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How To Transfer Tifs & PSDs To Affinity Photo (iPad App)

Last Updated on November 1, 2020 by Devaun Lennox

In today’s video I’m going to show you guys really really quickly how to actually transport PSD and tip images from your computer over to your iPad so you can actually edit those files as high resolution files in affinity photo

So right here on screen on screen you’re gonna see that I have iTunes open before this technique you will have to actually copy the files to your iPad using iTunes prior to that I will you will have downloaded an application through the App Store that will allow this process to happen but we’re gonna do first and foremost is connect your iPad to your computer using just the normal iPad lightning cable go over here in iTunes so that you can see the information

presented on your iPad what we’re gonna be able to how we’re going to be able to do this is going through file sharing so file sharing allows you when you have certain apps that create basically their own file structure and file platforms within the iPad and iOS ecosystem file sharing allows you to actually copy non native iOS supported documents and files and file formats to the iPad you know through iTunes so basically how to do this though you will don’t need a download file explorer so file explorer this icon right here at efi explorer i’m gonna scroll over on

the ipad and show you what that looks like this is file explorer right here so this is a free application that you can get just through the App Store it’s fully free download this application that that’s first and foremost you will need that once you get to that point connect your iPad to your computer and then completely forget about this application you’ll never need to open it ever again unless you want to delete out like files and tips and things that nature from the iPad you can also do that on iTunes though but you don’t need this application once once you get that

point so we’re gonna do here once you connect and you download the application you’re gonna go over to file sharing and you’re gonna go file explorer on my desktop right here you’ll see that I have Clarabelle 0 4 – 10 TIFF is the TIFF file I’m gonna delete it the copy that I have on the iPad already it’s gonna delete that what are you gonna do is literally just drag it drop from your desktop or whatever like application and/or file I guess file folder that you have open on your computer we’re going to drag and drop that into iTunes into the box for documents tab

right here so basically what that does is literally just copies as file directly to the iPad completely removing the need to do this through Google Drive or iCloud drive or an Amazon Drive or Dropbox and basically uploading it to the cloud and then redownload in it which if you don’t have a good internet connection it take kind of a long time so this is exactly why I I found this just way to do this just a shortcut all that stuff now the file is there we’re gonna open up the latest version of affinity photo which they did an update recently and it’s pretty dope so kudos to

them we’re gonna go over here into the plus we’re gonna hit open from or start an import from cloud they actually change the nomenclature a little bit here and you’re gonna go to on my iPad file explorer and then clarabelle 0 4 – 10 boom the TIFF file is literally right there I mean that takes 20 seconds 30 40 seconds you know if you depending on how secure your cable is my cables a little hit or miss so sometimes you could take a little bit of time but boom it’s right there there you are right there loaded right up let’s go into our settings here and you can kind of

see some of the the settings the that it’s imported them too they kind of changed all of the the layout on here I was gonna figure out it was defaults but yeah I don’t know exactly what it’s called now is it in the affinity photo tab that was a personal persona yeah I don’t really know they just did an update this is the latest version affinity photo that got updated yesterday and they kind of changed some of the tabs and things of that nature but before you would go to this documents panel right here and then go down to document settings or preferences and it

show you that it’s a 16-bit TIFF but yeah this is the this is a tip right here high resolution version you kind of see all the detail right there which have I exported this as a high-res JPEG you wouldn’t have all this detail right here so that’s that’s how you do that right there my friends that’s that’s pretty much it for today’s video just kind of showcasing how you can transfer over PSD tips other high resolution versions file images from capture 1 Lightroom Adobe Photoshop whatever your platform is Adobe Camera Raw and then you can copy those directly over to

iPad for use and affinity photo so that wraps up today’s video as always you know hit that subscribe button down below like comment subscribe maybe any questions or you have any feedback or things that you’d like us to do in a future video I’ll make sure this comment reach out to us on social media if you found this video helpful or if you have any feedback or things what that we can make improvements on we are open to all that stuff who you reviewed every cent comment that you guys send us so until next time my friends peace out

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