Beautify Photoshop Retouching Panel Review


In today’s video we’re gonna be doing a first look in the first impressions at beautify a Photoshop retouching panel Makeup Panel Overview Adding Grain Uneven Backdrops Clean Backdrops How to Install Beautify on Mac OSX How To Use Beautify Panel – Frequency Separation

How To Fix Uneven Skin Tones


Hello my friends in today’s video is gonna be really brief I’m gonna show you guys how to kind of do really quick color correction and yeah just really just color correction actually just an affinity photo

How to Use The Patch Tool in Photoshop


Hello my friends today we are about to do some basic skin retouching – this image here that I took last week with creative team of mine this is our model Sierra we’re gonna be talking about how to do and one simple tool a basic retouch focusing on blemish removal and skin smoothing so … Read more

How to Use The Patch Tool in Affinity Photo


hello my friends so in today’s video we’re gonna talk about how to use the patch tool in affinity photo the patch tool is one simple way that you can use to edit and soften and smooth skin and get rid of blemishes