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How to Absolutely KILL Your First Studio Photoshoot

Last Updated on November 1, 2020 by Devaun Lennox

In today’s video I’m gonna take you guys behind the scenes for behind the scenes look at the photo shoot

all right so in this behind the scenes I’m gonna be using the 5 foot impact white umbrella and I’m gonna be using a Paul C buff Einstein strobe we’re gonna adjust the output accordingly based on how much illumination that we have but the reason why I’m using a 5 foot parabolic umbrella is because it’s a very big and soft light source that’s going to be wrapping and all-encompassing rather than using multiple lights so we’re in a situation now where we actually have really high ceilings so we can actually use this kind of modifier so the bit the thing is you guys have to understand is that the bigger your modifier the softer the lights gonna be but also more more so how much illumination of your background and your subject is gonna occur because how much light spill is gonna happen throughout the frame so that’s part of the reason why I’m using a 5 foot you could go bigger you can use a 7 foot or a 9 foot umbrella I don’t have the 7 foot with me but I do have that as well before suffice it to

say the 5 foot in this situation is going to be able to light the entire model from head to toe so that’s why I’m using that as far as why I’m using a pulse II buff Einstein they’re really light they’re compact there easy to use they’re super easy to travel with they are fantastic strobes in my opinion great color consistency right now we’ve got the strobe set to about 160 watt seconds which is more than a little bit over a third of its power and this is gonna be something I’m gonna just based on how what the aperture and what shutter speed I want to shoot on my camera

so right now I’m shooting at f/8 and the reason why I’m shooting at f/8 as opposed to shooting at 1.4 at 13 or f-22 is because I want to shoot at the sharpest the sharpest focal or the sorry the sharpest aperture of my lens with every single lens they’re gonna be the sharpest in the middle of their range so for this I’m using the Sigma 85 1.4 millimeter art lens and the aperture of this lens goes all the way down this soft sound the aperture to f-22 so if you do basically the calculation and you get to 8 or if you do a calculation and you get to half of that that’s going

to be between F to f/11 and I you know personal preference I like the way f8 looks but f11 would also be sufficient to get really sort of sharp photos so that’s kind of what we’re doing with the our lighting setup let’s kind of pan back over here and we’ll kind of show you guys how its kind of positioned as well so we are using a c-stand here this is a this is a policy buff c-stand as well so you may be asking your question you know why would I use a c-stand as opposed to using a traditional tripod or light stand that just you know extends out and just goes up well

the thing is I’m gonna be basically standing right here in the middle of the frame and if I had a tripod or typical light stand behind me I would be kind of in a position like this and I’d be shooting like this to be having the lights basically centered with the subject and I don’t want to be in that situation so I still want the light to be centered but at the same time I don’t want to have to you know kick over some gear so that’s part of the reason why I use a c-stand now it is weighted we do have some sandbags on the C stand as well on the arm as well on as on the the

base as well because we this is this is gonna get starting to get pretty high up and it will get wobbly and it will fall over so making sure that we we put some sandbags on it but that’s kind of our lighting setup and and the reason why I’m using this again is just because I personally like policy buff I think they have great lighting equipment super consistent excellent refresh rate it is fantastic and then I’m using the impact 5 foot umbrella just because I want a big light source as opposed to using a beauty dish or another softbox I want to be able to light our model

over here with just one light from head to toe so that’s where I’m going to show you guys how to do and in a follow-up video so stay tuned to that I hope you’re starting to get a little bit of insight on how we do certain things here at photography px and you know starting to give you

guys some tips and tricks on how to you know really start to get results when you’re shooting at home or if you’re shooting on on a studio location like we are today but you know leave a like and a comment down in the description below let me know if I’m missing anything or you know what you’d kind of change in this lighting setup if you guys were here and then as always my friends stay tuned to the next video peace out

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