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Studio Photoshoot Workflow

Last Updated on November 1, 2020 by Devaun Lennox

In today’s video we’re going to talk about your first studio photo shoot workflow just based on my personal experiences in my work for him but I’m gonna I’m gonna kind of share that with us today so you you have an idea of what may be a workflow that you can utilize and some tips and tricks along that way that you can basically implement to your own studio photoshoot to best service your clients and to make sure they have the the best quality service in the environment that US and really connect well together then you can create great images

From so as far as my my photo studio my personal workflow outside of interacting with the clients we booked a shoe they come over I shoot at home right so first things first you know greeting that person having music having a good like whatever kind of music that you like but like a chill and being kind of vibe making sure that you’re your studio space is tidy it smells good it doesn’t smell weird again the

first impression when you’re when you’re opening up that door and they’re entering the studio space where they’re gonna shoot they need to be comfortable so for me I always have make sure music is always going on I don’t have a lot of weird noises and think that that nature it’s always well lit and and mice my shooting bass since it is my apartment it smells well you know I using the central oil diffuser personally you don’t have to do that but use some Febreze or something to make sure that the the ambient scent

isn’t that you don’t want to turn people off so the first impression is huge when they’re when they finally get into the studio space making sure that it’s tidy so that’s first and foremost for me and my workflow is greeting them you know when I do when they do eventually come to the studio location I always go out and I greet the man every single time I will go out to their car I will help them with their bags I’ll offer assistance I will you know I’ll guide them into the studio space which is again that’s my

apartment but you know I meet them I meet them and I walk with them to the actual studio location so that they we get it in that moment we get a chance to connect a little bit you know where you from like how long you’ve been out here like how what made you kind of move out here we start that conversation so once we kind of walk through the doorway we’re already like engaging or we’re already interacting so there’s a little bit of trust that’s being built right there because in most situations is be the first

time you’re going to be shooting someone obviously if they’re coming over some kind of space there’s liability and safety type of things to consider right there especially it’s a woman you’re single guy whatever that may be so obviously you want to make sure that you’re you’re building some friendship and Trust right there in the beginning so that they feel comfortable you don’t want it to be a weird interaction you want to make sure that you’re starting to build a little bit of trust between you guys and starting

that conversation just asking about about their family what do they do out here in Vegas like you know what are their hobbies or what are the one of the things that they’re passionate about starting that conversation for me personally another huge part of my workflows every time I have a client come into the studio space I offered them either waters or snacks I have snacks here as far as like nuts and and fruits and infused water so like that and I offer that stuff for people that I’ve shot with consistently there

is sometimes blind they have free free roam for when it comes to drinks and things of that nature but I offer that stuff every single time and as part of my personal budget is actually purchasing so my clients have free rein when it comes to being able to access my snacks and things of that nature my personal budget week over week actually includes that have a specific photography budget that includes snacks and purchases that are made to make sure that the client as they come to to my apartment tissue makes

them more comfortable offering snacks waters drinks whatever that may be nuts it’s just it’s a small little step that goes a huge way regardless if you’re shooting at home where you actually have an actual studio space or you’re doing a rental having that stuff is huge man so definitely absolutely encourage that you guys you guys incorporate something of that nature just offering that because it’s it’s a small sign that shows that there that you’re you’re hospitable and that starts to break down the walls a

little bit and lost people to be a little bit more comfortable especially when they’re coming over to a new space so outside of that after I give them snacks we usually talk for maybe about 15-20 minutes before the shoe and that’s something I compensate if especially there’s a paid shoe I compensate that in time I don’t necessarily charge them for for that time for us to connect either into my prices in my packages if it’s a collaboration same exact thing I always build that in there and I give them I give

myself in them really at least a half an hour maybe in 15 20 30 minutes depends on the person but at least a half an hour for us to just talk and to connect and find out like what are they excited about what are their hobbies where do they want to go what are they currently doing do they have a vision in their life you know why are they modeling or do they what are their ambitions were their goals things of that nature family their occupation things in that nature and just really connect with that person again to

break down some of those walls so that when we come when it comes time to shooting that they’re just comfortable in their relaxed again the music and the food and and now connecting all that stuff goes to really just relax a person so they feel at home outside of that when it comes time to shoot I shoot connect it to a computer and that’s you tethered and the biggest thing is photographers you have to realize that our goal is to make our clients look amazing you know make them look beautiful and give them

encouragement so for me personally once i dial in the lighting tests like that I you know I show them an example image before we really start shooting and we just kind of just get into the motion of things I show them an example of damage so that they can be like oh thank God I don’t look awful because that’s exactly what they’re thinking the whole shoot they’re just like oh my god like I have no idea but these pictures you can look like okay do I have like a weird like hair like this is my nose weird or do I like

food on my cheek or something that’s the kind of the stuff that they’re thinking when they’re doing the photo shoot so if you can you know we’re like just show them an example from the back your camera you can show them an example from the computer that you’re tethering with that goes a long way so I always do that once everything is set up with lighting and so like that I take the time to show my clients exactly what like you know what an example photo looks like granted you do have to make sure that you shoot one

that’s that actually doesn’t make them look really really bad because that could also hurt you in a negative way as well so you want to make sure that the photo that you do show them when you when you get ready to show them the photo it’s actually a decent photo outside of that like I said I shoot tethered so when I find images as we’re doing multiple looks as I find an image that were just like oh my god this is a great image I will show them every time I do a shot I always give people feedback and I always

give them encouragement if I don’t like what they’re doing I just like okay hey let’s try this instead like oh my god you’re doing you’re so great like oh my god here here looks like on fleek and just giving people that encouragement because then that makes people excited admit it lets them loosen up a little bit and you you want your clients to feel comfortable and and feel that they look pretty in it that they look handsome if it’s a guy and you know that they’re they’re doing a good job just giving them that

verbal encouragement like yes yes that’s awesome oh just more of that that looks so great saying those words of encouragement really gives them a little bit of affirmation that they’re they’re doing something that you like because as much as it you may not think about it as photographers like our models and the people that were working with are really trying to kind of appease our creative vision because we’re the ones that are directing this whole thing it’s not necessarily their vision even though they’re the

ones that are hiring us to do something for them yes and it might be a portfolio or whatever but it’s ultimately still our vision so they want to make sure whatever they’re doing still looks good to you so you giving them that encouragement is huge man so that’s kind of what happens during the shoot itself and again I always show them images especially we go through multiple looks I always show them images as we get towards the end of the shoot and this is huge for me personally it’s sitting down at least for

half an hour interviewing all the images with the clients and this is a different perspective not everyone does this but if you look at big magazine publications like tho and Maxim and all these other big magazines like like GQ and all this other stuff all these magazines have creative teams and all of them shoot tethered and during that time the entire creative team is also looking at each image and they’re putting them up side-by-side they print them out and they put them in the display of how they’re gonna be

showcasing the magazine they put the fonts on them all of that stuff so for me I’ve kind of embodied that into my own photo shoot as well and I sit down with my clients every single time after every shoot I bolt I book this into the actual session itself so it’s something that we just naturally do I transfer all the images to a folder like I said I already shoot all so they’re already on my my camera and I shoot tethered so they’re already there but and capture when I kind of just file through and we go through

every single images the good bad and the ugly and during that time I I give them open open platform to be like hey do you like this photo do not like this photo and based on their their verbal response or their body language I just use that as indication whether I should start a photo or not and then as we go through and we look through the entire set of images I go back through and I go back through the actual selections of the start images or flagged images and then we start to narrow them down we do that

three or four times until we have a small gallery usually of about ten images from that point I export those images and I put them up side-by-side for me I shoot very much editorial so I wish try to publish and shoot my content to be displayed in an ideally three so it depends how many photos the client is actually purchasing but I put them up side by side so they can see what what they look like for multiple looks and that’s huge because it reduces the the burden of the client being there by themselves looking

at a thousand pictures and like oh my god I don’t know which ones because they need our feedback and those right there just kind of that’s just really my whole workflow I’ll do another separate video explaining kind of the the online gallery that I actually send images to if we don’t have time to do that or the online gallery that I sometimes okay before just like okay I like these five images and they need a little bit more time to decide on their own I’ll talk about that in a future video as well but that right

there’s my whole workflow and you know as when a client is finally leaving and they’re walking away and we’re staying we’re parting ways and stuff like that I always I was asked for a referral but like hey if you–if you joined the experience man like if you’ve ever have any friends or someone like that that wants to do some editorial content man let you let send them to my way you know send me their Instagram I’ll reach out to them and will collaborate we’ll set something up and and that’s part of the reason

why I was able to get some of the traction that I got so that’s kind of gonna wrap up today’s video as always guys hit that subscribe button right over here and hit that like button right over there as well just like video man just like the video and then outside that my friends if you have any comments questions concerns if you want to give us feedback leave that in the description I mean leave that in the comment box below and then reach out to us on social media man if you have any questions if you have a

specific idea that we we should do for a follow-up video or you want to see something specific that we have the skillset to talk about by all means reach out to us send us a DM send us a comment here on YouTube reach out to the throw out to to us in whatever
way that you want to we respond to every single message that we have in that we get so until next time my friends peace out 

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