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Forget Everything You Know About Reaching Out To Models – Exclusive Model Interview

Last Updated on November 1, 2020 by Devaun Lennox

In today’s video we’re doing something a little bit different we have a model on set we’re gonna be asking her some questions on how to reach out to models in your local city or your neighborhood

Alright so this is our model here her name is Kirsten and we’re gonna be asking her some questions today on some do’s and don’ts when you’re reaching out to a model for the first time say you’re a newer photographer and you don’t really have your network establishing built yet what should you do like if you’re reaching out through social media or maybe a model mayham for example or some other network where he can meet models to work within your

city what should you do so so Kirsten like one of the questions that I want to know is that you know for the first message like a say for example like we we you know we’re not friends I don’t know anyone that you know in your city like maybe say I just moved to your city and stuff like that you know if I wanted to say that I you know I look to your profile and I thought your work is amazing and I love to collaborate you know what is it where do you think that mission should kind of sound like like shake hey I love your work she’d be like a comment first or like how

should we kind of start that conversation do you think I think that you should just go by introducing yourself and you should have you don’t have to have the whole thing out but just have some kind of be very straightforward with what kind of shoot you want to do cuz that’s gonna be my first question are you trying to shoot lingerie you’re trying to shoot something like this are you trying to shoot you know you have an athletic line and you want to you know be running on a treadmill you need to be like very upfront because especially here in Vegas which is a

little different there’s a lot of photographers who ask for like lingerie and that kind of work and so living here that’s a kind of unique market but I always ask is that what you want and then I just shut it down right away so that’s something I do because I know if they’re not upfront and they’re kind of going yeah you know like actually I want to shoot you need then I just say no like sorry I don’t do that kind of work but there are lots of females you do there’s nothing wrong with it yeah but I like to know right up front so we don’t waste time going back and forth

picking a location to find out that it’s something that I would have never done in the beginning yeah that’s that’s true yeah definitely being transparent yeah so with that would you like you know in our first message would you like us to make maybe a Pinterest board or like a Google Drive that has like a mood board already or send you a reference image like does it need to be that detailed or that’s a little bit something like maybe do you told us this maybe you wouldn’t need to move for it but like I like to ask for an example so like if you want to do Tristan I just

say like show me something that you like aspire to do or something you’ve already done that you see yourself doing with me and if you know if it’s like lingerie or whatever I could be okay with it but there’s very different levels of that so if you show it to me and it’s something like very very mild and maybe I’d be down but there’s different levels and once I see an example and you’re like this is my only style then we decide from there yeah and I think some photographers I’ve dealt with some photographers that are super okay with saying this is all I do and I’m like I

don’t do that okay yeah that’s great yeah I love that so I guess the next thing looks like like say we want to collaborate and it’s not going to be a paid thing do you think that should be something that we immediately say it in that first message or is that going to be later on the conversation have one new should we address the pay versus not a situation I think for me I mean obviously like when I got my start up I when you got your so you do have to do a lot of free work and I think something like this like we clap and it’s something different for everyone and

everybody’s winning yeah you know and there’s also stuff that you know I’ve done athletic wear a bunch of times and I have a lot of that already in my portfolio so that’s something that I wouldn’t need and I would just be like you know what if you want to do something like that you saw how many hours it takes it takes everyone’s times I think you should be upfront be upfront fee like this is TFP or whatever it is and you know once you see the work the model might be like you know what I’ve never done a Halloween shoot absolutely let’s do it yeah that makes

sense so I think once you know you’re like okay like that’s cool but yeah be upfront about it and no one has hard feelings that if they say no just go on to the next verse it’s not a big deal oh that’s great yeah great inside so I guess the next thing is like what do you think like the biggest like no-go is for for you when a photographer message you messages you outside of like maybe being and like ambiguous and stuff like that I know a lot of people are just like you know don’t be creepy and things getcher obviously not sending you nudes and you know

things of that nature as well but what do you think would be like an immediate red flag like okay I’m not gonna work with this person you have to address the person like if they have their Instagram Instagram handle whatever you address them by their name like you know don’t be like hey cutie hey beautiful like we have a name whether you can use the even if their Instagram had all something else like use that but don’t try to like start with compliments you know because if we’re a model we’re out here putting our photos here but we don’t want to feel like

you’re immediately like coming on to us cuz that’s just gonna make as well that’s so you you obviously think the models beautiful or whatever you see something in her or him that you want to work with but just address them by their name or just say hey but I feel like when people add the extra little emojis and stuff it starts to go unprofessional really quickly and to me that’s a really big red flag gotcha okay wow that’s really good inside an ass look at that lesson see that’s great I’ve definitely learned that lesson mm Randy one weird thing just all those kind of

long lines that I worked with a photographer from another country I won’t say where but he invited the girls to his hotel room and every single girl said no and in Vegas that’s something for you guys out here even if you are from somewhere else meet them out of Starbucks meet them at a restaurant he for him being from another country it wasn’t weird for him and he was like every single model this is a huge photographer in yeah massive and it ended up that I was in magazines in Pakistan on my website not because I was the only person that saying yeah

but all these girls missed out on these awesome photos and not just because he didn’t understand when I met him he’s like every girl said no and I was like because you were offering he’s like well where else am I supposed to go I’m not from this country yeah so that’s just a tip like go to a public space if you want to meet up beforehand but if you’re not a local or whatever don’t invite them to your hotel room it might seem normal for other places but if we’re here for Vegas it’s like a big red flag for most of us wow that was great I was awesome yeah and I guess

the the only other thing is that I I kind of want to know it was like okay so they say for example if you’re if you’re gonna be shooting out of home studio because a lot of when we’re starting out and stuff like that that’s gonna be this is the dynamic you know like I’ve shot my entire portfolio at home in multiple apartment dresses what I’ve done um but okay so if we’re shooting in that situation when should we kind of a dressed up I feel like hey my locations at this place like actually at home like this yes to do shoot any example what it looks like again say it’s

your home but also say it’s your studio make sure it’s like stays professional that we’re not thinking we’re coming into your personal bedroom or whatever yeah and always allows the girls to bring a chaperone and whether it’s a makeup artist the boyfriend a dad don’t ever say no because that will just instantly you know you can be like my place is small but just if they ask immediately say yes because when people start getting fishy about that then that’s when I’m like well why can’t they be there yeah and so yeah I think shooting your house is totally fine

whatever you have would just feel like this is my home studio like make it sound like this is where I shoot and it’s professional I’m not just I’m inviting you the suit don’t tell them it’s an address in the man up showing up at your apartment they’re like oh I thought this was something else something studio yeah yeah okay wow that was that was awesome insight that’s fantastic again this is our model Kirsten and she’s just dropping some bombs here guys that was fantastic that was fantastic man that’s good I definitely learned something I hope you guys learned

something as well definitely leave a comment and a like in the description let us know for if there’s any specific questions that you have I’ll reach out to her and get a response and I’ll respond that back in the comments down below I hope this video was of value to you guys I hope you guys kind of learned something from model here in Vegas I will leave her information in description down below as always stay locked in to our channel we got some great content coming up soon and we’ll catch you next video peace out my friends

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