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Secret To Get the Perfect Instagram Feed

Last Updated on November 1, 2020 by Devaun Lennox

In today’s video I’m going to show you guys one cheat to get a perfectly clean Instagram feed


Alright so here we are on screen so this is actually a screenshot of my Instagram page this is an older I suppose it’s an older screenshot but it’s a screenshot of my Instagram page and I’m gonna show you guys a technique or a tool and there’s a lot of different ways you could do this you could do this with an app on your phone a lot of these are subscription-based and you will have to pay money for them so I’m gonna show you a way to avoid that but still get the same results so you can actually see what your your Instagram feed looks like chronologically so

you can basically schedule out post and you can get more of a thematic or a more intentional Instagram feed so here we are actually in Adobe Photoshop so basically I kind of explain what I did so this is my actual Instagram feed as posted on Instagram this is an older version of it this is probably I would imagine maybe March of this year so there’s a lot of newer content that’s on here but suffice it to say what I did was I actually took a screenshot of the website itself and Google Chrome or whatever browser that you guys want to use but essentially I took a

screenshot of the the actual Instagram page so that I can get the the individual markings and then also the structure of how the contents laid out from there I basically converted all of these individual subsections into smart layers so you’ll notice that if I if I turn this layer on and off it’s actually a customizable layer which you can then import photos essentially what so what a lot of people are doing when they’re making apps like plan only or feedly or icons square or are these other applications and all those applications are great because they do allow you not

only to see your your projection of your Instagram feed as well as schedule your post which is great with hashtags and all that stuff so you can just do it once for an hour and you can have six months of content which is fantastic but ultimately a lot of those are paid for and some of them are 10 bucks a Mon some of them are more so if you guys want to avoid spending that and having more overhead then this is the way that I’m going to show you guys how to recreate this this PSD one thing I do want to say as well is that this PSD will be free download in the

description below that will take you over to a webpage on our site that has a bunch of free downloadable content this PSD will be one of those things so all of them all of the the individual squares will be they’ll be numbered and organized as you can see top middle and bottom row but they will be grayed out so you can just import your own images so I’m going to show you guys how to recreate this though if you want to recreate this so essentially what I did so I took this individual layer and then what I ended up doing is basically is I made brecht angles so you

have to create a new layer to do this but I made rectangles and I made them as close as possible to the original size of the actual like I guess the actual frame on Instagram from there what you’re gonna do is you actually have to end up converting to this to a smart layer so let me go over to the tabs I need to see more information okay so you I’m gonna convert this to a smart object what that’s essentially gonna allow you to do is for you to with the the size of that square which is the the square that I just overlaid on Instagram it’s gonna allow you to basically

import an image where it’s actually gonna it’s gonna open up its own PSD which you can then make edits but essentially what I’m gonna do is I’m going to import a photo on top of this right here and then come out of this PSD and then it’s gonna transfer that into the main the main profile that we’re doing using before so I’m gonna go to file and then place embed which is basically placing an image and then I’m just gonna select an image so say for example this dog and burn tutorials PSD and then I’m just gonna resize it so it’s fits accordingly we’re gonna hit

the check barked up check mark up here and then we’re gonna close it and hit save and then that’s all you do and then that makes that smart layer right there and then all I did was I did that for each individual squares I grouped all of them into a top row middle row and then a bottom row with all of the same the same dimensions if you if you do want to make this easier you can copy and paste and make sure the squares that you’re making are exactly the same size I don’t think it needs to be quite that accurate and quite that perfect but if you want to if

you want to make it exactly you can do it that way you can measure them out you can do a ruler in Adobe Photoshop and you can get the exact dimensions and you can just type them in and it could be exactly what Instagram post but essentially that’s all I did so to upload the to like change any of these images all you have to do is just go to the applicable row so the top row the middle row the bottom row or whatever it is select the image that you want to change double tap it opens up that same layer like I said before which is just the square that I made with an

overlay and then just go back over here to file place embed and then we could just change it to this image instead hit enter or the check box or the check mark hit save and then it’ll go back to our original working project and then that will be there the only thing that you would want to consider doing though however is using a white well not it’s not really a white box but ideally using a white box or matching the color that you select for the boxes you’re using to the backdrop here the back background color here that affinity I mean Instagram uses which is not

quite like a neutral grey it’s not quite a white it’s like somewhere in between those two so you’d have to just use the color picker and get that exact color and then make that your the box that you’re using but this right here is that template so yeah I mean it’s that’s that’s the template right there and then you can just this is how I was projecting out okay for the next I guess this is would be like a week’s worth of posts like weeks you know three weeks to a month worth of posts this is what my Instagram is gonna look like and then I just I just edit these photos

individually and then I just on that day I upload them I do the hashtags all that stuff and I just upload them and then I get exactly this at the end so I know this is like I don’t know if this is something that’s really talked about there okay said there are applications on your phones on both iOS and Android that do this a lot of those are paid for though and they not only that they don’t really give you the ability to do this on computer some of them do they’re not really great if the upload and then crop and do all this stuff it’s it’s a little bit inconvenient so I kind of

figured I’d just make a PSD which I did a long time ago and yeah I can’t figure I just give this out and if it helps you guys then that’d be great you know it helps me it still helps it helps me this is exactly I still do my Instagram project planning now and it’s totally free and it’s super easy to do and you can just play around with images it’s very easy so I don’t know if that’d be beneficial a but I hope it added some value I hope it’s this is a little you know tool in your quiver bell of how you can start to project plan and figure out your portfolio and then also showcase your

images on not only Instagram but really any social media platform that displays 3×3 images that could be even behance for that matter but yes I hope that was valuable if you’re new here please consider subscribing if you haven’t done so already leave it like in a comment in the description down below let me know you know your thoughts on this do you think this kind of wastes time do you do like this it has it’s been something that you’ve heard before or something like that let’s let that discussion I’d love to you don’t have that good discussion with you guys in the comments and by all means stay tuned and locked in for future videos you got some great content coming up soon I’m Devon Linux at RPX we’ll catch you next video peace out my friends

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