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How to Make a Photoshoot Pricing & Packages Brochure In Adobe Photoshop

In today’s video I’m gonna walk you guys through how to make your own pricing and packages brochure


Alright here we are on my desktop so let me kind of walk you guys through what I mean by a pricing and packaging brochure essentially this is gonna be a PDF that you send out to your clients to as a kind of a one one-page document or multiple pages if you’d like but some as a reference so that they know where your prices are in your packages now I do want to say is a preface this is going to be just mostly breaking down the free downloadable project file or Photoshop PSD file that I’ll be giving you guys here and that link is in the description below this

video is mostly about breaking that down a little bit about the mindset help you guys really work through how to use this project file how to recreate your own more so than it’s going to be a video on really talking specifically about photo shoot pricing whether you’re shooting at home or you’re shooting on location so I don’t I want to say it as a preface but this is kind of what we’re gonna walk through this is just the PDF that’s loaded on my desktop you guys can kind of see multiple collections it’s multiple page documents you can see it frequency

frequently asked questions here as well to basically help address some of the concerns your your clients potential clients may have but let’s hop over into Adobe Photoshop and we’ll get started right away here let me scroll up and let’s go into full screen so we can not get distracted we will need the menu bar yeah well I’ll do full full screen and I could walk you guys through bit-by-bit here so all right so here we are in Adobe Photoshop you will notice there’s a lot of stuff going on this project file i’ll it might be a little bit laggy and slow my computer but you guys

will notice that there’s multiple artboards starting with artboard one our board two and artboard three i will do a tutorial in the future explaining more specifically how to create artboards and best practices on that but essentially what an artboard is it’s kind of like a separate page in a word document or or a booklet or a brochure essentially artboards allow you to create those kind of documents in Photoshop and they are pretty much separate Photoshop working document spaces that you can put images or do other things to the project file and the PSD itself is

broken down into separate artboards and you’ll see here that it’s organized when I give you guys the downloadable project file it’ll be a little bit more organized than what it is here in our port 2 & 3 but essentially it’s organized based on the question the content based on the section of the artboard or page and it’s color-coded so let me walk you guys through the first page and I do want to say as a preface before we get started as well timestamp is are in the description below if you want to skip to a certain section more so on just how to use this how to

recreate this why did I create this all of that timestamp information and description is is in the description below so part 1 right now let me kind of explain how I created this and then we’ll go into another section on why I created this and then how we can actually go about using this project file so how did I create this again Adobe Photoshop PSD multiple artboards the design was something i found as a result of looking at a lot of other people’s collections and their pricings and then i’ve basically made my own pricing package brochure based on some of those

design principles taking and picking and choosing from multiple people this first artboard that you guys will see and the project file is broken down into multiple packages now if you don’t have five packages then you can ultimately adjust the design accordingly to how many packages that you do have whether that be one two three five seven or or more each one of these is organized based on packages and it’s also organized based on the design elements titles or other design cues so you’ll see here these are all the design elements in terms of aligns

you’ll also see here this is package 1 2 3 4 and 5 those are all organized in subsection of groups so that you can have greater flexibility when it comes to changing these removing them if you have sales or discounts however you however you see fit in terms of what the actual packages have they’re all basically copy and paste templates that I made from package one so it tells you the package number whether it be one through seven the name of the package you can name that whatever you’d like what does the package include in this case an hour and a half session with five retouch images and then a basic section that has a price and those are all organized these draw text documents and then just a square is down here and that is the same thing for all of the packages that are offered starting from bronze to titanium now I do want to say as a preface as well the package naming convention that you guys use does not matter I just used element elements because it sounded a little bit more glamorous and sexy as opposed to just saying package one or basic or standard or elite or whatever you can name

them whatever you want it’s the same thing but basically the client just needs to know that this is the basic package down here and then as you go further down or higher up the prices increases you get to their better packages so that’s page one down here is basically whether you offer printed products or not you don’t have to say that you can just add basically an Asterix additional information your email and then the phone number if you guys want and in the frequently see frequently asked questions that’s artboard number two and three essentially these are designed as just an image which is a question mark and then a text file which contains the heading in a certain color and then also the information as far as how do you want to answer the frequently asked question that that’s being addressed and then those are just copy and

pasted all the way down and then we have the same lines that I took from artboard 1 as the basically the page breaks and then that’s how you make page 2 as well so pretty straightforward in terms of the design process now let me explain in this section how do you guys actually know why did I recreate this and why did I make a PDF as opposed to maybe purchasing or downloading someone else’s template in just that one I wanted more flexibility secondly I wanted to have a project file that I can use and I can adjust on the fly if I have sales or I have discounts to incentivize people to purchase a package and book me as a photographer but more so than that you know I it took a long time to do this this was this is you’re seeing that this property file as a combination of potentially 10 15 20 hours of working and Photoshop and

researching and doing all that stuff to actually create this was not something that was created just in one weekend this was a this was like a four or five month project little by little chronologically that I spent to create this but I wanted to be able to when someone asked me on Instagram or wherever it may be email someone reaches out to me like hey Devon you know I’m interested in you know in shooting which you like you know what are your rates you know how much you’ve charged you know that infamous question how much do you charge right I

wanted to just send someone a PDF that just answers all those questions so when I actually made the FAQ or when I made this PDF the FAQ was not involved in this project file I didn’t have an FAQ I just had the the first artboard page one just with the prices but people started asking questions and I was just like you know answering the same questions over and over again I just got kind of tired of it so for me it’s like I want a streamlined process and make it as easy as possible for people to give me a yes or no whether they want to actually book or they don’t want to you know I’m not trying to have a conversation not to say that I don’t want to have that onset I do but when it comes to back and forth on emailing I just want it I just want a book you know when just get there and then start coordinating details and then shoot you know

and connect with that person I don’t want to just be back and forth and answer questions and doing all this stuff so I made it I made the FAQ as a result of really a lot of people asking the same questions over and over again and then also as a way to mediate some of the skepticism or concerns people would have when they’re looking at say you know the the gold package up here three images or three-hour session versus the silver platinum and titanium packages why would they want to book myself and my creative team why do they need here why do they

need makeup why didn’t they need wardrobe and styling why are those things important I wanted to answer that stuff as well which is part of the the FAQ section that I personally put in here you guys don’t need to do that but I wanted to answer some of their questions and you guys can read over this this section if you’d like to get more information on what specific questions specifically I was getting and why I answered them the way that I did but that’s really why I built this PDF I just really wanted to send it out or send it through Google Drive and be like hey this is you know this is my thing you know do you want a book yes or no kind of thing I understand that maybe not maybe the best practice I don’t know but for me it’s just like I wanted to help inch people’s questions their concerns and I want to do it in a very professional manner

that looked presentable you know they look at this PDF and they’re like oh shoot this guy’s legit he’s a professional so that’s those are the reasons why ultimately made this now let’s go into part three in the final segment of this video let me explain how you guys can use this to your own benefit right how do you guys after downloading this project file on our website how do you guys then use this in the way that you guys are shooting currently right so first and foremost you will need to figure out exactly okay how many packages do I need okay what do I want to include in those packages how many images how long should the shoot be does it include going on to the locations or is it just a studio setting and then find out okay once you have the number of packages find out a naming convention that you would like to use gold bronze silver

titanium basic you know premier elite whatever find a naming convention figure out your pricings I will do a video on that specifically figure out your pricings and then ideally if you want to use a headlining image like this then go ahead and use a headlining image that best speaks to your style right you don’t you have to use this you can easily skip this image you know I just at the time I shot editorials and portraits only now I do beauty and commercial and product photography and a bunch of other stuff but you know long story short figure out those things that will answer all all the the concerns that you guys will have on page one so that’ll get all the information for the frequently asked questions if you want include this explain some of your packages explain the difference between your packages like why would someone want you know a

lower-end package that doesn’t have as many photos explain whether they can bring friends if that’s important to your style how long does a shoot go and if you have a creative team what comes as a part of your your additional creative services yeah and then maybe even explain anyhow how it works once they kind of booked like what’s the next step those are kind of the step by step instructions again this project file if you guys want the project file is in the description down below I hope that adds a lot of value to you guys I hope helps out I hope that helps answer some questions when it comes to doing something like this if you guys do make your own please definitely send me a link so I could check out your your PDFs and your in your projects that you guys make as well I would love to see those thank you for watching today’s video

I hope you found the contents of today’s video insightful and added value to you if you’re new here please consider subscribing if you haven’t done so already also leave us a like and a comment in the description down below let us know if I overlooked something or and miss something covered in today’s video is Devon Lenox you know where to find us

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