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Lens Adapters on Sony Cameras

Last Updated on November 1, 2020 by Devaun Lennox

Hello my friends so today’s video we’re gonna just quickly talk about what happens when you use an adapted lens on a Sony mirrorless eat mount system so today we have the Sony a7 this is my actual camera with a battery grip on there this is camera that I’ve been shooting now for the last about a year and a half and with that I’ve been using the MC 11 Sigma II mount to Canon EF adapter

So this is definitely one of the more preferred lens adapters out there it works really well as far as auto focusing abilities and has the electrical components to actually adapt to Sigma lenses canon EF and EFS lenses or actually notice largest EF lenses and it works it typically works really well but now so we’re gonna talk about kind of what happens is one of the drawbacks when it doesn’t really work that well so putting this back on here I have the Canon 100mm macro this guy right here and this is the older generation version of the candle Canon 100 mil

macro so this is a this is an autofocus lens yes but this lens when I actually connected here on my Sigma MC 11 adapter on my Sony a7 the main issue with with this particular lens is that the auto focusing ability doesn’t actually work so if we go over here make sure it’s set to autofocus it just kind of it kind of just stays at its maximum and it just it just stays there so now this is kind of one of the problems that happens when you use adapter lenses if you’re using more current lenses that are from let’s say 2000 and higher this is one is originally from in the

late 90s the electrical components are different so even though this is an autofocus lens if I had this on a Canon body it works fine but with the MC 11 adapter it doesn’t always work with every single lens the older generation lenses their auto focusing their auto focus and electrical components are actually different and that’s kind of one of the caveats with using adaptive lenses now if I use my for example if I use my Sigma 50 millimeter at 1.8 lens it works per fine but with this this particular lens it’s too old so it doesn’t actually work so that’s kind of one of the

caveats with using adaptive lenses and when I use the 100 mil macro it has to be in manual focus which it is a macro lens and if I shoot at a wide open aperture it’s pretty much impossible to focus thankfully I bought it to shoot specifically beauty photos so I shoot at f10 or f11 anyways so and thankfully we also have the manual focus assist on on Sony mirrorless camera so it’s not really a huge issue but for you guys just know that it’s not going to be perfect this is definitely an issue that you may run into if you’re using adaptive lenses and that’s definitely

one of those drawbacks with using the Sony mirrorless system however the the main cut the main pro here is that I could actually use this lens at all it actually works right yes it may not have auto focusing abilities but I can still use the ring here to change its focusing manually and that’s not really a huge issue and I have some great images that we’ve showcased on our channel as far as retouching videos that have actually been shot with this lens there’s actually a multitude with videos that we’ve published already that been shot with just this lens so I love it I

actually think it’s great however I kind of do wish I would have gotten the updated version of this lens granted it is a lot more expensive or roughly about 6 or $700 but it would make more sense so just keep that in mind when your guys are using adapters for your mirrorless cameras it’s not always gonna be perfect every lens is going to be different I looked into the research a little bit to make sure this was autofocus but nonetheless since I am using a lens adapter it’s just kind of gonna be hit or miss so just keep that in mind as you guys are out there looking for

auxilary or secondary manufacturers to be using on the Sony mirrorless system it’s not always going to be perfect so just understand that maybe a caveat and you may have to just kind of adjust and use me it will focus and manual aperture coordinates just keep that in mind alright guys but that wraps up today’s video as always my friends hit that subscribe button right over here and then hit that like button right there as well and this shoot is common man leave his comment in the description below if you have any questions concerns feedback for us on how

we can improve things that you’re seeing or maybe issues and gripes that you’ve had using electric lens adapters and maybe some of the components and issues that you’ve experiences and some of the lenses that have had some of these issues where it’s been manual focus and manual aperture only and then if you want to reach out to us by all means reach out to us on Instagram Twitter whatever that may be reach out to us man we absolutely respond and we review every single message that we get so hit us up but until next time my friends peace out

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