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How To Make Youtube Thumbnails In Adobe Photoshop – Free PSD Template

Last Updated on November 1, 2020 by Devaun Lennox

In today’s video I’m gonna show you guys how to make excellent YouTube thumbnails


Alright so here we are Adobe Photoshop we have one of five versions that I’m going to walk you guys through today I’m also gonna give you guys some tips as well the time stamps for this video will be in the description down below this is also going to be a free downloadable PSD project file that you can download in the link down below as well we hope it helps you guys out definitely make sure you get your thumbnails into a better situation than when we started we started with that thumbnails so we did a lot of research and we did a lot of design work so

we’re gonna be giving out some of the free designs that we’ve created and walk you guys through some of the tips and tricks that we learned over the last six months of uploading about 70 or so videos trying a variety of different thumbnails ourselves trying to variety of different designs both some that have been published on YouTube a lot of them have been trial and error behind the scenes that have not been published on YouTube as one of our thumbnails but so yeah well we’ll kind of walk through just kind of an introduction right now part one so why do I want to give you guys this and why do I think this is important ultimately thumbnails on YouTube are really what people are going to be seeing it’s kind of like that whole click bake the clickbait idea of someone sees your thumbnail and they see about maybe four five six words

depending on the length of words of your video description and sometimes they see a little bit of text underneath those are the only keys and cues that people have when it comes to clicking your video so your thumbnail does need to be concise straight to the point it needs to be eye-catching as well and it needs to be something that’s going to intrigue your viewer so ultimately your thumbnail has to speak volumes about really what you’re gonna cover in that video or kind of like the something and just interesting or intriguing to capture the viewers eye and

we realized that what’s are very important now I see a lot of photographers here on YouTube now really prioritizing the importance of thumbnails and I think that’s kind of going to be a hand to them so ultimately I didn’t want that to happen to our brand so I you know I spent a lot of time over maybe about a month or two month process really just trying different designs and in creating some of the thumbnails that you guys will see in this project Wow but that’s just kind of introduction I just think it’s important I think it’s it’s really something that’s going to

ultimately drive traffic to your your page and give people an opportunity to engage with your content an opportunity to express and really connect with you or not connect with you and maybe get some insight from the value that you have to offer to them so here we are in Adobe Photoshop this is the first version of thumbnail this download this project file that you guys can download is gonna have five different designs this is version one of an ongoing project that we will be doing here at photo px so we will just be giving out dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens of different thumbnail examples and templates that you can just download free of charge from our website that link is in the description below so this is design one this is going to be designed – this is designed three let me actually disable this I’ll walk you guys through

the project about here shortly but this is design number four and then this is design number five so when you guys open this we’re going to part two right now next right right here in this section I’m going to show you guys how to kind of utilize this project file and then in section three we’ll go through how you guys can go about redesigning this for your own thumbnails I will give you guys tips and tricks how do you actually orient the PSD project file here in Photoshop to make sure it gives you the best resolution invest best viewing quality on YouTube there are certain sizes dimensions requirements that you need to make sure your thumbnails is actually going to properly fit and work so essentially when you guys download this it will look a little bit different I need to clean up this project file before I put it on our website but ultimately

you will see the five designs they’re broken down into some kind of text and then a background layer of some sort it’s going to be the same kind of general concept for all of them there’s going to be a design design section and then your title information and then just kind of borders and design work now this font these fonts are going to be different from the version that you guys are going to get because you guys may not have this actual font so I’m gonna make sure it’s a system font that everyone has when they use Photoshop but ultimately what you do you press T on your keyboard to open up the text tool over here your typeface tool and then let me unlock this layer then you will type in titles missing text okay you can substitute it that’s fun again I’m not even I don’t have that text for this one myself but then you can type in your video

so dodge and burn and for example dodge and burn and then quickly I don’t know something like that you can write in your whatever your your text will be and then how you guys can resize this you will need to go over to make sure you can see the characters panel on Photoshop ultimately all of these are designed in certain ways but depending on what font that you use and then also how much texture putting in each section you will need to go over here and play around with some of the character settings now to essentially where you’re gonna do is select

your font that you want to use whether I mean I was using di n condensed dense condensed or fatir those are the fonts that we actually use but and then you’re gonna play around with the the size of the font you’re going to play around with the text height to make sure it meets the height that you guys want to use and then the spacing of the characters and/or letters those are the things that you’re gonna pay at play kind of play around with to get the titles that are here after you replace them with the actual titles you want to use the titles that are here on

Photoshop how you can get them to fit the content that you’re actually gonna write in there these are just generic insert your title here text just so that you guys know where to insert the titles but ultimately that’s how you’re gonna go about using this you’re just gonna write that in if you want to keep it the same then you can you can make sure you look over here to see what the dimensions are and then you can keep it in the same sizing as the original design or you can change it either works fine the designs are just here for your use and then it’s gonna be the

same exact thing for this one you would have the main title over here and then on this side you can add additional information like guest features and things of that nature or doing something quickly same kind of principle here you just do the title headline title can go up here and then some subtext could it go down here and that’s basically how you’re gonna go about using this this image is probably not going to be here it’s basically a Nemea black and playing template like this this is just a image you can see what it looks like with an actual portrait yeah so you’re gonna get those five designs designs one through five these will be renamed but you will get those five designs and you can play around with those text okay so let’s go into the last final section let me walk you guys through how to recreate this and then also some tips so

that if you are gonna make your own thumbnails what are some of the best practices now also in this this is our actual design right now but also in this we also created YouTube overlays I’ll show you guys how to make that as well that’s actually super critical and we also positioned our brand logo in a variety of different places on the image so top left top right or bottom left for the most part top left and bottom left are the best places to put your brand logo and for reasons I’ll explain right now so when it comes to making this design first things first you have to make a new you’re gonna need to make a new project file and in the dimensions and or using the crop tool make sure you set the width height and resolution to 1920 by 1080 P basically what that’s gonna be that’s gonna be the full HD resolution which is what YouTube actually uses

as their dimension with high dimension for their thumbnails when it comes to PPI pixels per inch you could do 100 it doesn’t really matter because you’re gonna ultimately export this as a PNG or JPEG image which you’re then you’re gonna just upload on to YouTube so that’s first things first making sure that the sizing of the document is is 1080p its 1920 by 1080 that you’re getting full HD resolution from there it’s important that you put in some kind of annotation that were you so you know the location of where the timestamp is and then if someone hovers over your video where does the watch later this icon right here the watch later where does that icon actually go and it varies a little bit based on whether someone’s viewing your video on desktop versus whether they’re viewing on a mobile device it kind of squishes down whether

it’s in a phone versus a tablet and then desktop or MacBook or a laptop of some sort it kind of its changes scale accordingly but ultimately these are all going to be in the same generic places top right bottom right you do not want to put any title text or it’s like you’re your subjects face or something that’s important whether it be your logo logo the title of the video or something that’s an important element from the photo that that is going to be blocked by those two items they’re always in the same locations they do vary a little bit like I said before depending on the the I guess the device that someone is viewing the actual YouTube thumbnail on but ultimately they’re in the same location so do not put anything over there because if you put your logo over here as someone soon as someone hovers on your video your logo will be

immediately blocked by the watch later and you don’t want that you definitely do not want your titles over there you do not want headlining images that are capturing supposed to capture your viewer you don’t want them blocked by the timestamp and all this other stuff do not put your stuff over there it’s not a it’s not a the best way to capture a viewer so the next thing whether you want to install these or create these yourselves basically what I did is that I downloaded one of our thumbnails and then I basically cut these out and I changed the the overlay to lighten or or darken or subtract you can change these blend modes and they actually react differently depending on what the background color is but essentially that’s all I did and I just made it into a rectangle and squares was nice and even but yeah it’s just it’s just a screenshot

that I use and then if you do like subtract here then it’ll go black so if you have a white background and you can make it neutral by doing subtract instead of lighting but essentially that’s all I did you guys don’t have to do that this that’s just us there for us so we know where this information is when we upload our thumbnails the next thing I can say in terms of creating this yourself besides the framing making sure you don’t put anything on this side is really ultimately it’s gonna come down to making sure your titles for your videos are very concise they’re easy and straight to straight to the point they’re easy to read so that someone kind of scrolling through your your video library has a really good understanding what that video is because more than likely they may not be able to see all of the description or the title information

depending on the device that they’re actually viewing application or viewing the video on so making sure that your video titles aren’t too long and they’re not too distracting is another key tip there yeah I mean outside of that I don’t really have any other insight that can give you guys on these just kind of play around with importing your own images again these are just here as examples so you guys can see them before you download the template if you want to download it or make your own and there are just some examples there I hope the overlay does help you guys definitely be cognizant of how you’re putting information on these sides that would be something that’s critical piece of information to use when you’re making your designs for your thumbnails and then just disable it and then bounce it out the only thing another thing I like

I guess I’d like to show you guys that may be important as well as how to export this for us we honestly just do quick exports pngs and by default I’m pretty sure let’s see if we go to export as so if it goes to PNG transparency it just yeah this is these are the default settings where the scales 100% width is 1080 and then the height is 608 which is a little bit weird it should be yeah it should be different but yeah yeah but 1080 at the document is 1080p but yeah I don’t know why the canvas size is a little bit different but nonetheless this is these are the export

preferences that we have and it converts it to srgb because you can’t actually see full RGB color on YouTube in that fashion yeah outside that I don’t know if you guys will have any particular questions on this but I hope this adds value to you guys I hope this helps again we will be really seeing future versions version 2 and version 3 of this probably within the next month month and a half will I’ll keep on doing those designs and that is a free download in our description below thank you for watching today’s video I hope you found the contents of today’s video

insightful and added value to you if you’re new here please consider subscribing if you haven’t done so already also leave us a like and a comment in the description down below let us know if I overlooked something or and miss something covered in today’s video is Devon Lenox you know where to find us

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