for a year and a half I’ve never used anything else this has just been absolutely awesome definitely one of the best free things that I found personally I did

a little bit of research in digging to see what else was available but I didn’t really liked what what was available relative to the amount of customization pixie set actually offers it’s an incredible platform they also do have the ability for you to have your own built in store which you can sell prints and and frames and all that kind of stuff you can do further research on that I per you do not use that feature so I don’t have anything to sell quite yet so working on that and they also have a mobile gallery app as well which is they can just kind of be sent a link and it kind

of goes through the the pixie set application and they have a custom gallery right there on their smartphone it’s huge man this is it’s absolutely credible I can’t encourage you guys or recommend this application more than that it is it is fantastic man I’ve been using this over over a year and a half now and it’s been it’s been incredible the archive system the sorting the customization the text and the fonts and the ability to send your clients and upload these into galleries just right then and there it’s amazing so definitely check it out if you’re in the market for

looking for client management or a photo gallery management management tools to you know upload images for your clients it’s absolutely credible but that’s gonna kind of wrap up today’s video guys as with every single video that we do you know hit that subscribe button guys and then you know mouse over here at that like button as well more great content coming soon as with every single video please absolutely if you have any comments questions concerns feedback for us on how we can improve leave that stuff in the comments comment box below

reach out to us on Instagram or through any other social media that we have shooters the message bulla we’ll get back to your questions we look at every scenario we have the skillset to do it we’ll absolutely knock that one out in a future video but until next time my friends peace out

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