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Interview With Tuvy Lemberg – V Flat World – The Journey of An Entrepreneur

Last Updated on November 1, 2020 by Devaun Lennox

In today’s video we have an exclusive behind-the-scenes interview here at WPPI 2020 with Tuvy Lemberg he’s the one that’s created v flat world completely revolutionizing the industry


Especially for those of us that chew in studio that have also kind of battled with making her own visa that’s been kind of ghetto well he’s actually made this a very professional accessible an affordable option for you guys so that you don’t have to have this ghetto setup when your when your model or your your creative team comes over to your studio and they see this cardboard like janky little thing in the side you’re like oh it’s reflecting light you know he actually made a really accessible and absolutely great product that’s travel friendly free shipping as well

ways and which is awesome and so I wanted to kind of interview him and pick his brain it’s someone that’s in our age group as a really successful young entrepreneur what like kind of explaining a little bit about his attorney why did he want to you know create ultimately create V flat world and what what kind of drove that initial spark in that initial creation so when is his take that off sure yeah you know there’s a couple things in why I got started and why I chose this as like a path to go down yeah I think that the number one thing was just trying to just seeing a

very big gap in the market I know what you mean yeah anytime people are talking about DIY products there’s always a lot of people that don’t want to BD DIY or EXO true yeah and you know well you know there’s people that are not handy and and you know they’re not interested they’d rather just they’d rather the convenience and then there’s also you know there’s the portable aspect and making something foldable because the DIY be fights weren’t foldable they were just four by eight big gigantic pieces of boards yeah we from Corey they tape together or

a styrofoam yeah and sometimes it would require painting one side black and and or white and I just think that you know for for some people it wasn’t cost effective and it was time-consuming because people is both and for some people it’s neither I don’t think the product is for everyone I think there are people that have very big studios that just want to buy a ton of foam core and have an assistant make it all day or something like that that’s so inconvenient though yeah you know honestly so so when I when I I was searching myself I was starting to get

more into studio lighting yeah I was watching super ice videos too right yes she had a very popular video on Felix Cruz also had a video it looks just great – yeah he’s he’s a friend and he’s a great guy and we actually did a video with him he you know he was actually one of the first guys you know with some sort of like following that can influence her to actually reach out to us and to show it wow that’s awesome and but uh but yeah I saw I saw was like researching different ways to get these thoughts and to incorporate them into my workflow in the studio and I

had like three tabs open on my computer for like months and I would keep coming back to Google trying to figure out how to get V flats and how to buy them yeah and I found a place there’s a place I don’t want to say the name but they’re in New York and they were selling V flats online they were 4×8 half-inch-thick they were staying for $140 I think around $140 of E flat again I put it into my my car and they weren’t foldable they were just black white half inch foam core like but they were taped together I’d already taped already – okay and I put it in the

shopping cart I think they were being sold on Etsy or something and yeah and I went to checkout and the total was $508 there was a 375 dollars shipping charge Wow I was really surprised so to get one B flat would have cost me five hundred eight dollars Dan and you know and so again I just I just kept looking around and and I couldn’t come up with anything and I just just clicked in my head one day to pursue this yeah to turn this into something yeah you know the foldable idea came to me because that would cut the shipping with the if something’s

oversized we long it cost a lot to ship yeah so so foot making a foldable and a little bit smaller gave us the ability to ship them for free and yeah we’ve I think you’re not year data from when we started I think 21 months ago we’ve sold about 30,000 V Fox Wow that’s amazing yeah that’s incredible very fortunate to get it with getting with BH and Rama and yeah yeah that’s awesome so the next thing I wanted to ask outside of just you kind of giving them their viewers a little bit of background on why you started feet flat world but the next thing is like you know

as someone that’s in you know just a younger entrepreneur like what kind of what would be your top 3 tips when it comes to if someone wants to start out maybe they want to start their own YouTube channel maybe they’re an aspiring entrepreneur and they they want to start their own brand or really start their own startup and in terms of a company and sell and have a product what would be some of your top 3 tips well I’ll start a little backwards because this just popped into my head and I’m just you know thinking about it I look at a lot of other brands that

sell photography equipment whether it’s cameras or or lighting or even camera stores like B&H and I and I’m watching what people are posting what type of content they’re posting on their Instagram I think for us what worked the best because we’re a product brand yeah I think user-generated content was definitely like the way to go yeah people really enjoy seeing behind the scenes and then results so we that’s what we do we post it behind the scenes and then a result and we feature customers yeah and influencers and people that are using our product

yeah and that’s that’s really helped us and also create it makes people want to go out and create things and get you content to feature yeah so it’s inspired to they can see exactly and it makes it easier for us as a company we don’t have to be worrying about running out and shooting things every single day and and we’re having the best I mean it’s really the best example you could show is customers using using your product examine what they can do with I’ve been blown away with what people like Jeff carpenter have been able to do using the B flat

the foldable aspect I was like a chin fill yeah the models laughing snow standing you know under fill’ and and I’m trying to think what else yeah being young definitely helps in a lot of ways because especially the way that we we our advertisers advertise their product to us it’s all in social media the only ads you’ll see on television nowadays are Geico commercials and Pepsi commercials companies that need to spend 300 million dollars a year for the tax write-off and they’re really just doing it for brand awareness but when you have Facebook Instagram

Pinterest you have you know YouTube where people are spending tons of time especially photographers yeah advertising on those platforms has been really really beneficial but also understanding what people want to see and understanding a younger market and yeah and surprisingly enough well even even like the older the people that have been doing photography for 20 30 40 years I want to say a big majority of them are on Instagram yeah I don’t know if they know how to use it I’m not trying to be I don’t know the word racist or it’s not like that all

actually you know old people are you know have wisdom and life experiment but but just when it comes to like social social media and like millennial type things it definitely it is a young it is people that understand the best are young people yeah I think and I see I see also like a lot of bigger brands like they just haven’t adapted like a lot of things that they’re doing are outdated and they’re not marketing their stuff properly they’re not using the advantage of influencers and micro influencer influencers on social media which is huge yeah that’s that we got were

coming up on 72 thousand followers on Instagram yeah and all photographers literally 99 percent of them besides my mom and everyone’s photographer or filmmaker or aspiring or something yeah and and we have just a big platform to share this stuff with and it really helped us grow yeah you know the influencer part of it again was was probably the biggest thing that you could do and so let’s just go back to the question so so top three tips so yeah so far what I’m hearing like definitely influencers you know taking advantage of like the new age of people

that are consuming content for sure you know that’s that’s huge that’s a wow that’s amazing influencers and social media it’s all like time and what are their uh were there two things would you say for someone that wants to kind of start their thing besides the you know going out there and really connecting and collaborating yeah I think you got to be really really passionate I know it’s like such a cliche to say yeah but you got to be really passionate about what you’re doing yeah you have to when I started the company I was so excited that there was this gap

and I was gonna fill it and I was gonna be that guy to like bring make B flats accessible and bring it to the market and I got some feedback from photographers when I was like writing down the business and structuring things and they said this is a great idea and I don’t know there’s a lot of excitement and it just built it built it happened really fast it’s not like I sat in a basement working on this for a year it was from concepts of first V flat solder one month so I had one month to execute everything and to build a website to learn how to advertise on these platforms

to learn how to do email campaigns and logistics with shipping and and you know getting a warehouse space and getting workers to assemble things and box things and packaging there was Wow a lot of things that that had to come together and I didn’t sleep much for about a month but again it wasn’t you know there’s way more complex things and making a B flat yeah but again it’s still there were a lot of things that had to happen that were difficult yeah and I think that I think that you know using the Internet to your advantage like if you’re trying to learn

something I know people have very short attention spans if you’re really passionate about something like for example I was trying to learn QuickBooks which is a accounting software and so I wanted to be organizing and and not have to hire a bookkeeper to save some money when we started the company and I had to sit there for five hours watching a video and like taking notes and figuring things out to actually be able to to learn how to use it again it was I was very uncomfortable but again like if the passion is strong enough and you like keep your eye on like

the big picture and you know I feel like you just you just kind of do what you got to do yeah I know just if it’s hard for you and you have to fight with yourself mentally to do something then then I think it’s already not something you should be doing personally yeah should be excited about should be excited it should feel natural it shouldn’t be easy necessarily but again you’re gonna be facing a lot of resistance from family and friends and people that have their own failed dreams I want to tell you that it’s not gonna happen make misery loves company it’s true

but it’s if you look at you know night I think the statistic from Forbes is 78 percent of millionaires come from average or lower like they don’t come from wealth itself himself made 78 percent that’s true and I think the number for billionaires was even higher I think the amount of yeah or or very close to that number but yeah but the point is is that it’s really we live in a time we’re like a big of the biggest percent more than 50% of millionaires are from online businesses online startups and on the internet come companies or ecommerce or something yeah people

making tons of money selling on Amazon yeah there’s a lot of different there’s a lot there’s a lot of tools that we have that we used to not have even even being able to like buy a camera and shoot 4k and create like if you if you wanted to make a movie or have a really big good quality production you would have to spend millions of dollars in a million or hundreds of thousands and equipment was everything is so accessible you can buy a camera for 500 bucks that shoots 4k and you know an audio that’s that’s you know that’s awesome financially affordable they’re very similar at the audio quality is basically and also just a little like tip to photographers I think learning video and like multimedia is super important yeah I think that a lot of clients especially commercial clients they they want to hire photographer that could kind of

do a little bit everything yeah and they want you know they want someone who could get some some sort of motion image as opposed to just those even if it’s like a 30-second thing for Instagram or YouTube or you know and so I think that’s super important and all these can’t every camera nowadays shoots video yeah which is really good so it’s good to understand that a little bit and then and then just to like give you a third example I mean let’s just go by the first one was a social-media influencer second one was was a dream merely liking believing in the idea

that you’re doing yeah and it shouldn’t you shouldn’t have to second-guess it or question it should be very strong yeah and then the third thing probably be kind of part of the second thing I want to say like accepting failure like like the biggest thing for me is that I failed so many times I had three failed start ups before I decided to start this and I think that you have to really be able to like embrace in there there are a lot of people that I’ve watched on YouTube and inspiring people that that would you know they’re they would always say like and this is

something that really stuck with me like like fail upward and yeah and like if you’re failing you’re doing something you’re trying like y’all hit it and all you need to do is hit one thing it’ll pay off for all the debt and mistakes of your past stuff yeah so so you know try 10 times try 15 times I mean eventually you’ll most likely hit something if you have the nature to keep trying things you probably built you know naturally for you know to be an entrepreneur so yeah I think it’s really good I think that also being being a photographer for six years also told me a lot of

entrepreneurial type of things because you’re running your own business that most photographers if not all will say that they really are they’re running they are running their own business yeah and it’s important for photographers to understand the power of social media and how to post things and because that’s really like 80% of where I got my business in photography was on social media was Instagram it was word of mouth and Instagram and so that’s really important yeah what else no that’s all yeah so just to kind of recap that so the three points that he was saying was like you have to find and connect with other basically influencers in your field whatever you guys are planning on doing whether that be other youtubers would that be other photographers whether that be someone that shoots the same medium that you guys are

shooting ultimately that’s one of the big things from there you have to be passionate you got you have to have a dream you got a you gotta want something so badly that even if as you’re going through resistance it’s still you you don’t give up because you know it’s gonna come to you it’s just something that you love doing despite like all the stuff that you’re gonna go through and then I guess really the last thing is just the last thing you were saying that the last one I just want to mention that weed is legal in Vegas that’s true we are here in Vegas yeah but the last thing is just like oh you have to be persistent and that’s huge when it comes in failure yeah an accepting failure you’ve got to be persistent yeah the persistency is the number one key because you’re gonna fail man you know even when we’re building stuff er photography acts

like we’re not video people we learned the video now but we’re photographers first and foremost but at the same time to build a successful brand we have to become those we have to play these roles we don’t need to like like when you start your own business you’re not gonna be able to hire 20 people to help you and they’re in different area you need to know everything yeah eventually you will outsource your weaknesses and and focus on your strengths but in the beginning you got to do a little bit everything usually so yeah I love that so that kind of would conclude our exclusive interview with tubing he is the owner of e-flat world you can find all of his information as much as well as well as his website is social media down description below definitely check out b-flat world if you’re in the market for V flats you guys do CSU didn’t using

the ghetto setups here but that will change it’s really exciting from flat 2.0 yeah sometime in 2020 and we got we got some stuff for product photographers we’re this is the really the year of growth yeah for sure showing people what we’re gonna do next yeah so definitely check out their website and their social media and all of those links will be in the description down below I hope you guys got some value out of today’s video definitely would love to see you guys here W PPI 2021 we will be here mold unlikely we’ll have a booth as well so come and shake our

hands he will absolutely be here big time in 2021 with the new V flats 2.0 and all the other products that he’ll be launching so definitely check his website out

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