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Interview with Miguel Quiles – What to Expect From WPPI

Last Updated on November 1, 2020 by Devaun Lennox

Hello my friends, in today’s video we had the pleasure to get an exclusive interview with Sony Artisan Miguel Quiles while at WPPI and ask him how first time guest can get the most out of the event. We also cover several secret insights on how to maximize the event for more seasoned shooters.


Today we have an exclusive kind of quick Q&A with Miguel Quiles Sony ambassadors and absolutely incredible portrait fashion photographer based on the East Coast we just wanted to pick his brain really quick we had the opportunity of just kind of stopping him real quick before he heads out to find out what’s his is number one or maybe a series of tips on what he would thinks are some of the most important things and someone that’s coming to WPP I hear 2020 2021 what should they do as a first-time attendee what

should they look out for maybe based on their demographic what kind of tips and tricks would you kind of give someone that’s first time coming to WPI this is their they don’t know what to expect there they’re gonna get overwhelmed you know what should they do like maybe talking about someone that’s a complete beginner maybe someone that’s a more maybe seasoned photographer and then maybe it’s someone that maybe in our situation like a brand what we should look what kind of things that we should do yeah I mean I’ve

this is my sixth or seventh year coming to WPI so if I put myself back in the shoes of somebody who’s coming for the very first time which I did way back when yeah you know the biggest thing is just to get out and just kind of try to get involved in as much of WPPI is humanly possible so going to the expo signing up for some of the platform classes and just getting involved you know I tell this story to people and I’ll tell you guys out there who are watching this as well the very first time that I came I didn’t

know anybody I was like completely green didn’t know anything about photography I’m like trying to learn and so I’m here I signed up for a bunch of classes and the car rental place that I went to go rent a car from they didn’t have any cars they just had a minivan and I’m thinking like man I’m one guy with a minivan like what the heck am I supposed to do with that right came to WPP I was in a few classes next thing you know like just met one person who was really cool and they’re like hey I have a friend who’s

here and then that friend has two or three other friends and the next thing you know it’s like we got a whole squad you don’t here at WPI and we’re out you know going out to dinner having breakfast in the mornings so what I realized early on was that WPI is kind of like the photographer’s spring break you know it’s one of those things were on top of learning on top of getting to touch all of the latest products the discounts of the shows are really crazy too so like oftentimes if I have big purchases to make I

usually wait until the show yeah because you get like show only specials that are very worthwhile yeah but but yeah and and just kind of getting out there and just enjoying everything there is to do I mean there’s a lot of walking so that’s something that for me I I wasn’t prepared for there’s a lot of walking like you have to make commitments to yourself like oh man I got to go back to the bathroom that’s like a 25-minute walk right so there is that but you know outside of that I mean it’s just a great experience

I think anybody whether you’re somebody starting out somebody who’s been doing it for a little bit advanced people the networking opportunities are like through the roof like even if it’s just for that not just networking with other photographers that might be in your area but photographers that maybe you look up to that you’ve been watching for a long time and you know it’s just like the best best thing to do you know at this time of year like it’s the same time February March timeframe and beautiful time to be in

Las Vegas yeah so yeah I mean for people that are looking to learn and get better yes like YouTube is great being able to watch content at home is great yeah but nothing beats the hands-on like real life experiences that you get a WPP I yeah I love and that was fantastic yeah I totally agree you know when we’re when you come here for the first time you’re kind of green you get overwhelmed because there’s so many people and you want to go there you’re just you know excited out of your mind right for sure but now

coming here is the second time it’s all about building networks and building connections and befriending you know your people like yourself and all the other great keynote speakers that are here you know starting to get that you know get that tribe you know working right that tribe of just people that every time you see them you guys are just excited to get around and shoed and connect and collaborate and WPI is the best place to meet people you get to meet the people that you you know you look up to and you

admire and respect them their work and and what they’ve done and the people that they have impacted by by what they’ve and you get to see them in real life and connect with them so we definitely see you guys here at WPI 20:21 oh photography X we will be here big time we will probably have a booth so definitely it stop on by say hi shake our hands we excited to meet every single one of you guys Miguel will be kind of floating around next year as well yeah it would be absolutely awesome so this is our exclusive kind

of quick Q&A with Miguel Quiles check us out his workout down the description below thank you for watching today’s video I hope you found the contents of today’s video insightful and added value to you if you’re new here please consider subscribing if you haven’t done so already also leave us a like and a comment in the description down below let us know if I overlooked something or I miss something covered in today’s video is Devon Lenox you know where to find us Photography PX

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