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Interview with Chris Knight – What To Look Out For At WPPI

Last Updated on November 1, 2020 by Devaun Lennox

In today’s video we have an exclusive quick interview with Chris Knight he’s an amazing portrait and fashion beauty photographer


And we have the opportunity here to just talk to him really quickly at WPPI and we just want to ask them so if someone’s coming to WPPI 2021 for their first time what are some of the biggest tips that you’d have them that I kind of expected adversity first time expected expectations what should they do yeah so if it is your first time coming I know that it’s a lot it’s very overwhelming to us to see there’s lots to do people from all over the world and that’s actually what I think it’s one of my favorite things about WPPI is the community there are people that I see at

conferences that I only see here so it’s always it’s always really wonderful to get to have the opportunity see some friends that I don’t really see yeah that’s true and then also it’s so let’s say for example if someone’s a seasoned photographer they’ve been shooting a while and this is their first time coming they kind of understand a little bit more about the fundamentals of lighting maybe they’ve been they’ve shot maybe they’ve been published a little bit what should someone like that coming from another country or wherever it may be what should they do well

there’s different things that you can take advantage of when you’re a little bit more seasoned yeah you can do the print competition yeah that’s a good point yeah we’re here to find the skills good yeah some recognitions and notoriety which is always a cool thing you can also find certain classes the higher level they’re gonna give me the opportunity to just broaden your skill set a little bit yeah and then again with the people I mean just meet people hang out with people make your important business connections and build those relationships with people who

live in the world on a daily basis which might be a little isolated yeah that’s true all right now so so being able to get everybody all in one places lets you make yeah yeah exactly and it’s a small industry as well yeah this is much smaller than people yeah it’s very very small you know definite feeling more homely it’s kind of like the photographer’s spring break is kind of whatever whatever what I’ve kind of seen is being is everyone just kind of comes we get together we get excited about cameras and we get fired up about shooting off a lot basil and you know

GFX 100 Fuji you know you’re right you know gfx 100 Fuji cameras and we just get excited about that stuff and but not only that’s a great opportunity to kind of see but what’s happened a little last year or it’s like oh like what you people have you shot you know what have you learned over the last year and they reconnect with everyone so yeah I’ve seen that coming – to now the second time and that was a brand yeah it’s definitely yeah it’s more about building the relationships and tightening that relationship that you are you know taking Sam Boyd just

being able to touch things get your heat takes out here I love that okay well this has been our quick interview and QA with the first night his information will be in the description down below check out this website has worked his portfolio his YouTube channel as well as be beautiful all of his instant information will be in the description down below

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