Panasonic Cameras

Panasonic History

Following his family losing their farm due to a parent now practices, he then goes to Osaka as an apprentice where he learns the basics of business. At 15, he joins and electric power company, which at this point he dedicates himself to the improvement of light sockets. At 23, he founded a company to manufacture light sockets of his design. It was at this point that Panasonic was born. During this time started making lamps that were branded with the company in a national. May need to do some research on that specifically.

This occurred during the mid-1920s. In 1933 they established divisions as a hierarchical structure in their company, something quite unique for a Japanese company during this time. The company develops its own internal trading company, allowing it to export products further throughout Asia as well as the western hemisphere. Western here. To Europe specifically. Following World War II after Japan surrendered, Panasonic’s business nearly collapsed under the reign of allied forces as they were unable to produce.

During the war, they focused primarily on military applications, similar to Nikon. Following the five years of occupancy from Allied forces, the Japanese economic market place started to recover. At this point in the 1950s, he went to the United States, realizing the key to success was a partnership with a more advanced technological company. At this point, he established a partnership and diversified Panasonic‘s lineup into more Mirschel electronics. In 1950 is where the Japanese economy began recovering. In 1951 is where he takes a trip to the United States and then makes that realization. In the early 1960s, they have been beginning expanding overseas into other parts of Asia.