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Pro Tip When Shooting Beauty Photography

Last Updated on November 1, 2020 by Devaun Lennox

Hello my friends in today’s video we’re going to talk about a commonly overlooked and just otherwise completely mess feature that happens a lot in beauty and portrait photography specifically when it comes to a makeup technique and a makeup consideration when when you’re shooting headshots or you’re shooting beauty

Just making sure if you’re working with a model that already knows how to do makeup or if you’re working with a makeup artist that’s doing makeup for your session making sure that they don’t forget to put makeup and contour and highlighting and color correction not only on the neck but then really high if the biggest importance is making sure they contour the collarbones as well so the image that you have on-screen is kind of a a after image it’s not edited but it’s an after image of what what we’re gonna be kind of discussing and talking about today of

how you can pop out those collarbones because the thing is like when you when you shoot booty and you shoot these kind of headshots if you’re using a really low crop top ultimately this entire section of the person’s skin and their body is gonna be showcase and you don’t want there to be a lot of blemishes and uneven tones and color in those specific areas because it’s gonna be very distracting and it’s gonna cause you a lot of extra unneeded editing in post-processing so let’s kind of just jump right in that like I said this is the after image but I’m gonna

show you guys just the before without adding any of the contouring and highlighting color correction to the chest what that looks like and then the after so these two images that we have on screen right now are on the Left right here is the before image before we have we added some of that color correction in the contouring to make sure that the face the makeup and the contouring and the highlight and the blush and all that stuff looks and it translates all the way down to the chest because this entire area is part of our frame that we’re cropping I’m not

going to be cropping it in super tight this is just the frame as is so making sure that entire area is the similar tone and texture in and everything pops in that area is really important so I’m left over here you’ll see the collarbones where I’m houseing over they’re not really they’re not really popping out not only that there’s a lot of uneven tone and things of that nature in terms of just like the the saturation and their skin and then over here I just talked to my makeup artist okay make sure we’re adding contouring and blush and color correction on the the

collarbones as well because we’re gonna see that in final image and this is what happens so you can see the difference right there of how much the collarbones pop compared to the image on the on the left-hand side right there so that’s the difference right there and going back over into the final images I’ll show you guys how they actually how much of a difference it actually does make so this right here is with that addition of the the color correction and the the popping from the contouring on doing makeup but this is just something that gets over

overlooked honestly way too often this was something that I was over looking for at least a year and a half I didn’t really discover about this technique maybe until two or three months ago and it’s just something I wasn’t even thinking about and that’s probably reason why I wanted to do a video today just to make sure that’s something on your radar for those of you that are shooting Beauty that are shooting headshots that are shooting this kind of this kind of cosmetic focused beauty kind of work where you’re showcasing this area just making sure that it also

gets addressed in terms of makeup as well because it is important and we don’t need you to spend more time in Photoshop or affinity photo or whatever your editing platform that you choose is we don’t need you to be in there longer than you really absolutely need to be in there so my goal if I can if I can make the in-camera shot better for you guys by just giving you some techniques and things to think about and consider absolutely that’s why I’m here so I’m absolutely there to help you guys out and for those of you that curious is this a shoot that I did maybe

about two weeks ago now model mica I will put a the links to all the the creative team that I’ve been using out here in Las Vegas and the links to their social media so you can check them out but that kind of wraps up today’s video and as always you know hit that subscribe button down below fall so long you know actually while you’re down there hit that Bell button as well so you can get notified when we’re dropping new content on our channel and outside of that my friends peace out

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