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Exclusive Interview With Top Makeup Artist Mariah Bruner

Last Updated on November 1, 2020 by Devaun Lennox

Hello my friends Devaun Lennox of photography px we’re doing something a little bit different today we’re actually gonna be doing an interview from a makeup artist here in Las Vegas and we’re gonna be asking her some questions on how to find a makeup artist and things of that nature

So you guys know what to look for what she looks for when she’s working with new photographers all right so this is Mariah here she’s awesome she’s incredible she’s the one that’s doing our shoot right now and she’s styling everything so you know definitely check out those videos if you haven’t already they will be fantastic and they’ll definitely offer some insight for you guys so so mariah so what for the first question I have for you guys what are

somebody at the top tips that you look for you like to see in a photographer what do you what do you normally look for it’s a definitely do you like their work or yeah a certain style or um I mean I’m down to do anything all the time so as long as the photographer has a good portfolio a good website you know they are Instagram they portray their work really well I think not so good you know like selling points to any makeup artists just like it would be for you for me you know what I mean they don’t even have to be that experienced but that they’re trying and the

way they reach out to you is professional yeah you know not having like selfies on their page and stuff like that like actual work yeah okay awesome yeah yeah I definitely agree you have to make sure when you’re reaching out to a makeup artist that you have a little bit of work sometimes you’re newer and stuff like that and we understand like but mention that when you reach out to them be like hey I’m just starting out I’m new you know I just picked up photography I’m still kind of learning and stuff like that I mention that in the messages so they kind of

know where you’re starting at if you don’t really have a built up portfolio that’s kind of what I did personally I just kind of reach out to them I was like hey you know I’m kind of new or to town I’m knew you’re disputing but you know here’s my idea I would love to collab with you and some some will say yes some will say no but that’s gonna be kind of harder than Jeremy journey as you start building your portfolio so that’s awesome I love that answer that’s great so the next question what things are turn offs for working with someone new that you haven’t

worked with before and yeah definitely up front let them know you know if you want if it’s paid or not because you don’t want to leave someone but yeah don’t be creepy okay yeah absolutely don’t be creepy yeah that’s that’s fantastic yeah you can yeah makeup artist and just women in general they’re really attuned to those kind of red flags like in your messages and stuff like that they in models yeah they’re kind of attuned to that stuff so don’t don’t send them word messages don’t give them bad vibes so the next thing what elements or items do you

think all photographers should have like in their kit or you know in their maybe like their their location kit or whatever to better help you on set like you know maybe like cleaning brushes or makeup wipes or setting spray you know things of that nature what do you think like I mean that would be great but that never happy so it’s it’d be cool but yeah a lot of photographers I feel like don’t I guess no everything that a makeup artist you know should have so I say like to your research you know on what makeup artists do what they have what they use then you can

help them you know better that way and I mean I’m not a model like I just do makeup so sometimes I don’t really know like all the poses that they should be doing and then the photographer doesn’t say anything on the models like what do you want me to do you know yeah I think that it’s important for the photographer to also know like how to direct as well the model so that it’s not all up to the makeup artists yeah that’s great Wow yeah that’s awesome I definitely agree yeah the setting spray and all that stuff would be good I would definitely say maybe

makeup wipes that might be it like a really or like maybe blotting pads – yeah or like if people are getting like hot and sweaty like blotting pads or like napkins or something tissues just so they can kind of wipe their face when they’re getting sweaty that’d be fantastic the next thing do you prefer if a photographer if they’re if they’re you’re working with them for the first time we’re not do you prefer if they have a concept already like a mood board or would you rather just kind of collaborate with them to create their mood board or do you like to wing it on set like

what what do you kind of prefer on that it’s definitely cool it’s like we both had a vision and we want to make it like come alive and how it was like today was I kind of had all the saying everything yeah which is cool because sometimes like I just want to do like what I want to do yeah because I have so many things in my head going on and so like that’s cool to be able to do what I want to do but you know if you’re like hey we could do this and then like do this and that and that’s that’s cool and add this you know so the input is nice for sure but not like too much to

where you’re stepping over like my vision or you know trying to change it too much I’m just like a lab I like that it’s helpful but something I like safe like you hit me up and you were like let’s shoot and you’re just but I don’t know what I want to do then I’m like okay you know like just let me have that idea or something um but it’d be different if I reach out she was like hey I want to do this look let’s let’s do it and you’re like damn good okay so the next question right so what do you think for sagar firs should look out for when reaching out to makeup artist for the first

time or someone that they want to reach out to she think that we should focus solely on work or should it be maybe someone’s personality because I feel like some makeup artist they they’re just starting out too and they maybe don’t have like the breath of being able to do a lot of different styles and techniques maybe they haven’t worked in weddings and they don’t have a lot of professional work and stuff like that yeah just because they’re doing selfies or whatever what do you think we should kind of look out for research kind of see if you’re on a makeup

artist page and see what they do if they do special effects then you know what you know what to book them if they do Bridal then you know what to put there they do body painting you know what I mean yeah so see what they do or you know if you like an artist work but you haven’t seen them do exactly what you’re thinking just talk to them and figure it out and say um hey do you know do you want to shoot some ideas on you know decide the shoe or whatever so I think just talk to them and be genuine I’ve never done samantha’s you’ve never done something

buzz so let’s try it yeah let’s try yeah okay Wow okay that was awesome we got some really great insight from that that’s that’s fantastic this is our guest here she’s a makeup artist here in Las Vegas incredible work we’ll leave her information in the description down below but that that I hope that added some value you guys you know having a makeup artist kind of onset will have a multitude of other interviews and guest appearances on our channel just to give you guys more perspective from people that are working in the field you can check out their work

and stuff like that and start to get some insight on when you’re starting to reach out to people and start to build your own creative team what is that what does that look like what should you look out for maybe order some red flags what are some green lights right so just look into that stuff but I hope this video is that this video added some value to you guys I’ll leave a like and a comment down in description below let me know if we kind of missed anything or what other questions you’d like me to ask you know I’ll respond to those in the comment until next time my friends stay locked in to our channel photography esteban linux we’ll see you next time peace out

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