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The Secret Tips to Work With Celebrity Makeup Artists – Interview With Kittie Lombardo

Last Updated on November 1, 2020 by Devaun Lennox

In today’s video we’re gonna do an exclusive interview with a top leading an industry expert in the makeup field


Alright so here we are this is my friend a titty Lombardo and we’ve worked together in a number of times now so yeah this is she’s the one that’s doing the behind the scenes for the makeup for the geisha look that we’re doing today and since she’s here on set you know I wanted to ask her some questions about her mindset a little bit and kind of pick her brain you know find out like how how her mind works when it comes to makeup and as the newer photographers and things of that nature how can we best reach out to someone you know of her expertise so

she’s kind of high up there so I know we definitely have a lot of fear kind of sending that first message um so one of the first things that we wanted to know as photographers what do you look for when you’re reaching out to a new photographer so say for example you know you weren’t like a Las Vegas native right you went to you’re coming from like Denver or like LA or something that you’re just coming to Las Vegas what would you look for if you wanted to start shooting with a new photographer over here well the first thing I would do is look at their

profile okay okay look at their style okay okay of their photos I look all the way down through everything and then I think reaching out would be the second thing there are timely response yeah how they speak to me and then of course if we can find anybody on that that we’ve seen that they’ve worked with asked about their work ethics I think that’s super super important okay yeah I love that yeah that’s awesome so do you like you when photographers have mood and concept boards or do you would you rather improv especially if it’s someone you’ve worked

with before would you rather improv or do you prefer a mood board it’s like kind of what I said you guys for you cuz I work with you before yeah I know I am cool I know when we I come work with you we’re good to go okay yeah but maybe for the new coming out I think it would be nice for me to see a mood board so I can visualize what you want so I can you know manifest and put forward what they want you make it perfect for them so it’s nice to see what they’re thinking and then us to be able to bring that forward for them okay yeah but for a first time out I

think it would be a little harder they just said hair what a case you look and they don’t have anything yeah yeah that’s a yeah yeah Billy pull it out yeah so yeah we don’t want that I think booting concept boards is a commonly overlapping is when it comes to newer photographers it’s usually someone that season that has like a creative team that typically has those but right for me is like you know when I first started out that’s that’s what I always did you know is that nice do you have any idea how many people do that so it makes a huge difference it just takes

everything the stress off everyone you know it sets everybody it sets everybody’s mindset yeah for exactly what we’re doing there’s no time in-between we know what we need to do there’s a targeted goal and we achieve that yeah exactly so I love that so the next question do you think it’s important to meet with a preferred prior to shooting some people you know some people like like Keisha and I we we met first time you know we grab coffee before we even work together yeah but I never grab coffee with you like we just did it yeah we just kind of yeah but

yeah do you think that’s important do you think that’s like oh I kind of like that uh okay if I’m bringing a model in yeah okay I would like to meet with the photographer first to see what they’re like okay because sometimes you know you meet with not just photographers but sometimes you meet people and they’re just a little off yeah yes well so I wouldn’t want to bring somebody that’s very reserved that’s a high up model into a situation where it’s an you know it’s not gonna be sit so maybe yeah maybe I would be important for me if I bring a model if

I’m not bringing my model obvious jump right in if I can do my research enough to see you know they’re they’re good people okay yeah yeah like that that’s awesome so if the photographer reaches out to you how should that initial first message sound because I won’t heard the message that I sent you the first time yeah I have no idea you know like yeah maybe you reached out to me or I reached out to you I think you saw someone that I worked with before and you’re like hey let’s you I really don’t remember that first message but if I was gonna reach out to

you now and like we haven’t shot together like what should I say should I be like hey I love your work here’s my idea yeah I like that or yeah these you’re different than a lot of photographers I mean because you’re very methodical so many photographers are not and that’s why it takes so long just shoot because they’re just all over the place but see you’re the one that’ll have a mood board you’ll have a concept you’ve got pictures laid out you’ve got already you know pre-existing photos of different things so that the models know what they’re doing you

guide your models so many photographers don’t do that and it’s a photo shoots they last forever and they’re just all over the place yeah so I think it’s when you can fine-tune you would home down in on exactly what is if you want I think that’s that’s that’s icky okay yeah I love that so that’s awesome if a photographer is new what do you think would help them when reaching out to their first makeup artist or reaching out to makeup artists or first time I mean I this is something question I asked someone else before was like should we just like go to Ulta should we

go to like Sephora and just like business cards you know like what should we you know like we’re like kind of a good place to well that’s another question but yeah so being a make it harder I mean being a photographer where to find your first what do you think would help them in reaching out to makeup artist oh yeah would help yeah I think in nowadays social media is an amazing way if you see a photo and you see the photographer you see the model keep that the models name you got the photographer’s name you’ve got the makeup artist name on there

so then you go and you see their style I think nowadays it’s um pretty pretty pretty much an open book yeah right you see you see the the makeup artist name you click on them you find their profile wherever they are in social media you check them out and then you can reach out to them but I think that that’s great also I think that the events being in Vegas a place like Vegas there’s so many public places where people are holding live event you know I think it’s a great place to network but you’re right like Ulta Sephora some of the live events that they’ve got

some of the there’s always live events here in Vegas so you can go there kind of network and meet good people and you pretty much know within the first few minutes what someone’s like yeah yeah yeah that’s true right okay so as a makeup artist where do you think are good places for photographers and to other to find other artists to collaborate with you said you had mentioned social some of the social events are like this social yes I think like that word of mouth is so important that’s why it’s so important to have good work ethic yeah don’t be weird

until you know in a small town like Vegas right you’ve got to be on on top of your game yeah at all times yeah and if you work with somebody who isn’t you doesn’t function like you do like safe for me and makeup artists okay so I do a lot of these events where there’s 10 different artists it’s like your first day at school showing up right all these different people you don’t even know where they are you’ll know right off the bat there’s certain makeup artists to the way that they show up you know are they showing up on booty shorts oh yeah it’s are messy yeah

yeah they’re talking you know talk talk talk why they’re trying to work are talking about someone when I come across the situation like that I just stay to myself I get my work done and I distance myself in there because I don’t want to be associated with someone like that and how that become my reputation so I there’s a distance that I put politely that’s another thing is you got to be polite when you do it you dismiss yourself yeah so that you’re you don’t get wrapped up in that whole thing I think that’s important to me anyway some people thrive off that kind

of stuff but no hmm okay Wow okay that’s and the last question what are some of your pet peeves or turn offs when working with a new photographer the the biggest thing I’ve heard so far is like don’t be weird don’t be creepy reputation that means every creepy to have a goal ID to have have goals set up so we know what we’re doing yeah well we just show up and it’s a free-for-all it makes you wonder what is that photographer really like you see there just just shoot you know boudoir or sexy models receipt there to actually get an image yeah create content

yeah there’s the difference there’s there’s one or the other yeah Wow okay so that was awesome that was that was the last question I had for you but that’s some great insight it’s just like yeah I mean going out to different events and and yeah it’s like socially I mean there’s also the word of mouth is everything that’s basically how I built my I mean I’m not saying success or anything like that but that’s how I know them yeah how I know a lot of people in Vegas because they just word of mouth it’s always referral day so um I was took advantage of that and

collaborate with people when when they told me to collaborate with someone because they thought we’d connect and yeah that’s usually what happened so I think that’s important yeah it’s awesome the rest yeah yeah so but yeah that kind of wraps up our interview I hope you guys got some insight from that we’re gonna have a whole series of different artists kind of come on to our channel just to kind of you know pick their brain ask some questions find out a little bit of difference in terms of their mindset but and try to figure out some of the commonalities

and the tips that are important to our trade in terms of reaching out to people and collaborating and creating creating a buzz you know creating community I because that’s important that’s how you end up you know getting to the know the right hand stuff like that and that’s important so I hope you guys found some value from this video if you’re new here please consider subscribing if you haven’t already definitely hit up stuff with a like and a comment down the description down below if you have anything that you’d like me to ask her or you know something that we thought we kind of missed and that you have some questions would let me know the comments down below and goal we’ll get that taken care of this is Devon Lenox here guitar fpx we’ll catch you next video my friend

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